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  1. Sunderer5000

    Push To Talk Issues (Handle Does Not Appear)

    I don't have any other voip running and even if I did, it has to be an issue within arma 3 that when I press the push to talk butt, which the game recognizes as the push to talk per the indicator in the bottom left of my screen, it does not actually engage my audio as it does not show my handle indicating to both myself, and to others, that I am speaking. Since there are two ways in which arma 3 shows recognition that you are attempting to speak, through the bottom left corner showing the mic, and by showing your handle to indicate to others that you are speaking, and it only shows the bottom left mic symbol without showing my handle, then it has to be an issue with arma itself not fully recognizing my comms.
  2. Sunderer5000

    Login Issues

    So I'm having an issue where I can't sign into my bohemia account directly and they won't send me a password to my email (yes I checked spam). However, I do have an account and I can link to it and get into it through steam. How the hell can I link to it, but I can't sign in lol! Any ideas?
  3. Sunderer5000

    Push To Talk Issues (Handle Does Not Appear)

    Thanks for the replies guys, but people were talking on the servers and I went to the same channel they were talking on, so no dice on those possiblities. I also had people confirm they were using the same key when they tried to help me get it working, so it isn't a server specific ptt (That seems stupid btw, would fuck with ppls bindings and seems to be no purpose to it)
  4. Sunderer5000

    Push To Talk Issues (Handle Does Not Appear)

    Sigh, this forum just wiped everything I was typing because the Im not a robot thing timed out....
  5. Hey everyone, I would like to think this issue is on here but I kept finding similar issues that weren't the same as mine. My mic works fine in steam, it works fine in every other voip, it even shows that I am pressing the capslock button in the bottom left of the screen in game. However, in KOTH, when I press capslock, my handle doesn't show up indicating that people can hear me, and they cannot hear me. I got this to work once and now it has stopped again. Please help, this is ridiculous! This game has been out way to long to still be having these kinds of issues. Please don't ask me if my mic is setup in wondows or if it works, it is and it does. It is an issue with the game.