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  1. gurdy

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello everyone! The Red Hammer Studios team is currently looking for experienced mission makers to assist in the creation of custom missions. We are seeking to create showcase missions to demonstrate existing and future content to RHS players, much like their vanilla ArmA 3 counterparts. Experience/Abilities: Knowledge of the Eden editor and A3 mission scripting Ability to work independently and receptive to feedback Ability to write/read/speak fluent English In return, you get: Working in a relaxed and fun environment Accessibility to a team of artists and programmers to aid in mission making Have your work showcased to RHS' 1 million+ subscriber user base. If this interests you, feel free to reach out to us via private message. Thanks and happy gaming.
  2. Hello everyone, welcome to the final update of Westwall. It's been a long time since our initial announcement, and we have come a long way—however, the time has come to finally cease development of the project. Due to staff shortages, lack of public interest in our subject, and the sheer amount of time involved in researching and completing assets according to our best practices, we have chosen to end work in the face of an increasing over-saturation of WW2 modifications in the ArmA III community and the superfluous nature of whatever content we release opposite much bigger and diverse projects who are not bound by such guidelines. I'd like to apologize to everyone for having to terminate the project so abruptly, but we decided this was the right thing to do. I'd like to give a shout out and thank everyone who has participated in creating the project as it exists today and wish them the best of luck in future endeavors. Farewell.
  3. Hello everyone! We have all been very hard at work on the mod and we'd like to show off some recent progress on assets. First, cIima_x has provided an asset that is key to any German rifleman's ensemble: the belt & buckle, Y-belt, and K98k stripper clip pouches. Next up, something a little more volatile--the Panzerfaust 60m and 100m! RedPheonix has recreated two unique sets of Panzerfaust 60m decals, as well an additional set for the Panzerfaust 100m. He has also created distinct new-made and field-worn textures that adds a visible difference between weapons that have been out in the field and those that are right out of the crate. Huge props to both of these guys and thanks for reading! Until next time!
  4. Hey everyone! clima_x wanted to show off his recent work on M43 Keilhosen—we are very excited to showcase it. Once again, huge thanks from all of us!
  5. clima_x has been hard at work on some German uniform pieces--check out his jack boot! If you want to see more of his work, check out his ArtStation here: https://www.artstation.com/artist/clima_x and his project War Plan Blue here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/193589-war-plan-blue-wpb/ Thank you so much for all of your help!
  6. Our current builds have swastikas and runes, but we'll censor/hide the offending content for our normal Steam WS release. That being said, we're considering creating an additional .pbo that readds this content and hosting it on our own space.
  7. Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since the last update, but we’ve been doing a lot of work that isn’t well showcased in renders. That being said, we have some renders today! For the past few weeks, I have been working to replace older placeholder assets, create missing mines and bring them all up to spec in conjunction with Lappihuan’s work on mine disarming behavior, which we will be showing soon. I have prepared some renders of our AP Bounding mines, as well as a diagram that demonstrates their bounding behavior. And, of course, a WIP pic of our M3 AP mine and the Mk II boobytrap. The S-Mine 35, S-Mine 44, M2A3B, M3, and Mk II trap all come in both pressure-only and pressure/tripwire combination setups, and feature a tripwire length of 2m. -- Hello! While this is pretty far off, here's my super-loose running list. K98k (Long Side Rail ZF39) K98k (High Turret ZF39) K98k (ZF41/1) K98k Kriegsmodell Out of those, the most likely one to see soon is the one with the ZF41 rail. Older rifles are possible (and very interesting), but right now they'd be a fair way into the future. I also want to do a K98k with a ZF4 but that's stuck in a similar position as well. :(
  8. Yes, we are working on a winter version which is set later in time and features more substantial damage to the forest. Unfortunately, this will not make it for the first release--we will elaborate more when that project has progressed a bit further.
  9. Hello everyone! We hope everyone had a good holiday and are looking forward to another exciting year of ArmA modding! We have kept pretty quiet over the last few months, but with the arrival of 2017 and a lot of ground covered, we hope to change that! In keeping with that idea, we wanted to kick the year off by discussing our plans for 2017, as well as give more information on our goals for a first release. Our most immediate concern is, of course, our upcoming .01 release! After several months of testing and tinkering, we are proud to finally announce our first terrain: Ochsenkopf Trail. We will elaborate more on Ochsenkopf Trail and our terrain plans later in the post, so we will move to our sandbox: our main goal here is building the backbone of assets that make up a US and German infantry squad, as well as building out our model library to the point where we can truly be a self-contained total conversion. To this end, we have started working with a much more deliberate pace on a wider variety of topics we find interesting—we hope that the German Anti-Personnel mine showcase today will convey our intent here a little better than words. We have made a short list of what to look for in this initial release: --Terrain: Ochsenkopf Trail 2x2km – Fall Version --Units: US/German Rifleman, Rifle Grenadiers, Submachinegunners, Machinegunners, and more. --Weapons: K98k, M1 Garand, M1/M1A1 Thompson, M3A1, MP40, and more. --Gear: US and German field gear, helmets, caps, and more. --Uniforms: US M1943 Field Uniform and German Reversible Winter Uniforms First, the AP mines. After reviewing some of our earlier mines such as the S.Mi.44 with the S.Mi.Z.35 igniter, along with the choice of a terrain that several historical mine fields within its bounds, we decided to revisit the topic and invest some time in creating higher-quality explosives with a wider range of behaviors, from demo charges to booby traps, along with new ways to detect and mark mines for your allies. While a lot of that will be covered in future updates, we would like to start by showing off the first batch of mine models. Oh, and if you notice that a certain ubiquitous bounding mine is absent from the lineup—next time! FULL Next up, terrain—Ochsenkopf Trail! The map is a 2x2km slice of the Hürtgen Forest to the Southwest of the town of Vossenack. It’s a mess of winding roads, dense woods, winding ravines, and a string of German bunkers and pillboxes. We are extremely pleased with the heightmap and its level of detail—we were even able to capture existing foxholes in the acquired real world scanned height data. What we’re showing here is still extremely early, so we invite you to join us and watch how much the map grows and changes as we develop it—we would love to eventually have the map consist almost completely out custom-made assets and scans! FULL FULL FULL FULL Last but not least, what is beyond .01? We hope to add more weapons and gear of course, but most importantly introduce several new terrains as soon as we have the assets to populate them. These include the areas of Vossenack, a Winter version of Ochsenkopf Trail, and the snowy Pfaffenheim. We hope that you stay tuned and support us on our journey! Thanks for reading.
  10. Hello everyone! We are still hard at work putting together our first release, which we hope to highlight soon in a more comprehensive project update. In the meantime, however, we’d like to share the hard work of Donnie Oliver aka Murderz, an extremely talented artist who we are lucky to have a chance to work with. Check out the high-poly of his P38 here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1lAmZ If you’d like to see more of his awesome work, you can view his whole portfolio here: https://www.artstation.com/artist/donnieoliver Huge thanks to Murderz, as well as to everyone who has been following and supporting us! Stay tuned for more updates!
  11. Thanks for the kind words! On the subject of the Toque: the plan in my head is to have the toque set up like a vanilla balaclava with all of the headgear fitting around it nicely--hopefully this isn't easier said than done. :lol: I wanted to experiment with some US scarves this week that are similar in function, so I may end up with more insight on how I will approach this soon. Hope that helps. :) Currently we don't have any desert goggles in the mod, nor do we have any current plans to do Afrika content. Sorry. :(
  12. I definitely disagree--IFA3 still looks as awesome as it did on release! :) Honestly though, this isn't important--without IFA3 and the talented guys over there, mods like Westwall wouldn't have much of a leg to stand on. Right now, Westwall is very much a standalone gear/weapons pack that complements the existing assets in IFA3. Even when Westwall is complete enough to have a "total conversion" label, we will do as much possible to ensure that both mods work together perfectly. :) --------------------------------- Hello everyone! I hope you have had a good summer and are looking forward to the upcoming fall. We have a lot of stuff to show, so we split it into two sections. Part 1 – Sandbox Content First up: some summer variants of the M43 field cap. We were very lucky to have clima_x of Red Hammer Studios assist us by sculpting the first batch of our M43 caps, providing an awesome summer and winter variation which can be seen here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3mNRv I hope to eventually take a look at making a single-button M43 one day as well. Next up is the workhorse rifle of the German armed forces in World War 2: the K98k! The K98k and its’ variants will be a main focus of the initial demo release, so updates on these assets will probably be spread over a longer period of time. The two rifles shown today are configured to represent mid and late-war production weapons (more specifically, a byf 43 and a byf 44 rifle). Lastly, I have been trying to revisit some of the older Westwall assets and keep them up to speed with more recently made ones. In keeping with the German theme for this update, here is the updated M43 Stielhandgranate. Part 2 – Terrain Content Recently some members of our team took a trip to visit the location of Westwall’s second planned terrain: the Hürtgen forest. Our intention is to create a 2x2km infantry-focused map littered with concrete and earthen structures, trenches, and weapons positions in a forest where sightlines are often limited by the dense trees. Special thanks to Lappihuan and eldr0n for all the time and effort it took to make this happen! I also want to say thanks to the community for your continued support!
  13. Thank you so much for these kind words! It means a lot to all of us. :lol: Yes, eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Yep! Haven't decided how to approach it yet, however. I will return to this topic in the future. :ph34r:
  14. Hey! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Today we have a little bit of everything to show, so let’s get started! The first asset we are showing today is the M15 white phosphorus smoke grenade. Unlike the M8 smoke grenade which gradually fills up an area with smoke, the M15 smoke grenade utilizes a burst of white phosphorus to quickly conceal an area. Next up is something I have been very excited to show—currently, our goal for the first release is a representative selection of custom-made US and DE weapons and equipment. In addition, however, I have been preparing an optional crossover patch that adds some re-skins for existing IFA3 equipment to make things a little more exciting. I can’t say enough about how helpful .kju and Lodu have been throughout the whole collaborative process—I feel extremely honored to have been able to work with some of the coolest WW2 content around! :) Finally, we would like to show off some material tests warden_1 has been running for our upcoming terrains. They are very early (as evidenced by the modern boot thread, haha), but dang is megascans cool! Thanks for reading—have a nice day!