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  1. I've started a new game after the update and faced an issue (check the spoiler). Also the music/radio volume in cars seems to be decreased. It's really hard to hear it while driving. I'm pretty sure it was louder in the prior version (I'm playing with my studio monitor speakers, well balanced at all freqs). Anyway, lowering sounds volume in the game settings helps with it. Beware, SPOILER!
  2. Godis_1


    Well, there is i.e. "Foreign interventions", called by the US military. But mostly they speak about "external military operations".
  3. THis is a great scenario! I really like the sandbox-style gameplay together with a good story to follow. The given freedom on how to approach missions is good. However, there are still some minor things that you might want to consider. At certain points of the story could be more auto-save points. The mission where you have to take photos (at the abandoned CSAT camp) seems not to trigger progress properly - or I'm just missing something. But I've been searching the whole town, and besides of 3 photos I was able to take, there's nothing left anymore, and the mission doesn't continue. After closing and reloading the game, I was able to take another photo and continue the mission. though it would be better to at least mark the entire area in which we have to search, with a bigger circle or something. Because it can be pretty annoying to not knowing where to look approximately. So far the balancing seems pretty well. It's not too hard, not too easy. But I have to play it through first to be able to give better feedback. Btw I love these immersion adding features, like the checkpoints. It adds a good feeling.
  4. Godis_1

    Kujari: PMC ops

    Ok, there's nothing pointing to that first task to gather ressources, nor any information about crates that spawn. So I didn't look for those. However, the first task I got was to defend a town against an assault. And there was not a single crate in any of the houses there. But I might just have overlooked them. I'll try it again. As a small request it would be good if there were some more informations about such things in the mission :) But to give you some overall feedback, too: The mission runs very great! It's smooth and has great performance! The amount of enemies seems to be well balanced and difficulty feels pretty good. Very well done! Edit: Oh, and unfortunately no mission like "go drive the hemett to a shipping container" came up for me.
  5. Godis_1

    Kujari: PMC ops

    TFAR seems to be a requirement though.. And AMF is optional too? Edit: It works without AMF. Ihave all other mods. Regarding beating this mission solo - If I got this right, you have almost no ressources at the beginning. AFter establishing the base, I cannot build anything to start with and have to go for the first mission with some very little starting equipment. I mean, as for balancing reason and thos who play alone, wouldn't it better to have at least some ressources to get some equipment, and maybe also some AI teammates? Also I cannot even garage one vehicle with the starting rank, which would be very helpful otherwise. However, the first mission wasn't hard, and I could get some stuff from bodies. There are a few things that remain unclear to: - How to gather ressources/materials exactly? - Where can I see the intel I got from bodies? - Is there a way to communcate with civilians or other people (no interaction via ACE, no action via menu) ?
  6. Godis_1

    Kujari: PMC ops

    Question: Can this be played also solo with AI for some part?
  7. Godis_1

    Kujari: PMC ops

    At least for me this is exactly what I'm expecting ;)
  8. Godis_1

    [SP] Warping Plague

    I didn't notice that before, because I didn't play with ACE. But I think I'm going to drop ACE medical entirely, because even if I can use it without issues (set to player only), the scenario lacks medical items, such as bandages, morphine injectors, etc. Because no enemy (humans from the fittest gang for example) even has any first-aid-kit with them, which ACE would convert into the proper items required for this feature, I'm not able to treat my wounds anyway. So I'll start over with ACE SP versions (no medical and some other tweaks) EDIT: Ooooops! I just reloaded an older save an figured that my quadbike has several first-aid-kits onboard xD So simply disabled medical features for AI and everything works fine :)
  9. Godis_1

    [SP] Warping Plague

    THis is great! The test release runs so smooth and solid with all the mods loaded, including ACE! No "every 5 secs stop" anymore, and so far it seems to be well balanced. Good work! It's a great addition as well that we have now actual survivors in the houses. The scenario is growing into an overall great experience. Maybe after the main work has been done, some people could be found to do some voice acting, also maybe some little random chatter/dialogue with new survivors when found, and between them wlaking around the city. It would add some more nice atmosphere and immersion :) EDIT: Well, there was one issue I just had. I shot two creatures, while the first one was killed, the second one just layed on the ground, still alive, no matter how many bullets I shot into his head. It might be related to ACE, so I tried to change some settings and reload the mission. It didn't help. I guess ACE could cause too many conflicts then... Ok, AFter I've disabled the medical system in the CBA menu, I was able to kill him.
  10. Godis_1

    Kujari: PMC ops

    It seems that this is your giant project - and it's already looking so good! Keep it up and take your time. I'm excited to try out ;)
  11. Godis_1

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Thx for the new version! I'm wondering how this would feel on a more "post-apocalyptic" map, like Chernarus Redux or the Tarkov map that can be found on the workshop. Is the scenario heavily relying on Malden?
  12. Ok, maybe. But if super pilot was enabled, wouldn't it show that insturment HUD I was seeing when I enabled it? Another report: SInce I wasn't able to enter the heli myself, and it just didn't move away, I ordered one team mate into it. As soon as he entered, the heli flew up, started turning around like crazy and kept that, while getting all higher in the air. It looked like a frisbee xD It's definately something related to AIO menu.
  13. Ok, this time everythign went fine. I got all mates out of the helicopter without problems. I gave them order via AIO menu and waited until the last one got out - worked. The only thing I noticed this time, is that the heli didn't fly away after all men left it. Usually it immediately flys away. I suspect that AIO somehow interferes with scripted behaviors, like the helicopter transport, even though super pilot is initially disabled (via CBA settings) and never enabled. The problem here is that OPEX doesn't reinit the support, so it will never be available again, because the helicopter just stays on the ground and keeps the rotor running. It's also closed after all units get out, so I cannot enter it again.
  14. Yeah, it only hovered above the LZ - until I diabled super pilot, then he immediately landed. I'm playing OPEX Kujari, SP. It's just a AI transport helicopter with scripted behavior (via support menu), that's why I'm not using super pilot on it. As I said, I've tested it out of curiosity, but it didn't land then. The first time I ordered them into the heli via AIO menu, and this worked fine - until I tried to order them out. Then I had to reload and do it again. THis time I ordered them into the heli via vanilla command (ALL - point on heli and press SPACE). AFter the first one entered, the heli started getting crazy and exploded. I tried it another time with the same result (but this time it didn't explode, but fell over to the side and started to burn, lol). The third time I ordered them into it via AIO menu again - and that worked fine! Well, now when I write this, I got an idea! I'm pretty sure that I ordered them to disembark using the vanilla command on the first try. Maybe that caused them to stuck in the vehicle? Idk. But I'm going to try it another time and only use AIO commands this time. I know that the heli flying up happens often on vanilla too. Specially when AI teammates are still inside. And yres, super pilot was disabled.
  15. I just encountered a weird glitch. I was in a helicopter with all my teammates (AI). When arrived I jumped out and ordered them to disembark (via AIO menu). They left their seats, but still stayed in the heli, but that one suddenly flew up and landed again. Now all AI mates are stuck in the helicopter and refuse to get out, no matter what I do. I had to reload to fix it.. Oh, and super pilot was disabled (I've disabled it because the heli didn't land and just hovered above the LZ). Edit: It also seems that everytime I try to order them to enter the heli using the vanilla command, something weird happens. Like the helicopter suddenly falls to the side and throws all AI men out, then explodes or whatever.