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Found 13 results

  1. Fenrirr-vigor

    Switch voice chat

    Gidday outlanders Just wondering if we have voice chat working on the switch? Would make team play much easier and more please t. Cheers for the great game though ­čĹŹ
  2. While I am no beginner at programming in general, I am relatively new to SQF scripting for Arma 3. After 1000 hours I decided to finally toy around with the scripting side of things and I've already completely broken my first script. I apologize for any mistakes I may have made in advance, I am really new to this and I need some help solving this problem. At the moment the script is executing, however, it is not displaying the kills in the chat as it should be. I am realizing more and more that the YouTube video I learned this from is very inaccurate and riddled with errors. ----------initClient.sqf---------- // Executes all client scripts remotely and globally (with restrictions to client only if set in the script itself). [] remoteExec ["killFeedClient", 0]; ----------initServer.sqf---------- // Executes all client scripts remotely and server-sided. [] remoteExec ["killFeedServer", 2]; ----------killFeedClient.sqf---------- // Creates "killFeedClient" function to be executed in "initClient.sqf." killFeedClient = { { // Adding an event handler for the "Killed" action to every unit. _x addEventHandler ["Killed", { // Initializes all of the variables used in the formatting of the kill-feed statement. _unit = (_this select 0); _killedBy = (_this select 1); // Organizing and grouping all of the variables into a single array. deathInfo = [_unitName, _killedBy]; // Creating the "killFeedUpdate" public variable event handler. publicVariableServer "killFeedUpdate"; }]; } forEach allUnits; }; ----------killFeedServer.sqf---------- // Creates "killFeedServer" function to be executed in "initServer.sqf." killFeedServer = { // Only runs this script if the machine executing it is the server. if (isServer) then { // Listens for updates from the "killFeedUpdate" public variable event handler. "killFeedUpdate" addPublicVariableEventHandler { // Initalizes "_deathInfo" private array and sets it's value from the previously mentioned event handler. private "_deathInfo"; _deathInfo = (_this select 1); // If you are confused by why we used 1 and not 0 refer to "addPublicVariableEventHandler" documentation on the wiki. // Extracts each variable from the "_deathInfo" private array. _unit = (_deathInfo select 0); _killedBy = (_deathInfo select 1); // Grabs some more data by passing the previously mentioned variables through a variety of functions. _unitName = name _unit; _killedByName = name _killedBy; _distance = _unit distance _killedBy; // Formats the kill-feed statement to be displayed in the game chat. _killFeedStatement = format ["%1 was killed by %2. (%3m)", _unitName, _killedByName, _distance]; // Displays the kill-feed statement in the game chat as if it were being called in by the killer. _killedBy globalChat _killFeedStatement; }; }; };
  3. Script name: Arma 3: Custom chat commands Version: 1.0 Release: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/chatcom/releases/tag/v1.0 Issues: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/chatcom/issues Source: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/chatcom This script allows to implement custom chat commands in your mission, started from a special character. You may configure commands like "!help", so when people playing your mission enter this as regular chat message - the associated code will be executed. See video for demo. https://youtu.be/pUQspFb7vf0
  4. Hi guys, iv just started playing with the mission editor, and i am noticing that say if i am the leader of a squad and i issue a basic command to the squad to just move west 100 meters, there wont be the generic "all move west 100 meters" voice and radio command followed by the "copy" back from the squad. Or say we are a tank crew and i issue a command to disembark, there wont be the generic "all disembark" voice and radio chat. Am i missing something here i never remember having to set anything up for simple things like this? i know its going to be something stupid simple but i cant find any solutions so far.
  5. Here is what I am wanting. Right now a man will ride in on a motor cycle and greet the players say rider: "You have prayed and God has answered!" player1: "What have our brought us?" Rider "Four grenades". I have successfully gotten the rider to say the sentence but his name, Baschir, does not appear when he says it. It reads "Independent: You have prayed and God has answered!" but i want it to say "Baschir: You have prayed and God has answered!" any tips?
  6. Im Curious if there is a voice chat or will be some sort of voice chat in the final game or preview since its a pretty quiet game i think adding a voice chat will be pretty cool since you be able to communicate with the person attacking you or you're attacking. Thoughts?
  7. Hey everyone, I would like to think this issue is on here but I kept finding similar issues that weren't the same as mine. My mic works fine in steam, it works fine in every other voip, it even shows that I am pressing the capslock button in the bottom left of the screen in game. However, in KOTH, when I press capslock, my handle doesn't show up indicating that people can hear me, and they cannot hear me. I got this to work once and now it has stopped again. Please help, this is ridiculous! This game has been out way to long to still be having these kinds of issues. Please don't ask me if my mic is setup in wondows or if it works, it is and it does. It is an issue with the game.
  8. OK, I am trying to make a SP mission where the main characters thoughts will be displayed in the side chat in order to give the player new tasks. However whenever I run the scenario as the main character I get no text in the chat even though the trigger activates and the chat indicator at the bottom lights up for a bit. BUT if I run the scenario as another NPC I can clearly see the text the main character says in side chat when the trigger get activated. I am very new to the editor so I might be missing something simple. The trigger I am using has a condition of: alive VK (VK is the player variable) with a 3s delay so that I have time to load in the mission before it activates. On activation I set: VK sidechat "text" This is what I see when i run the scenario as the main character. This is what I see if I run it as a different character. Please help.
  9. Christenson HHD

    Chat system

    Hi everyone! so I am trying to make a new chat system for some sort of roleplay, What I need is to make a system where I write in the chat /Laugh and then it says: my name " is laughing" Something like this picture: http://prntscr.com/fzjfif -Chris
  10. Hi. I'm Playing Arma2 and Arma3. but Im prefer to play Arma2. Does Arma 2 have a function to output text log chat? And what about Arma 3? If you can realize that function by appending some option file, please tell me how to do that. I am making a program to monitor and read text log chat. Because Japanese are shy, VC is not active. Text chat is more popular, but I feel a bit lonely. So, I would like to make gaming play as gorgeous as possible. It would be nice if you could have an option to use it as a participant in the Host Server, but not a DedicatedServer configuration if possible. . I am sorry to hear that in Japanese, I am making such a program. Https://github.com/zufall-upon/kikisen-vc I hope the option exists. . Thank you.
  11. So ill kick this off by saying i'm a huge fan and constant player of ArmA 3 i bought ArmA 3 on launch and iv'e been in many military units and have 2500 hours+ racked up on steam. I always play ArmA everyday without fail. But in my opinion you criticize what you love and here is what makes me angry with the development of ArmA 3 since the beginning. So first off is the DLC in my opinion every DLC released regardless of the price tag has under delivered, ill use the recent Jets DLC with the addition of the carrier that was added as an example.. In my opinion the carrier was the biggest selling point for the jets DLC and was a joke to the few milsim and general units that still exist in ArmA today essentially the carrier is a beautiful looking shell with a launch platform and a landing one. It should have gotten a full interior with elevators and a complete interior storage area for planes and helicopters alike, then the carrier could have been used for operation briefings and overall would have increased a persons immersion in the milsim environment that ArmA is supposed to simulate. Overall the scope of the ArmA 3 DLC and how they have been released is ultimately a disgrace when compared to the far more enjoyable and commendable ArmA 2/OA release method. My second issue with ArmA 3 is the Environments/Terrains almost all terrains released have been a bare bone mess and ultimately they have little to no foliage with the exception of the Apex DLC (Tanoa) which again added very little to the game besides the map its self. When you compare these new terrains to Arma 2 that got a tonne of new vehicles and weapons with the map. All apex got was the same vehicles but re skinned a new faction with 3 ak variants and an RPG-7. (Which again in my opinion under delivered) Comparing Arma 3 to Dayz yes i said it Dayz. Today on the 26/05/2017 DayZ is currently in an experimental 0.62 that adds new trees and foliage (A Complete Overhaul) and after personally testing it after awhile i asked myself why hasn't Arma got good foliage like DayZ has now. Well the Apex DLC (Tanoa) tried to give us a map with great amounts of foliage (In a Jungle) but again fell short the Tanoa map although a great map on paper suffers from massive performance hits (DayZ new trees and foliage doesn't) and not to mention the map is plagued with Houses and Buildings that have one enterable room and the rest of the rooms are "Barred Off" so you can't enter the rest of the house because again it feels Bohemia Interactive are cutting corners alot like the carrier and the retextureing of vehicles instead of making new ones to accommodate the terrain. Before anyone metions the fact that DayZ now has its own engine and Arma 3 is on another i do know this but i think my point still stands. Now to wrap up i would like to say if any staff from BI see this please pass it on to the top and have a good read and sit down and discuss the scope of the game please because your all over the place. To anyone else reading please post your opinions and suggestions for this wonderful game and maybe we can save it together because right now it's sinking like a rock and that's sad to see.
  12. Hey guys, I have a real strange problem. I'm not sure how to describe it exactly, and what is causing it, so I don't post a script snippet yet, until you tell me what you need to see. I hope someone can point me into the right direction. I wrote a few scripts which are simply "simulating" a conversation between the player and the civilian unit. It's executed by an "addaction" command added to all civilians. Finally the conversation leads whether to some intel, like an HVT, a weapons cache or hostages, which is being marked on the map after the conversation has been ended. It works very well so far. Also these side missions are working fine. The only and very strange thing is: After finishing such a mission (i.e. destroyed a weapons cache which intel was given by a civilian via conversation), everything is fine - EXCEPT when talking to a civilian then, there's no dialog visible anymore. Lips are moving (setrandomlip true;), sometimes intel is gathered (depends on players reputation and random selection), so to say: Everything is still working - except there's no chat (between player and civilian) visible anymore! And there's NO error in the log, "show script errors" startup commandline doesn't show anything, nothing can be found inside the RPT files, just nothing! I have to mention that the dialogs are visible as long as I don't finish any of the mission from collected intel. In example: When I talk to civilian, luckily get some intel about sth (i.e. hostages somewhere), then I can talk to any civilian and the dialogs (siechat) are visible AS LONG AS I don't rescue the hostages, But as soon as the hostages are rescued, dialogs will not be shown anymore when talking to civilians. I'm really at the end of knowledge..... no error messages, no possibitlity to debug this... What could be the rason for this behavior? Thank you very much in advance!
  13. jc_

    Arma 3 chat filter

    Chat is useless when constantly being spammed with server telemetry amnd automated player messages. It scrolls by so fast it s more likely than not that you miss out content relevant to yourself. Why isnt there an optional filter to get rid of server telemetry to make chat easier to keep up with?