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  1. Godis_1

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8 CAAS

    Nice work! Very fun to play. (IF this now had an option to select any loaded airplane from mods (like Fir Aviation pack or USAF Jets)... :-P )
  2. Yes, that should be the case. But in my case some things just didn't work as intended. I don't know.. I'll try it another time just to make sure I did no mistake.
  3. Ok, thank you! That's exactly what I tried the very first time. I thought that then the injuries system would be just disabled and vanilla (or mod) can take over. But basically the medical system, that tales place then, is also from PIR, but a more basic one. So if a scenario has a more complex medical and revive system for the player side (Blufor in my case), it still won't work properly, even when PIR is disabled for player side, blufor and standard IFAKs enabled. Maybe I'm wrong, but I tried and when I played it again without PIR, it worked flawless. It would be great if we could use PIR only for the enemy side, no matter what medical system is being used for player side. Seeing enemies trying to drag their wounded one to treat them is so immersive. But when I play a scenario that only has vanilla medical system, then I gladly use PIR for my side as well. But for missions like OPEX, DCW, etc.the medical system always somehow clashed, no matter the settings.
  4. "Disable Injuries for AI" - what AI is meant? The player AI teammates? Or AI in general? If I want to disable the entire system for the player side and Blufor, but keep it enabled for Opfor and civilians, because the mission I'm playing includes its own advanced medical system. So I'd do the following: - disable injuries for Blufor - enable standard IFAKs (means to disable the option to turn standard first-aid-kits into PIR IFAKs) - disable injuries for player - Disable injuries for AI (??) Not sure about this one.. - Leave all other options at default Is that right?
  5. Godis_1

    BMR Insurgency

    Have you tried with EM Reworked mod?
  6. I'm always dying in "Ransom Demand" shortly after passing the first AAF checkpoint. About 500m past the checkpoint it seems like something explodes and kills me everytime I try it, no matter if I drive on the road or somewhere else. Because on the death screen Petrovic then tells me that I'm stupid, and so on, I guess the player is actually not supposed to die there? Is that a known issue or am I the only one experiencing it?
  7. Godis_1

    [RELEASE] Intrusion

    A great mission and big fun to play! Thx for your work! P.S. Actually I don't see any irony here but only someone who enjoys this amazing scenario and made you a true compliment ;)
  8. Godis_1

    Kujari: PMC ops

    Well, you can play it solo. Difficulty is scaled to players count, so it's always possible to get through, even alone. Sometimes you can recruit AI from towns and other situations. He won't add a common AI recruitment though (been asking him already). If you really need it, you could use something like "Single player cheat menu" and use Zeus to add some comrades. But it can be done without additional AI.
  9. Godis_1


    Congrats and best wishes! 🙂 Thx for giving the community such a masterpiece and be well in these crazy times ;)
  10. Godis_1

    [SP/MP] Dynamic ISIS War System 1.80

    Hey, thx for your interest. However, the scenario is very old and I actually didn't think it's still playable at all. Most if not all of the required mods have been updated quite a lot since then and might break a lot of stuff. Also the script language itself might have changed and so several things probably don't work as intended. At the moment I cannot help you, sorry for that. I actually planned to update and expand this project but life came up with things that didn't allow me to focus on it and then suddenly two years have passed by. After all this time I didn't feel motivated to continue my work on it. But now I kinda like to remake the project, but I'm lacking time right now. However, maybe some day... or if someone would like to join, I could imagine to pick it up again. We'll see. But in the mean time let me suggest some great alternatives: - OPEX - Kujai PMC Ops (and other stuff from AccuThruVolume) - The Forgotten Few 2 - Dynamic Civil War (Series. Lythium is great!) - WLA (also old, but still working fine and one of the best missions I've played) - Antistasi - Overthrow - Old Man Beta (vanilla)
  11. The old Chernarus map runs fine. It's only slower on the new one (Chernarus 2020). I suspect the map, not your mission, to be the cause of it.
  12. Many thanks for this new version! I've been enjoying your mission ever since and those new features sound very promising. I'll update this post after playing the mission, to provide some feedback. EDIT: As of my first impressions there are some things I can already point out: - The planning screen now feels more important, mostly because of the following changes: -- The veterancy and fatigue system lets us plan the missions more carefully and pick certain units for the tasks. At the same time you try to take better care of them during missions. -- Monthly resupply is a great addition! And it adds nice to immersion and tactical feel of the entire campaign, because it makes you managing ressources in a better way. - The new mission types as well as the new progress points system provide a great experience. The decisions you make on the battlefield are way more important since you will definately feel the consequences afterwards in a better way than before in prior versions. Should I keep the heli for CAS right now? How many days left until I'll get a replacement? Worth it? Is that soldier actually too tired to take on the next mission, and can I do it without his certain skills? And so on... All these things are to be taken into consideration, and that's great! Unfortunately there is one thing that bugs me. The Chernarus version comes with half of the FPS performance, compared to the one on Altis. I suppose that's related to the map itself. The Altis version runs with maximum FPS (60+) for me, while Chernarus only keeps at 25 - 30 FPS. However, great work so far! If I find bugs or other problems, I'll let you know. 🙂
  13. Well, the mod is actually very well playable. I'm able to play it mostly bugfree and saving/loading works as intended. But I never used the copy-paste function to load my savegame. As for what you didn't understand: I meant, why don't you use the normal saving/loading procedure (just confirm to load persistant save when prompted at scenario start, not the copy-paste-function). Since there won't be updates in the next time, I guess, there shouldn't be worried about a savegame-breaking update of Overthrow. The copy-paste-function is mainly to get savegames loaded after Overthrow has been updated by the devs. Due to potential changes in the scenario and/or Arma 3 itself, savegams from older versions potentially break and cannot be loaded anymore. The copy-pase-function is a way to overcome this problem. The downside is that it won't have everything in it, like a normal savegame file, which is caused by the structure of this method. The copy-.paste-function works by storing spawn positions from certain objects and values of certain custom variables from the scenario. Not everything can be stored and loaded this way (that's at least what I think of it). Sorry if I cannot explain it better.. my English isn't good enough to find the proper words :)