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  1. That's right, I'm using Independent Forces... I tried this and IT WORKED! Man, you saved my mission... THANK YOU!!!
  2. Hi. I wanted to add by script through a trigger with area the parade uniform of dlc art of war whose id is U_O_ParadeUniform_01_CSAT_F I wrote the following in the trigger activation field: (unitname) addUniform "U_O_ParadeUniform_01_CSAT_F"; But when I go to the trigger area, nothing happens. I managed to add the cap by writing in the trigger's add field: (unitname) addheadgear "H_ParadeDressCap_01_CSAT_F"; I don't have the dlc art of war. If that's the problem, then why am I able to add the cap but not the uniform? tks in advance!
  3. I don't know if anyone solved this problem, but I did it and I'll leave it here the way I found it ... First you need to be aware of which boat you are using, I used the [US] marine corps "fow_usmc_lcvp" Name the boat. example: b1 Place a trigger with area and on activation paste this: b1 animate ["Ramp", 1];b1 say3d "fow_lcvp_ramp_lower"; Remember to place boat b1 as the trigger holder. I hope I helped someone 🙂
  4. I just installed it and everything is working fine! Very good job by the way, tks for it! But I would like to know ... is there any way to decrease the time that medics take to revive?
  5. Ok guys, my problem now is as follows: I want to set the number of rounds from an artillery support provider (virtual) to just one. And I also want to know if there's a way to enable only the mk6 mortar to be used, because there's other options there, and I just want the mk6, and that players only use it too... Someone can help me? Tks in advance!
  6. za0

    script error message

    suddenly, that message stopped showing. it really was a bug i think.
  7. za0

    script error message

    The only mod i'm using is the 3DEN Enhanced. It's for animations... If this error is due to the update, it comforts me to have nothing to do xD
  8. za0

    script error message

    Posted! https://justpaste.it/3ip1s tks for present me this tool by the way.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm creating a mission on eden editor and when I put the support requester and the provider to be able to boom boom boom the enemies, when I test an error message appears... https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipNj5RLe8PA5816sVP5DhiNch5T8zEC-9shFZTAS despite this, the support works normally. But my will to be perfectionist do not allows me to move on. So I created a new scenario from zero and did the same settings and nothing showed up. I tried find the file mentioned but i couldn't... 😕
  10. Hi guys, my question is in the title. How can I make an AI salute the player just when the player salute first? and I also wanted that the AI stop saluting when the player stop too... Thanks in advance!
  11. za0

    Looping sound effect

    After a lot of research I found out! In case of any other player has the same problem here's my solution: put the trigger with the sound effect you want, then name this trigger, for example, "m1" put another tirgger with a SMALL radius (this is important, the sound stop will depend when your character reach this small trigger) put it just in the same place from the first one. And on the Activation field type: deleteVehicle triggerName in my example it would be: deleteVehicle m1 Now just reviewing: when you reach the first trigger the sound starts. when you reach the second one or complete it, the sound stops.
  12. i'm creating a mission in eden editor and i put a 500m trigger that when the blufor player gets to him, some mortar shots fall around. in this trigger I also added the "battlefield explosions" sound effect. the problem is that this sound effect is in a loop, but in the selection of it in the attributes of the trigger it lasts only about 5 seconds. how do I make the sound effect last just this long and not stay in a loop?