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  1. Hi! any plans/updates on 64-bit linux support?
  2. Script name: Arma 3: Custom chat commands Version: 1.0 Release: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/chatcom/releases/tag/v1.0 Issues: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/chatcom/issues Source: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/chatcom This script allows to implement custom chat commands in your mission, started from a special character. You may configure commands like "!help", so when people playing your mission enter this as regular chat message - the associated code will be executed. See video for demo. https://youtu.be/pUQspFb7vf0
  3. Hello, this script has been refactored and proven for 1 year already Current version: 1.0 What is it? This is a cron manager for Arma 3. It is a similar for crontab in Linux or Task Scheduler in Windows. It allows you to execute code at a scheduled time, repetitive or not. Script will help to avoid endless loops and make performance optimized missions with greater flexibility in terms of managing your code execution. This script is designed for server-side execution, but also works in SP What's inside? Script contains of 4 functions: RWT_fnc_cronInit - initializes cron manager, executed on postIinit RWT_fnc_cronJobAdd - adds jobs to cron manager RWT_fnc_cronJobRemove - remove job from cron manager RWT_fnc_cronJobRun - function that runs the code, when its time comes Example use case? Make an explosion in 30 minutes Periodically run garbage clean up code, say every 2 minutes Any other usecase which requires higher time lags (minutes, hours) How to start using it? Script is packaged according to guidelines of Arma 3 Mission Skeleton, so if you are using it, just download it to your mission's addons folder and run build script. If you are more experienced mission maker or scripter - grab the source from github. To add a task: [{hint str time},[],0,20,0] call RWT_fnc_cronJobAdd; // will display time every 20 seconds Please read the comments and description to functions Source - https://github.com/ussrlongbow/rwt_cron Package - https://github.com/ussrlongbow/rwt_cron/releases/download/v1.0/rwt_cron_a3ms.zip
  4. Greeting, dear Community! Today I would like to make an introduction to the project, I am participating as server-side programmer. Stalker Life Mod. What is this? The project goal is to produce a total conversion for Arma 3, bringing the Stalker fiction universe to Armaverse. Project is NOT about recreation of a famous video game title. The very first idea is exploration of a dangerous and beautiful industrial environment. Then - survival, a challenging task, since you will need to care about your body's temperature, hunger, dehydration, deseases, equipment, charge in your devices' batteries. And the last major foundation is adventure, every step on the zone of estrangement brings a chance to face a deadly creature, find yourself in an anomaly, or get a valuable artefact in your hands, which would make you wealthy, if you reach the trader... So again: Survival Exploration Adventures The SEA of emotions. Everything will count. Forgot to charge your PDA? hope you at least taken the paper map Forgot the spare filter for your gas mask? sleep well No NVG? flashlight is seen from a great distance You will be welcome to the atmosphere of horror and despair So in "two words": Stalker Life Mod is a hardcore online RPG gamemode with horror elements. Main features The vast 50 x 50 km terrain based on real geodata The real buildings that were present in the area ALL buildings are enterable. Yes, ALL, every floor, every room. Buildings are based on real photos or construction plans we were able to find. A massive dungeon system under the main industrial objects Multi-server setup, if we grow to multiple servers, they will be sharing the same database backend and SOME objects will be synchronized across all servers. Say when you create a cache in a secret place somewhere on the map - it will be synced to ALL servers, and someone may find it and loot. PDA. One of the key game elements, if you manage to get your PDA - it will be a great companion in your travels. PDA would allow to store notes, map markers, but if you lose it - you lose all data in it. And if someone finds it - he will get access to your markers and notes. Dynamic quest system (inspired by Skyrim's Radiant) Where we now? Finished: 550+ models of buildings and props Session manager (for multiple server setup, prohibits a single player to login to more than one server at the same time) Equipment database storage In-game bug-report system Multiple internal tools to automate routine tasks and improve the development/deployment process Radioactivity system Headless client support In work right now: Finishing models we yet have to create more than 400 of them Cross-server object synchronization framework Roadmap Finish models Texture models (right now they are greyboxes) Implement various immersion systems Dynamic trade system Weapon customization (something beyond swapping scope, bipods and sidemount) Team 2 developers 6 3D-artists 1 screenwriter The team can be reached at https://vk.com/stalkerlifea3 SHOWCASES! (VIDEO) Anomalies Props Artefacts Buildings (long and boring) Earliest terrain build (over one year old) I would be glad to receive a reasonable critic and answer your question. Thanks for your attention!
  5. Hello all, Just made a little cool thing for my self: a vim syntax for SQF, The repo now features the script I used to generate syntax sections, added support for functions from mods (following mods are considered: CBA, ACE, CUP, TFAR, ALIVE) grab here - https://github.com/ussrlongbow/vim-sqf/releases/tag/2017-03-17 report issues here - https://github.com/ussrlongbow/vim-sqf/issues Version: 2017-03-17 Changelog: enjoy ;)
  6. I would assume it will be near the same, but thorough test is needed. Regarding the hashmap - it might be an option, but I avoided using it, because I store the code and its params as is, and this provides me with some sort of flexibility, for example if I want to change the job options, without re-creating it. Also I had some more ideas about practical usage of cron, but unfortunately I have no time to play with scripts at the moment.
  7. Thanks! The change is pretty straightforward, merged
  8. It does not look like my approach, at least I see no other files under cronjob, so I am not sure where are you going to maintain the list of jobs scheduled. Wehn I say about performance I mean that cronjob provides a good performance gain vs say 1000 loops in background 1000 jobs in cron will cost just one trigger.
  9. 1. If I manage to update this code, I would do it in functional way :) 2. I know, I should use missionnamespace set/get variable, but it is not very critical at the moment. Anyway you are welcome to offer a merge request with your enhancements ;)
  10. @RedBelette You are free and welcome to use this script according to MIT license terms. I did not work on marketing this script, as it was developed for internal projects, so I am not sure how widely it was adopted. If you have any question or suggestion you may open an issue on github or drop a PM to me - I will try to help with what I can.
  11. Teasing the giant crane and cooling tower again, now in-game :)
  12. Teasing some industrial assets, the giant crane, climbable:
  13. The Chernobyl Nuclear Station finally faced the hands of 3d-artists Nuclear station assets preview And how it looks IRL
  14. ussrlongbow

    Arma 3 Tools Wont extract game data

    Has anyone made it working with BIS Workdrive? This error making me crazy.
  15. regarding the release: we will release map, structures and weaponry as separate mods, sites like Armaholic or ModDB are welcomed, not sure about Steam Workshop - TBD.
  16. We can discuss it, since we are careful on using someones work, that one of the reason of slowness, what you have seen on video - is a result of 1 year work of the team.
  17. Our artists have revealed the interior of some buildings, after fixing shadows. In combination with Arma 3 Enhanced Movements addon looks very impressive!
  18. ussrlongbow

    Script to lock out player slots

    You do not need the filePatching enabled, try this one -
  19. VIM SQF syntax file has been updated, see first post. https://github.com/ussrlongbow/vim-sqf/releases/tag/2017-03-17
  20. Arma 3 Mission Skeleton Version: 1.3 Author: longbow (aka ussrlongbow) Credits: Kju, larrow - thanks guys for vaulable input! I would like to introduce a bit of work, I have developed for supplementary needs. This is just a skeleton for Arma 3 missions. Latest version: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/a3ms/releases/tag/v1.3 Source code: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/a3ms Issues tracker: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/a3ms/issues Supported scripts to show how simple workflow is I have packaged my Cron Manager according to these guidelines. Changelog TODO: Documentation, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  21. ussrlongbow

    strange performance drop in SQF

    Thanks, killzone_kid, I'll try with show/hide
  22. While working on a function for UI interface, faced a strange performance drop. See the example: Snippet 1 disableSerialization; _index = 1; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "ADIS_MENU_DISPLAY"; // 2.5x faster than for _i from 1 to 8 .... (_display displayCtrl 66311) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66312) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66313) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66314) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66315) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66316) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66317) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66318) ctrlSetText ""; Code performance shows 0.0176 ms on my PC Snippet 2 disableSerialization; _index = 1; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "ADIS_MENU_DISPLAY"; if (_index in [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]) then { (_display displayCtrl (66310 + _index)) ctrlSetText (format ["addons\longbow\adis\icons\s%1.paa",_index]); rwt_adis_selector_hidden = false; }; Performance is around 0.0172ms What would I expect when I merge this two snippets? like this: disableSerialization; _index = 1; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "ADIS_MENU_DISPLAY"; (_display displayCtrl 66311) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66312) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66313) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66314) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66315) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66316) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66317) ctrlSetText ""; (_display displayCtrl 66318) ctrlSetText ""; if (_index in [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]) then { (_display displayCtrl (66310 + _index)) ctrlSetText (format ["addons\longbow\adis\icons\s%1.paa",_index]); rwt_adis_selector_hidden = false; }; Interested? Code performance shows 0.2 ms, ~5x performance drop, can anyone explain why it happens?