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  1. Godis_1

    A-10C for Arma 3

    The TGP display always stops workig after a while. Not sure why. The vanilla tgp view works, but I cannot see anything on the right MFD in TGP mode. Only shows black (indicators still visible, but no targets, no terrain, nothing. No matter if it's FLIR, etc.). One thing I've noticed: It seems to be affected by other mods or certainn actions. For example I can reproduce it by several things. One is to enable Zeus and then leave it - TGP screen goes black (with indicators still shown). The same happens when I use ITC TGP view. Probably other things affect it too.
  2. I'm pretty sure that this is a side effect of Enhanced Movement. Are you using the newer fixed version "Enhanced Movement Rework? But I would suggest to use "Advanced Vault System Remastered" anyways, since it uses a more stable approach that doens't cause such side effects. EM/EMR creates hidden walkable surfaces to archive its effect, which can lead to several issues depending on other mods and the scenario/map being played. The Advanced vault mod doens't do that but offers the same features, plus sliding when pressing crouch while sprinting, which is pretty cool. I also play Hunter Six and never had this bug. You might be able to fix it by using commands in the debug console - if available. It can be enabled by using cheat menu mod (which should work on existing saves too). Alterately you can fix and unstuck AI teammates by using AIO Command Menu. I'm not sure though if this works on an existing save. And I can highly recommend HelpMe Mod. This comes with a ton of options to fix and improve your experience. Especially when you're not experienced with SQF scripting.
  3. Godis_1

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-4 Recon

    Since you're posting this on several missions - many of them are now several years old and the authors may have vanished - I thought I'd tell ya about "Steam Workshop Downloader". That's a website that allows you to download content from the workshop by putting a link to the related workshop page into its search field. After download you may have to convert the file into the Arma 3 mission file format. Just google that. You'll find it.
  4. Great update to this masterpiece! I didn't even notice that the save system didn't work properly before... in SP if you get KIA, are you supposed to restart the entire mission now? No revive? If so, and the vanilla medical system is being used in SP, I guess it can be circumvented by using PIR or such mods.
  5. Godis_1

    Spyder Addons

    I didn't work with it for a longer time.. But don't you have to define factions classes inside the modules config? The module needs to know what faction's units/vehicles should be provided for the players.
  6. Is the CAS transport player addaction broken? It doesn't appear anymore when entering a CAS transport heli. I can't seem to find any changes to this. Looking at the modules config doesn't reveal any info. EDIT: It was because of HelpMe Mod! When that mod is loaded, it conflicts with ALiVE, remving the "Talk to pilot" action and probably causing other issues, even if the mod is disabled via designated hotkey.
  7. Ok, that's really odd then. Because I'v played these missions very often with the same mods, and without this issue. It first originated when I added AIO CM. In fact I've noticed it first with Hunter Six mission, which I've started playing with the same old mod preset where I only added AIO CM then. But maybe my observation is wrong. I think it always happens when combat mode triggers. But it might be caused by something else though. And it also happens in Ghost Recon Altis Wildlands, which uses the very same AI management scripts, like Hunter Six. So this AI management UI might be somehow incompatible with AIO CM. At least this is the only thing that makes sense now. Oh and btw, I don't use any AI mods like Lambs_Danger with these missions. But in other missions I do use them, also together with AIO CM - without any trouble. Thank you for investigating.
  8. It's absolutely possible that I've used one or several of those commands. As of more details, I can only tell you that these units always were added back to my group as soon as I got into firefight (means, when my units enters combat mode). But I suppose you're right on your guess. That's pretty much what happened. I'm also using C2 btw. And because of this I actually never use the 'fire on my shot' function from AIO CM, but instead I use the one from C2. Also I always try to avoid giving similar orders by both mods. But just for testing I'm going to use now only AIO CM for all orders and C2 only for 3D HUD position commands. EDIT: WAIT! I've done some more tests. What I did was to immediately take 4 members into my group right after mission start (new start from beginning). Then I dismissed them and took some other members into the group. And when I entered the AO with them and combat started, the exact same thing happened again. And this time I can say for sure that I did not apply any commands on them before dismissing.
  9. I found an weird issue with Hunter Six mission. AIO Command Menu somehow messes with the team management. The mission includes an scripted UI to join/dismiss team members. So if you take some members with you and later dismiss them at the base and take some others with you instead, the dismissed members will be re-added to your squad as soon as you get into a fight. It's pretty annoying since you can only add or dismiss members at the base, and those who get re-added by AIO CM are actually standing at the base while you have enemy contact somewhere far away.
  10. I already started a new game without all mods that require CBA. The issue is gone 🙂 About the Quicksave-mod, I'll do that on my next playthrough. Thank you for the help!
  11. Yes! Does it mess up the UI? Is there a workaround? Edit: I've read some older changelog from CBA which is saying "updated configs for Old man (1.98)". Edit2: Ok, I think they didn't mean Old Man but the version that came with it. The changelog was actually saying "1.98 (Old man)". Too bad. I couldn't find any report about this. So Old Man won't work properly with CBA (and any mod that requires it), unless you always quit and reload the mission when you get killed?
  12. Is there any known workaround for the map menu issue where the info button stops working after reloading save? When I quit the mission and then load it up again it works again. But as soon as I die and reload a save from within the scenario the info button doesn't work anymore, and all other buttons below show wrong menus. It's like all buttons would have move one "step" to the right. Is there a knwon mod conflict causing that? Or is it just a known bug? I'm only using a few mods that - actually - should not interfere with the map or the UI at all.
  13. I'm waiting 🙂
  14. I want to report a gamebreaking issue: When starting the mssion "Hostage Down" from the Knights's camp, the mission quits with this error: No entry 'IP_CMP_MERCS\description.ext/Campaign/Missions/Hub02.m01c'. So it cannot even be bypassed via console commands. I don't know if it would work when starting the mission earlier from the ION base.. Somehow it cannot find the related mission description. Also the briefing with McMillion this time was no actual briefing. It just skipped directly to the insertion options. Btw, I already had a garage and chose insertion by car, if it helps.