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  1. za0

    DLC's Lightning

    Hi guys, I'm back! So, I tested the game yesterday. I opened a server and tested my mission by playing alone (on a server, but alone). The server was LAN. I'm also not using any Zeus modules in my scenario. After about 15 minutes, these events started: lightning strikes very brightly, followed by lots of DLC icon particles. These lightning strikes continue to happen every 4 or 5 minutes. I took a screenshot, but the lightning itself didn't show up because of the delay in printing, but you can see the DLC particles that are followed by the lightning. https://justpaste.it/99fwi
  2. I know that script "setFriend" : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFriend I didn't test but in this link says: "west setFriend [west, 0]; // free for all deathmatch! works with west/blufor, east/opfor, independent/resistance and civilian" Try to group two units. So maybe you could use this and see if the units attack each other even they are in the same group.
  3. za0

    DLC's Lightning

    Its a LAN server that I create through zerotier for just friends... I wanted to test some things, maybe take a print to show you guys but I can't in the next days because I got pneumonia. Anyway, when I get better I will return to the game and test the server alone and also not use the Zeus Dlc, keeping you informed. Thank you in advance guys, for the willing to help me!
  4. za0

    DLC's Lightning

    Yes I am with zeus dlc activated... I didnt think about it, I gonna test without this dlc because I don't even use it... The server is lan btw.
  5. za0

    DLC's Lightning

    Well... when Im testing my missions in multiplayer mode, some times some things strange happens: A lightning strikes the ground with a bang and several dlcs icons scatter around it. I've also seen an event where a cloud of flyers falls from the sky. What is this???? I didn't do anything for this to happen! :l This is very annoying because in addition to the lag that this causes, immersion is also greatly impaired. Note: I have the dlcs.
  6. Hey! First of all I'd like to say this mod is awesome! I have an idea to create a medieval rpg scenario but I would need to know 3 things about this mod: 1- is it possible to change (increase) the hp of a unit (player)? How? 2- is it possible to change (increase) the stamina of a unit (player)? How? 3- Is it possible to make the hp and stamina bar visible even with the weapon stored? How?
  7. za0

    Moving objects with trigger

    Tks bro! Helped a lot!
  8. Is there a way to move an object with trigger? For example, I want an object to change its coordinates when a trigger is activated. And in this trigger will be the coordinates where this object will be moved.
  9. za0


    tks bro
  10. za0


    I have 10 units. Their variable names are: s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, s6, s7, s8, s9, s10. I want to make all of them be in just one name. How do I set this variable?
  11. well, i'm trying to create a ww2 scenery with parachute jump. And for that I'm using the IFA3_LIB mod. The C-47s from there have the normal sitting position and also the standing up position which is when you are about to jump. I wanted to make the player not have to worry about clicking anything when jumping, so I got this script so that the jump could be done alone: Now an important detail, this script works perfectly when the plane's crew is seated (in game they appear as: crew) But before the jump takes place/the above script runs, I put in another script that makes the entire crew that was seated to stand up, and therefore be in the standing up position. In this case, when the plane reaches the trigger with the jump script, everyone standing inside the plane is still inside the plane... :l I believe maybe that's why: since when they are standing they are apparently no longer considered "crew". But I don't know, I don't know much about scripts, I was wondering if there is another variety to use in forEach other than "crew" that works for this case... An example of all units jumping out of the plane except the pilot would work but I don't know how to do it. Challenge launched! xD Thanks in advance guys!
  12. za0

    Remove Item from Inventory

    tks guys, for everything
  13. za0

    Remove Item from Inventory

    It worked! The problem was the quotes. I'm creating for a multiplayer 🙂 Each character will have a different variable name so these scripts will also have their names to work correctly. But I'm with another problem here... this script works but it only removes 1 item from the inventory... Is there a way to remove multiple items, like 5 plasma sacks at once?
  14. I'm using Ace mod and there is that plasma sack with the id as follow: ACE_plasmaIV_250 Well, I'm trying to remove it from my inventory when I reach the trigger area with the command : this removeItem ACE_plasmaIV_250; ...but nothing happens I've also tried use: this removeItemFromBackpack ACE_plasmaIV_250; with the item in my backpack but still nothing happens... :l Any idea? tks in advance!
  15. Well, how can I make a trigger be activated when a whole group is dead? I found this in another topic with the same question but it didn't work for me : {alive _x} count units (groupname) == 0 tks in advance!