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  1. Chiming in on this. What's worse is, that it was posted at 8.27 am CET, so that makes it almost 9 hours now, without any action. How this managed to reach the front page of Armaholic baffles me. A sad day for the Arma community, a sad day indeed. Not to mention all of the families and people who were, and still are, affected by this horrible tragedy. Total lack of respect towards them.
  2. MFG4Ever

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Yeah, tried it with ACE, without ACE, as an explosive specialist etc. but even if I get to around 2-3 meters proximity of the IED and place down explosives, it does not trigger the IED. Trying to crawl any closer, and BOOM goes the specialist ;-) I'm just trying to figure out, if it's intentional, that the IEDs can't be triggered by explosives, firing high caliber rounds at it, or lobbing grenades at it. Although having an option to disarm would be cool as well.
  3. Very nice looking piece of hardware
  4. MFG4Ever

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    So after playing around with DCG, I have a question regarding the roadside IEDs. Is it not possible to disarm them, or place down explosives to detonate them? So far all tests I've done, ends with me dying. Testing includes: - Driving over it in a vehicle (It seems that if you go fast enough, the IED does not detonate) - Driving over it slowly in a vehicle (BOOM!) - Walking/crawling/crouching up to an IED (This has been done several times, to try and see if the ACE interact menu would give me an option, but the IED explodes before I've gotten close enough, also placing down a demo block within a couple of meters of the IED, or firing a .50 cal at it does nothing. Same goes for lobbing grenades or HE rounds at it. So naturally my question is, am I doing something wrong, or are the IEDs buggy? Otherwise a great mod, with a lot of potential :-)
  5. MFG4Ever

    Medevac system

    Very nicely done! One minor suggestion, if possible, have the helo's engine running when on the ground at the evac site.
  6. MFG4Ever

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Should be a fairly easy fix then ;-)
  7. Thanks. Well we have different languages set up, and Babel working for INDEP side, as they sometimes are allies, and sometimes not. The farsi bit is something you can define on your own, since ACRE doesn't use "real" languages AFAIK. So you can, by theory, set it to Martian ;-) But this is just my theory, from what I've read on the ACRE wiki. But I'll have a look at your suggestion for the individual part. It seems we're headed in the right direction, we just need it to be called after the main ACRE init.
  8. In my group we're trying to build a small mission, in which we'll need a translator. Actually we'd like to have the role on a more permanent basis, if our initial mission pans out. So far, while playing around with ACRE2, we've yet to have any luck in assigning Babel language to a single role. We do not intend for everyone to be able to switch between Babel languages. As our mission framework is based mainly on F3 framework, we work with roles defined called via a function in an unit's init. It seems however, that the code we've composed, is either being overwritten by the ACRE 2 init, or simply is wrong. Most likely it is wrong, but right now, we're having trouble seeing exactly where we went wrong. Hopefully someone in the Arma community, can shed some light into whether or not it is possible, to actually limit the Babel language to only one role/player. Here's our code, which we've tried running both as part of a loadout script (based on roles) and as a separate script, after ACRE inits. waitUntil{[] call acre_api_fnc_isInitialized}; if (_typeOfUnit == "int") then { ["english","greek","farsi"] call acre_api_fnc_babelSetSpokenLanguages; }; int is the name of the role. Running the ["english","greek","farsi"] call acre_api_fnc_babelSetSpokenLanguages; as an exec command from the debug works fine. Which makes us even more sure, that we're missing something somewhere.
  9. MFG4Ever

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Any word on the compatibility with units spawned by Zeus and using HC? Had a small mission today where the pre-placed units were working like a dream. But once we spawned in a couple of groups via Zeus, and they were moved to the HC by the Werthless script, they didn't move, or a lot of times they started bunching up, or even more strange just outright dying after they spawned. Not sure it's 100% related to Vcom, but never had that happen before.
  10. Sweet had a hunch it was something like that, but you know, better safe than sorry ;-)
  11. So a quick question about the medic and repair roles. I'm trying to build a framework, where the use of pre-placed ACE modules isn't necessary. For our vehicles that are repair or medic vehicles, I know that I can use: _unit setVariable ["ACE_IsMedicalVehicle", true]; Example here being a medical vehicle. But for units, would I be able to do the same? We operate with two types of medics, one is a "regular" medic and the other has the doctor status. What I'm trying to figure out is, what line of code I would need to define each role? The same goes for the ability to repair stuff. We have engineers and designated repair specialists. Here I'm thinking I could just be sure to use the vanilla units, but I'd like for us to be able to designate roles, regardless of classname. So I'm guessing my question, in regards to the medics and/or repairmen, is this. Would the code look something like this: _unit setVariable ["ACE_IsMedic", 1]; - for a regular medic _unit setVariable ["ACE_IsMedic", 2]; - for a doctor And if so, would the same procedure apply to engineers and repair specialists?
  12. MFG4Ever

    addAction menu system

    Thanks for sharing, might come in handy for future mission making
  13. MFG4Ever

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Another sweet looking map. It might be Summer, but it's starting to feel like Christmas with all those great maps underway.
  14. MFG4Ever

    Panjshir valley, Afghanistan

    Looks very promising
  15. We'll most likely be using it in our upcoming MSO campaign, so videos will be posted on our homepage and/or YouTube channel. I'll see if I can remember to post some here as well, so you can see the fruits of you labor ;) Have been flying around the map for the past hour or so, and I'm still amazed, really looking forward to getting some missions going on this map.