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Found 7 results

  1. This is Unsung 3.0 Hotel! We've updated the S&S based equipment in Unsung, thanks simcardo!, and fixed a number of long-standing bugs. Jamie provided us with new textures for the liferaft, a new PAVN helmet and a Mao cap. {E-Z}Johnny.D provided more updates to the units, seals in particular. The flight models of C-1 Trader and O-2 Skymaster were improved to make them more manageable. The CH-21 helicopter now sports a rescue basket option. The parachutes and planes and helicopter and radio configuration were fixed in regards to skeleton errors and event handlers. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311 https://tetet.de/arma/arma3/Download/unsung/@unsung-3.hotel.torrent Changelog: The Unsung Team
  2. We're down, but not out. From the Team that was working on War Chronicles, the WW2 total conversion that was killed so young, comes another planned total modification: War Chronicles: The Forgotten War aims to bring the chaos and conflict of the Korean War to Arma 3, and we believe ourselves the first team in Arma's history to attempt such a project. Known as the Forgotten War, the war in Korea was the only time during the Cold War that the forces of the United Nations and those of the Communist world clashed in direct military conflict, pitting American infantrymen against North Koreans, British infantry against the might of Red China, and a whole plethora of nations against the behemoth threat of international communism. This modification spans the years of the Korean War, 1950 -1953, and intends to accurately represent the men and women who fought in a war now largely forgotten in the Western World. US Marines racing past a dead enemy soldier in Korea/September 1950. It will bring historically accurate content to your fingertips. We’re planning to gradually include all the principle nations involved in the conflict, from the armies of the United States, Britain, Australia and Canada on the side of the South Koreans to the behemoth that was the Chinese war machine and their North Korean Allies. Our initial release will mainly be weapons, but we have plans to eventually expand into a total modification for the game. Considering that some 50 nations were involved in some capacity, it may not be possible to represent them all, but we will do our best to get as many as we can in. Once the infantry weapons and uniforms have been released, we will start work on the vehicles and armour available to all sides. A whole myriad of different vehicles will be implemented such as Patton tanks, MIG fighter aircraft, transport and attack helicopters, and even some limited naval units. As far as we aware, this will include some of the first instances of these units ever ported into Arma, including the first Centurion tank. Team: Completed Assets:
  3. Samarsk Uprising - An unofficial Warhammer 40k Modification for Arma 3 This mod is 100% fan-made, unofficial and strictly non-profit. The mod is neither associated to, nor endorsed by Games Workshop. All assets you see originate either from Arma 3 directly or where made completely from scratch by the creators of this mod. What is Samarsk Uprising? It is an unofficial, fan made, total conversion (TC) project set in the SciFi Universe of Warhammer 40.000. It is a project X3KJ started in earnest about 3 years ago, though some precursor work dates back 5 years. The purpose of this project is to portray a particular made-up conflict (the Samarsk Uprising) between soldiers of the Imperium and Chaos Renegades in the 40k Universe in the most believable (IRL and "in universe") and immersive way possible. At the same time, staying true to the established lore and design as close as possible is of paramount importance. Where did the inspiration come from? X3KJ: "As a long time 40k fan and collector (half of my life at present to be precise) and modder i always wanted to do a game mod for it eventually. When i played the Arma 2 warfare game mode the first time i knew exactly that this was the perfect environment for such a project. I’ve read various Black Library novels and a couple of Forgeworld campaign books along the way. The attention to detail in these is incredible, something that official 40k games and unofficial mods have not yet been able to capture in any way. With this project I aim to do precisely this - capture the detail you could expect from a good novel/ short story/ movie inside a real scale environment. This does mean however, that the scope that the mod can cover is limited." What is the currently planned scope of the Project? Instead of a generic “40k mod”, this TC will deal with one particular conflict, the Samarsk Uprising on a mining world in 544.M41. It is an invented conflict, to not step on the toes of official background and to have some creative liberties. The plot (which hasn’t been developed very much atm., but will be refined and iterated as the project goes) has the purpose to provide immersion, context and stronger inspiration for the people working on this project - and maybe also for players themself. The conflict is between the Imperium of Man and the Chaos Renegades, with the planetary defense forces in the middle of it. Xenos (“alien races”) involvement prior to completion of the current scope is not planned - it would result in less productivity when resources are spread thin. Also, it's a nice break from the "standard 40k video game plots" which repeatedly end in some cesspool of a plot where they try to sell us that 4+ races/factions all are after the same thing on this single planet in the universe. This is not a mod that tries to gobble up all that somehow represents 40k by all means possible. A good, highly detailed and consistent standard of quality is the goal. Also, the gameplay will not be simplified or “arcade-ified” over vanilla Arma 3. Quite the opposite is the case - when it becomes necessary/ makes sense, certain areas will be made more detailed and refined compared to vanilla, without making it cumbersome or difficult to use however. What is the status of the project? When attemtping to work on such a project in a team it is important to establish guidelines of how things look, feel, function etc. This is crucial, otherwise (talking from experience) there will be no consistency and many discussions will surface about trivial things - which mostly just produce nothing but hot air. Finding a common denominator is very difficult, especially when a scifi IP which has never really payed attention to finer details, is transformed into something more realistic. Ask 10 fans about how 40k should be like in (somewhat) realistic terms. You will get 10 different answers. For this reason i (X3KJ) have worked for about 3.5 years on models alone, figuring out how things could be made functional and which direction would be feasible given the circumstances (limited time, Arma engine). A lot of work has gone into figuring out how to make the models more realistic and sensible, without compromising their original look or feel too much. If you want to read up on some of the details/ progress of this work you can glimpse at the warseer log Various playable assetts (tanks, hand weapons, imperial guard uniform,...) are the result of this work, including many more WIP models. Now, with the foundation established (by example, not by word) the playable content needs to be refined and extended to get at least two player factions together. Effects need to be created (visual and audio) and the environment needs to be designed and created, which includes structures, prop models, and a map. Furthermore we are looking to add gameplay features which complement the 40k setting and create new solutions to get around certain restrictions of Arma. How can you help? This project isn’t possible to bring to a releasable state without additional manpower. Therefore we are looking for people who like the direction this project is going (we would suggest reading through the log) and can lend a hand. So if you are a content creator and interested, contact us, or come join the discord channel. There is a need for about anything one can think of: Terrain makers, Modellers, Texture Artists, Concept Artists, Scripters, Config Coders, Audio Artists, VFX Artists, Animators, Mission Makers, Writers, etc. You don’t need to be a professional, but a certain minimum experience in your chosen field(s) is necessary, as we don’t have the manpower/time to teach you from the ground up (yet?). We also have a need for a data server (e.g. a SVN or Git repository). If you can help with providing one and/or administrating/ setting one up, it would be most appreciated. Please don’t ask being alpha/ play tester, unless you can also work with configs to help fix or implement things yourself. We will announce when we need dedicated testers. There is no que or reserve slot for beeing play tester either. When will this be released? We asked our crystal ball, but it engaged self-destruction - simply put: Impossible to tell right now. We are always excited when we can show new stuff, so you can be sure to hear about it when there will be a timeframe for a release. Until that is the case, please be patient. Some may wonder if this will fail like the other 2+ attempts of other groups at a W40k mod for A3. Who knows, we are not farseers. However, this idea isn’t just a brainfart from yesterday, and we know from experience how demanding and challenging a total conversion is. X3KJ for example worked 5 years on modding X3:Terran Conflict, 3.5 years of that on the "X-Tended: Terran Conflict" total conversion. Current Team: X3KJ - Models, textures, animations, configs, stupid ideas and everything else recent volunteers: Genghis Steve - Models, textures, configs nightovizard - Maps Testarossa - Models, textures ComatoseBadger - Models, textures Dedmen - Scripts, models, textures Ranger - textures, map work RichardsD - models, textures ex developer/contributors: MartinezFG11 - Models, textures, configs, anims (Binoculars, Brockers Stubber) Zephyrsouza - Models (HP Model for Tanker+Sergeant Hat) Special Thanks Hatchet, Kiory, Mikero, reyhard, Pufu and all the other helpful folks on BIF and discord creator channels. The Arma WW2/ IFA 3 project team for scripting advise and support on MP compatibility of the extended damage system for vehicles. All 40k Lexicanum Wiki contributors BIS for this great platform and the continuing updates Everyone who provided moral support =) .. to be continued .. Visit our discord channel: Visit our Mod DB page:
  4. DesolationREDUX has released our first Alpha build, v0.1.0. Server files are now available for hosting your own server. Server Files Download Instructions can be found at DR Wiki Support at DesolationREDUX Forums This post will cover two projects that are really one in the same. DR Project is a collection of a Mod Framework, DB Extension, Assets, Tools, Plugin Repository, and Terrains. DesolationREDUX is a survival mod using all that, working as a showcase for everything. The mod is currently in beta testing as we continue to add in the original planned features. Progress has been going very well, and we are pleased enough with how things are working that we decided to post up here. The hope, when completed and released, is that other mod makers will be able to take our work and make their own projects with them. The DR Project is open source, and will be released under APL-SA. Code, assets, terrains, will all be able to be used and edited by the community at large. ArmA Plugin Management System (APMS) The ArmA Plugin Management System (APMS for short) was created to add a plugin framework into ArmA. It allows for server owners to easily add and remove content from their server. Developers can create server-sided "plugins" that can add key binds, add events, add buildings to the map, and add SQF code. It also allows Developers to create a custom .cfg file to add control to the content within their plugin. The APMS system is the core for DesolationREDUX. Everything within the mod runs through the Plugin Manager; all key binds, events, and map edits. APMS WIKI The benefits of the APMS are as follows: Customizable keybinds created by the server. All aspects of a plugin can be customized by the server owner via the .cfg file. Managed events for both server and player. Managed Actions. Ability to easily add and remove features from a server. Managed map edits, spawned before the server has finished starting. Installation of plugins is incredibly easy. Simply place the plugin PBO into the Addons folder of @DesolationServer. Place the plugin CFG into the Config folder of @DesolationServer. Add the plugin name into the Plugin managers PluginList.cfg file. Done RedEx: REDEX WIKI Key features are: - Supports 64Bit and the new CallExtension with Arrayarguments. - Has an builtin mechanism to load additional config whitelisted Modules dynamically, so no need for plugin writers to struggle with the ArmA CallExtension API, you get wonderful objects containing "key -> value" associations, where you simply can call: `extArguments.get<unsigned int>("itemAmount")` or `extArguments.get<std::string>("listName");` and you return ArmA strings. Everything else like handling strings that are to long is done by LibRedex. - Supports sync, async and quiet async calls (calls that do not return any data) - Has a wide range of functionality to make life easier: -- Random lists that connect an chance with an item, like they are used for Loot spawn. -- Random lists of numbers (you request what kind of numbers you want, how many and in which range) -- Getting real world time in different formats like epoch(unix) time, an date array. -- Handling of file input and output on in the config defined files. -- You can define if an file readable, writable or even only readable one, which use useful to hide data. -- An module to call whitelisted urls and the Steam API, for example to get informations about VAC Bans etc. -- An build in client which can connect to an middle ware to allow ArmA to communicate with other tools like an admin web framework, as example we provide an Discord Bot, that does allow the players to request the current Performance and Server Stats. -- And of course an database connector. Database specific features: -- Does support multiple Databases like MySQL(MariaDB) and PostgreSQL, additional support for Stores like Redis are easy to implement. -- All IDs are based on UUIDs, so no longer waiting until data is committed to the Database to get back the identifier of an Object. Just request an UUID, set it as ID for the Object and then tell the System to commit the Object. -- All sql querys are sanitized additional most of them use prepared statements. -- Some function calls like "update objects" are dynamic and don't need all data to be supplied, for example you only want to update the position of the car? fine! only send the position. -- The goal of the design of the database itself was to fulfill all possible needs we could imagine. As Plugin writer perspective this means you should not need to change anything database related, all object and character information are stored automatically. This includes also variables starting with an specific Prefix as well as skins etc. -- In case of objects we provide the "svar_" prefix, so if someone would like to add a coins system, they could store the current coin count of the object ins "svar_coins". -- In case of an Player we provide "svar_" and "pvar_" both work the same as in case of objects, but the difference is "svar_" is bound to the character, so if the character dies the variable is lost, while "pvar_" is bound to the player profile, so if an character dies these variables are still present on a new character. Last is useful to save for example the skills an player has earned. -- There are also more advanced features, like the database is able to save the connection of two or more objects, so you can attach an box to the roof of an car and after the server restart the box is still attached to the car. -- An encryption library using an PSK set in the config to validate the hash of objects, and encrypt text in general. We created a couple tools along the way for server managers to use. Admin Tools: The DesolationREDUX Web Administration Panel is a plugin to help with server administration via the use of a fully configurable website panel which allows the server owner to define groups and permissions for all the staff. This panel allows the server administrators to be able to start, stop and restart the server. It allows admins to view all the logs on the server to allow them to help catch hackers! Server admins are able to view the chat of all servers on one simple web page. Server owners can use the web panel to setup and configure groups and permissions for a web based RCON tool to allow banning, un banning, kicking, remote chatting and much more. Server Manager: This tool is aimed at server owners who want to make server management easy as it aims to remove the annoying server start bat files. It will be GUI based and allows for easy server configuration. The Administration tool takes up the task of automatically restarting your server via a time picked by the server owner. It allows the installation of plugins via just one click as it works alongside the script Plugin Repository System. It allows server administrators to be able to easily add and remove parameters to their servers without the use of a bat file. Most importantly, it has support for multiple servers so managing more than one server could not be easier. The tool is C# based and currently only set up for Windows platforms. As of quarter 2 2017, C# received Linux support, but we have not done any Linux support for the Server Manager. It is planned. Plugin Repository: The DesolationREDUX Script Repository will be a website hosted on a sub domain of DesolationREDUX which hooks into our forums authentication system. This website will allow users of the community to easily publish plugins/ scripts to our website, push changes and updates to the plugin, and give a detailed description of the plugin. This website will be moderated by our forum moderators and staff to ensure nothing malicious is submitted. This repository will also be included in my Server Administration Tool, and will allow server owners to simply click a plugin on the repository to install it directly to the server. Vehicle and Loot Spawn Location Tool: The Vehicle and Loot Spawn Location Tool is used to get your own custom spawn location. This may be necessary for custom buildings, or to simply add your own touches to your server. These tools are located in Eden Editor, and are very simple to use. Due to the way in which REDUX spawns vehicles, the tool is needed for accurate position locating. Upon finding your locations, simply go to any text editor and "paste". It will paste the appropriate code config information. Server Discord Bot: The discord bot is a simple to install bot that provides easy access to server information such as Server FPS, CPS, Active Threads, Server Uptime, Player Count, Online Players, and has the option for the server owner only to shutdown the server. It is recommended this tool is placed in it's own channel as the players seem to love checking it. All assets we create, or port from the A2/TKOH data packs, will be made available as a separate download once REDUX goes into Beta. These assets will include magazine items, map objects, weapons, structures, characters & gear, and vehicles. All assets will be available unbinarized so they can be edited to suit the users needs. We hope these assets will be taken to supplement the available A3 assets, and used to create more interesting content for the ArmA community. All we ask is that we are credited with providing the source files and any derivatives are shared with the community. As for terrains, that portion of the project is on hold until we complete DesolationREDUX. Once the mod goes into Beta, the modeling team will move over to creating assets for a western themed map. We originally had plans for a map based on the San Juan Islands. This may still happen. Will have to see what the team feels like creating when we get there, but we will be creating a US based terrain and appropriate assets. Some of the project members also have their own side terrain projects that will be released as well most likely using available A2 ported assets and A3 assets. Thanks to past and present dev team members, and those that have contributed content. Present Kegan BigBen Legodev Optix TheKnightTemplar ComatoseBadger Nex ImUnleasheD JMaster Zisb CrazyMike Movinggun SonicSound Ducky Contributors DL++ (Has contributed some assets including journal image as well as shared ideas while he works on his No Cure mod) Argument (his released source files for open A2 buildings have been edited to fix many config issues and AI paths for use with A2 missions) Jonpas (for allowing us to use and edit his Theseus Services assets) Screamer (for our branding images and game icons) Kol9yN (Provides us with our custom animations) Past Dirty Sanchez ANixon David3D Natu StokesMagee Cronicash
  5. Greeting, dear Community! Today I would like to make an introduction to the project, I am participating as server-side programmer. Stalker Life Mod. What is this? The project goal is to produce a total conversion for Arma 3, bringing the Stalker fiction universe to Armaverse. Project is NOT about recreation of a famous video game title. The very first idea is exploration of a dangerous and beautiful industrial environment. Then - survival, a challenging task, since you will need to care about your body's temperature, hunger, dehydration, deseases, equipment, charge in your devices' batteries. And the last major foundation is adventure, every step on the zone of estrangement brings a chance to face a deadly creature, find yourself in an anomaly, or get a valuable artefact in your hands, which would make you wealthy, if you reach the trader... So again: Survival Exploration Adventures The SEA of emotions. Everything will count. Forgot to charge your PDA? hope you at least taken the paper map Forgot the spare filter for your gas mask? sleep well No NVG? flashlight is seen from a great distance You will be welcome to the atmosphere of horror and despair So in "two words": Stalker Life Mod is a hardcore online RPG gamemode with horror elements. Main features The vast 50 x 50 km terrain based on real geodata The real buildings that were present in the area ALL buildings are enterable. Yes, ALL, every floor, every room. Buildings are based on real photos or construction plans we were able to find. A massive dungeon system under the main industrial objects Multi-server setup, if we grow to multiple servers, they will be sharing the same database backend and SOME objects will be synchronized across all servers. Say when you create a cache in a secret place somewhere on the map - it will be synced to ALL servers, and someone may find it and loot. PDA. One of the key game elements, if you manage to get your PDA - it will be a great companion in your travels. PDA would allow to store notes, map markers, but if you lose it - you lose all data in it. And if someone finds it - he will get access to your markers and notes. Dynamic quest system (inspired by Skyrim's Radiant) Where we now? Finished: 550+ models of buildings and props Session manager (for multiple server setup, prohibits a single player to login to more than one server at the same time) Equipment database storage In-game bug-report system Multiple internal tools to automate routine tasks and improve the development/deployment process Radioactivity system Headless client support In work right now: Finishing models we yet have to create more than 400 of them Cross-server object synchronization framework Roadmap Finish models Texture models (right now they are greyboxes) Implement various immersion systems Dynamic trade system Weapon customization (something beyond swapping scope, bipods and sidemount) Team 2 developers 6 3D-artists 1 screenwriter The team can be reached at https://vk.com/stalkerlifea3 SHOWCASES! (VIDEO) Anomalies Props Artefacts Buildings (long and boring) Earliest terrain build (over one year old) I would be glad to receive a reasonable critic and answer your question. Thanks for your attention!
  6. annamor1959


    Okay so this is the idea, why dont we create a total conversion of arma 3 and putting it in the Iran Iraq war? i've got so many good ideas for this future mod but sadly i dont know how to make such thing, otherwise i would of done it by now! im ready to share my ideas and to start a group of modders under one name. my aim is to create a mod that is as good as the RHS mods and CUP.
  7. Westwall is a total conversion addon for ArmA 3 set in Western Germany during the last eight months of the Second World War. Currently, our focus is on creating our first terrain Ochsenkopf Trail, which is set during the stagnant fighting in the Hürtgen Forest. To accompany this, we are also developing a basic set of playable Fall 1944 US Army and German Heer units. Here is a general overview of our release plan: --Terrain: Ochsenkopf Trail 2x2km – Fall Version --Units: US/German Rifleman, Rifle Grenadiers, Submachinegunners, Machinegunners, and more. --Weapons: K98k, M1 Garand, M1/M1A1 Thompson, M3A1, MP40, and more. --Gear: US and German field gear, helmets, caps, and more. --Uniforms: US M1943 Field Uniform and German Reversible Winter Uniforms Beyond this initial content demo, we are in the planning stages of what we consider the ultimate goal of the Westwall project—creating interesting new ways for players to engage with the historical content of our subject. To better achieve this goal, we want to further work with historians in and around the Vossenack area and examine content outside of typical combat scenarios. While the majority of our effort will go towards developing assets for our combat gameplay, we are also discussing and prototyping scenarios that allow players to explore our maps and participate in activities that depict both historical combat and non-combat settings. In addition, we are working to find interactive ways to connect users to a wide range of text, video, and internet sources both in and out of the game covering topics ranging from soldier’s stories to information on local culture and history. While we are starting out our journey in the Hürtgen Forest, we hope to move through a selection of topics chronologically until the war ends. After Hürtgen, we hope to explore German-occupied Elsaß. This will undoubtedly be a long term project, but it is one we are very passionate about and we hope you will join us. Thank you.