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  1. Hi! any plans/updates on 64-bit linux support?
  2. I would assume it will be near the same, but thorough test is needed. Regarding the hashmap - it might be an option, but I avoided using it, because I store the code and its params as is, and this provides me with some sort of flexibility, for example if I want to change the job options, without re-creating it. Also I had some more ideas about practical usage of cron, but unfortunately I have no time to play with scripts at the moment.
  3. Thanks! The change is pretty straightforward, merged
  4. It does not look like my approach, at least I see no other files under cronjob, so I am not sure where are you going to maintain the list of jobs scheduled. Wehn I say about performance I mean that cronjob provides a good performance gain vs say 1000 loops in background 1000 jobs in cron will cost just one trigger.
  5. 1. If I manage to update this code, I would do it in functional way :) 2. I know, I should use missionnamespace set/get variable, but it is not very critical at the moment. Anyway you are welcome to offer a merge request with your enhancements ;)
  6. @RedBelette You are free and welcome to use this script according to MIT license terms. I did not work on marketing this script, as it was developed for internal projects, so I am not sure how widely it was adopted. If you have any question or suggestion you may open an issue on github or drop a PM to me - I will try to help with what I can.
  7. Teasing the giant crane and cooling tower again, now in-game :)
  8. Teasing some industrial assets, the giant crane, climbable:
  9. The Chernobyl Nuclear Station finally faced the hands of 3d-artists Nuclear station assets preview And how it looks IRL
  10. ussrlongbow

    Arma 3 Tools Wont extract game data

    Has anyone made it working with BIS Workdrive? This error making me crazy.
  11. regarding the release: we will release map, structures and weaponry as separate mods, sites like Armaholic or ModDB are welcomed, not sure about Steam Workshop - TBD.
  12. We can discuss it, since we are careful on using someones work, that one of the reason of slowness, what you have seen on video - is a result of 1 year work of the team.
  13. Our artists have revealed the interior of some buildings, after fixing shadows. In combination with Arma 3 Enhanced Movements addon looks very impressive!