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    What type of gun would you like to see in game?

    Will there be attachments in full game? or is it all just gonna be just stock guns?
  2. So i have a keyboard plugged in to my Xbox so i can type faster for messages and searching things, I've noticed in game that you can walk (with keyboard) and interact with the workbench and also pull out your gun and reload it, I've also tried plugging a mouse in and it doesn't work but maybe in the future this could be a thing. I can see it adding a little better edge to gun play since you will be able to be more accurate than a controller but it would be cool to see if they do decide on expanding on it! Thoughts?
  3. Im Curious if there is a voice chat or will be some sort of voice chat in the final game or preview since its a pretty quiet game i think adding a voice chat will be pretty cool since you be able to communicate with the person attacking you or you're attacking. Thoughts?
  4. I hope it comes out soon after the beta ends too! , but unless they have been working on the glitches and bugs that have been found i don't think the founder pack should be priced that much since its in very early state of the game. Hopefully it comes out soon cant wait!
  5. ayd0

    Talk about getting double teamed

    Yeah Im hoping they really get that duo mode added and they make separate playlists for solo players and team players so its equal, I've personally ran into 4 man squads so its crazy fight off them, but i understand since people do want to play there friends since its alot easier but not really fair for everyone else :3