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  1. BeastHunter

    OPX - American Building Pack

    Hey, you are probably tired of being asked, but are you still working on this/will you release what you've already archieved? It would be sad it your work was for nothing.
  2. Hey, the new update is epic and I'm looking forward for what to come. There's just something real annoying that breaks immersion, and it's clutter where no clutter belongs to. That's the current state. It's great, but this grass somehow destroys the ambiance. I edited it a bit with gimp. Maybe with some surfacemask work or concrete decals you could archieve sth like this. Or the school could look like this. This could be helpful in spots like these. Here, it would be cool if there was something in this Gateway, maybe a gate and something on the floor. And then there's this cool cementery here, but it looks meh with that tall grass. Don't know if it is supposed to be like that, but a short grass clutter object could be a huge advantage for many maps for places like this or parks etc. Tall grass is cool for wilderness and nature, but feels a bit mismatched in cities. Sadly, BI did no short grass. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for your great map, and Merry Christmas to all of you!
  3. WOW. This Update is damn awesome. I am stunned. This is awesome. All the new props... the new regions... seeing that you work on chernarus and it gets better and better (and cup gets better and better)... ... it's just awesome! The new city is probably one of the most realistic modern european cities in arma ever... it's super immersive and so beautiful.... I guess you will be working on the "old" cities one day too, after the new ones are finished, but there are some things I just want to mention. (All this is made crappy and fast 😉) That's how the chernogorsk hospital looks right now... ...and so with few changes same story with the train station now... ...but it would looks better imo with something like a parking lot also the train station itself... ...better with some concrete or the shop... ...with some concrete. Yes, I know that it's crappy, I know it's a WIP map, I know mapping is hell of work. And I know that this is better in the new regions. I just want to say that small things like this (no grass in front of entrances or in loading areas) increase the immersion damn hard. I know you already know that, just take this as a product of love for your work 😉 So thanks for your wonderful work and the best wishes for cups future. Are you planning to remake all buildings somewhere in the future? I can't wait for this one to be retextured: Yeah, so I hope I helped or inspired you somehow. Have a fine day! And thanks!
  4. Hello everyone. I wanted to know if it's possible and allowed to retexture CUP's buildings? And if yes, how can I find out the hiddenselections (or do buildings even use hiddenselections?). Have a fine day Schraxt
  5. Yeah, so basically the question for cup was out of interest, the rhs question was a dumb idea 😄
  6. Are you planning to add US uniforms and equipment with the new woodland camo?
  7. Thank you, but no it got more weird. I made a short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ86u-bFLHY&feature=youtu.be Do I have to add the uniform as a linked item to the units? Some work, some not...
  8. Ok, first thank you for your help. I removed the commas, but still nothing shows up in the arsenal.
  9. BeastHunter

    Scottish Highlands [TERRAIN]

    Hey, I found at least one further house that fits the theme. I think it's perfect for an urban theme. It's part of the Rosche mod. Maybe the creator shares it.
  10. Hello. I am currently working on a music-themed retexture of civilian clothing. Everything is fine so far, despiting the fact, that my uniforms don't show up in the Virtual Arsenal. The uniform slot is empty. config.cpp CfgPatches.hpp I would be happy if someone could help me. Have fine Week Schraxt
  11. Riots in L.A., 2025 Who spots the roof Koreans? (Please note that the pictures above are screenshots and not a political statement. Neither I support Black Lives Matter nor racism or violence in any way. It's just art.) Mods used: Arganiny's Civilian Project ArmA of THREE Ballistic Masks [Phase TWO] ArmaFXP Casual Baseball Caps ENFORCER Expansion Mod - Police Left radical bandanas MLO All-In-One Collection Modern Warfare Static Pose Pack Multi-play Uniforms NIArms All in One Pack Press PLP All in One POLPOX's Artwork Supporter POLPOX's Base Functions RHSUSAF Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack TAC VESTS Task Force Timberwolf Female Characters0 The ACU ProjectSteam Throwing weapons USNAVY_units_mas Whiplash Static Animations ZL2 Static Poses ZSL Static Poses [WW2]
  12. BeastHunter

    How to change the name shown

    Hello. Is there any way to change the name that is shown to other users? In my case I would like to change my name from "BeastHunter" to "Schraxt" as Schraxt is my actual gamer tag. Is this possible? Have a fine day Schraxt
  13. BeastHunter

    [WIP, ALPHA] Jasło, Poland

    What do you mean with "attempts"?
  14. BeastHunter

    [WIP, ALPHA] Jasło, Poland

    Sorry for posting again, but I found a weird lighting/texture bug in the city's southern part: Light bug - 00:00 Texture bug - 00:29 Maybe you could fix this with Livonia cobblestone
  15. BeastHunter

    [WIP, ALPHA] Jasło, Poland

    Hey, first of all, I absolutely love your terrain! Dziękuję bardzo za twoją pracę! Especially the city area looks great, only the cities edge could get some work. I also love the train station! Maybe it's possible to replace the grass-ground with Livonias ground textures and clutter configs, because this would lead to a better grass density and texture. And you could edit the satmap to have warmer colors and be less blue-ish. But I won't tell you how to make maps and it's just a well-intentioned advice 😉 Furthermore, there's a building that seems to have no collision and is reeeally buggy: Have a nice day, Schraxt