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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there, I'm trying to set up a script that will both change the state of a task and also display a separate hint for the players. If it's possible to have an addAction activate two functions I'm unable to figure out the syntax. Here's what I'm working with so far; this addAction ["Try Elevator Controls",{["EscapeCargo", "FAILED", True] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState}]; This function seems to work just fine with the task modules I've already set down with 3den editor. However I also want the same addAction to activate this; [hint "The Elevator Controls don't seemn to have any power"] I'm still working to try to wrap my ADHD brain around the code syntax for all of this but would greatly appreciate anyone's help on this. Edit: got the syntax sorted out now and definitely going to be reading up more on SQF syntax now as this seems like an incredibly newb question. ended up going with this; this addAction[ "Try Elevator Controls", { [ "EscapeCargo", "FAILED", true ] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; hint "The Elevator Controls don't seemn to have any power"; sleep 15; hintSilent ""; }]; Many thanks!
  2. Hi there, I'm a relative newbie to SQF scripting. I also have ADHD which presents other challenges when I'm trying to code things. I learn best by looking at examples of working scripts to learn how they function. A friend of mine gave me this script to use for a simple teleport addAction. I genuinely don't know what anything after the "teleportVariableName" bracket does, but it doesn't seem to work without it. this addAction [ "Teleport", { [player setPosAtl (getPosAtl teleportVariableName)]; }, nil, 5, true, true, "", "true", 5, false, "", "" ]; I've used it quite a bit to great effect, however on the current campaign I'm running it doesn't exactly work how I need. Normally we'll put down a flag pole or something simple for the re-insert point for players to teleport too so they can get back in the action. However with our current campaign my players are taking a vehicle around with them from our base so I figured it might be cool for them to just use that as the re-insert point instead of a flag pole or something else that I would need to move around manually. However upon testing I realized that it teleported them directly into the middle of the vehicle, and not like into a seat or anything. It simply puts them on the ground in the middle of the vehicle so that they're clipping through. I'm looking for something that would allow me to use the vehicle's position but like 5-10 meters behind it or something that would actually put them in a seat in the vehicle or anything like that. I was looking into using the regular SetPos function as it looks like you can modify it to fit this kind of purpose but I'm having trouble figuring out how to make that work. Any tips or advice are welcome as I'm trying to learn more about scripting to improve my missions. Thanks in advanced!
  3. Korskyi

    arma3 editor

    Greetings Arma players! I hope you are doing well. Recently I bought Arma3 and spent quite an amount of time in this game, needless to say, I have enjoyed it so far. Then I decided to try something new - create my own mission (Like a single operation nothing big). Now I am learning what this magnificent thing called "Eden editor" is, many things are understandable but here comes the more complicated part - scripting. The idea of what I have in mind is next: there is a task to clear the city out of enemy units after it's completed the marker on the map should change to another type and the player will receive a task to defend a position and after that comes an enemy attack of a few prepared npc's. I know it's not the best idea for a newbie to start with something complicated, but I'm really fired up for this. So I was wondering if you, honored arma veterans, could give me some advice or tips on where to start or which direction I should take. Thank you in advance!
  4. i wanted to add a new drone with a modded turret heres what i had done so far it adds the drone but it dont have the turret i wanted to add, can someone correct my config pls..
  5. I have some experience in writing code, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to write a small add on that is 1) always present, not a modified SQF(I do know how to sign a PBO) 2) Access events or other Arma scopes, I want to control the execution of my code. Does someone have a config.cpp with necessary headers for creating an add on. I just want to save flight data out of the game. I have seen the members/types of the Arma Class on BIS's web page, but have no clue on how to structure it. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello I am not an Arma 3 scripter and i'm not good at script writing. I just wanted to ask if i could modify the map "Overthrow" so we get a radio (For Task Force Radio) and an earplug (For JSRS) so we don't need to search for them when we die and respawn. Help would be much appriciated!
  7. While I am no beginner at programming in general, I am relatively new to SQF scripting for Arma 3. After 1000 hours I decided to finally toy around with the scripting side of things and I've already completely broken my first script. I apologize for any mistakes I may have made in advance, I am really new to this and I need some help solving this problem. At the moment the script is executing, however, it is not displaying the kills in the chat as it should be. I am realizing more and more that the YouTube video I learned this from is very inaccurate and riddled with errors. ----------initClient.sqf---------- // Executes all client scripts remotely and globally (with restrictions to client only if set in the script itself). [] remoteExec ["killFeedClient", 0]; ----------initServer.sqf---------- // Executes all client scripts remotely and server-sided. [] remoteExec ["killFeedServer", 2]; ----------killFeedClient.sqf---------- // Creates "killFeedClient" function to be executed in "initClient.sqf." killFeedClient = { { // Adding an event handler for the "Killed" action to every unit. _x addEventHandler ["Killed", { // Initializes all of the variables used in the formatting of the kill-feed statement. _unit = (_this select 0); _killedBy = (_this select 1); // Organizing and grouping all of the variables into a single array. deathInfo = [_unitName, _killedBy]; // Creating the "killFeedUpdate" public variable event handler. publicVariableServer "killFeedUpdate"; }]; } forEach allUnits; }; ----------killFeedServer.sqf---------- // Creates "killFeedServer" function to be executed in "initServer.sqf." killFeedServer = { // Only runs this script if the machine executing it is the server. if (isServer) then { // Listens for updates from the "killFeedUpdate" public variable event handler. "killFeedUpdate" addPublicVariableEventHandler { // Initalizes "_deathInfo" private array and sets it's value from the previously mentioned event handler. private "_deathInfo"; _deathInfo = (_this select 1); // If you are confused by why we used 1 and not 0 refer to "addPublicVariableEventHandler" documentation on the wiki. // Extracts each variable from the "_deathInfo" private array. _unit = (_deathInfo select 0); _killedBy = (_deathInfo select 1); // Grabs some more data by passing the previously mentioned variables through a variety of functions. _unitName = name _unit; _killedByName = name _killedBy; _distance = _unit distance _killedBy; // Formats the kill-feed statement to be displayed in the game chat. _killFeedStatement = format ["%1 was killed by %2. (%3m)", _unitName, _killedByName, _distance]; // Displays the kill-feed statement in the game chat as if it were being called in by the killer. _killedBy globalChat _killFeedStatement; }; }; };
  8. Hi, I have close to 800 hours in ARMA myself but here's the situation: We're having a little LAN at work and to my surprise ARMA3 is getting some votes in the game selection (#2 just after Overwatch). This raises the challenge how to run ARMA as a one-shot thing with people who likely are completely new to the game. The Bootcamp can be great in introducing the very basics but we're talking of quite busy people who might not have the time to go through anything like that on their own. They are more or less gamers and generally bright people so they might pick up things quick on the go - most of them I don't know that well however to assess their exact capability. Everybody being in the same room and focusing on the game can help too. Was thinking of writing a little info blurb with just a few pointers how this game is different from your regular shooter and pointing them to the Bootcamp so some at least can pick up things beforehand and educate the others. Also making it co-op removes much of the skill gap and can provide for a nice change of pace in the LAN. Keeping it simple is a must, then again multicrew vehicles is something where ARMA shines and just driving and fooling around in a ground vehicle is quite easy and fun to do. I would think Zeus mode, or can I find fun missions that are easy to set up and easy to play for total newbies? Zeus would provide the advantage of adapting on the fly and setting both the content+challenge level to group specifications. I do have experience with the editor but I'm new to Zeus myself, I've been glancing at it and thinking it's a great tool - I used to play it while I was new - but the time to prepare is very short now. We could make it a simple scenario in semi-open terrain + towns, most probably Altis as that's the map most familiar to me and it's commonly played, also very different locations available. Assuming 7-8 players I'd break it into 3 fire teams: motorized recon (1-3 experienced players), an armored component (eg. tigris, MBT, APC with 2 or 3 people), motorized rifle squad (everybody else, mostly newbies). There's probably around 2-3 hours we can spend on the whole experience. Running Zerty's Mod with the right settings could be an idea, as I'm familiar with the mode and it exposes much of the game. We'd be taking over one town after the other and building our force. The enemies mostly would be stupid bots with some vehicle support (they would have APC etc). This way everyone would get to play and there would be a challenge to rise to, the experienced players would pull more of the game though. The challenge wouldn't really scale up but it's a short exercise anyway and in just a couple of hours we could get to running around with various ground vehicles or even commanding bots (it gets tricky in this territory though). Zerty's has a couple of its own mechanisms like factories with build queues, town mechanics, economy and bases so some people involved could get bogged down by those (IMO you could mostly just ignore them and tail the rest of the group). In terms of training, I think we need to cover: The basics of handling the game (gear selection, context menu, what to expect) How to operate with infantry (using cover, stances, locating enemies or rather the difficulty of it) How to hit things with firearms (eg. holding shift, selecting your engagement range, weapon types, bullet drop/zeroing, short bursts) Any special roles people want to try out (sniper weapons, ATGM, vehicle gunners) I will need to have another look at the WarMachine mode as that might provide just what we need, but in a more simple format. Any other ideas, concerns or suggestions?
  9. GingerShark13

    Just wanted to introduce myself

    Hello all, Just wanted to say hello. If you ever wanna hangout come checkout my streams. I stream on mixer most of the time. www.mixer.com/gingershark13 If you have any game related questions please feel free to ask and i will try and help. Thanks Outlanders...
  10. Hi chaps! I am a student pilot from central Virginia, and I've been looking for a good open-world game to play this Summer. I usually like to play with some friends and my cousin who's currently in the Navy. We want a mashup between a flight sim and an open world combat game, and Arma seems to fit the bill. A game is the best way for us to spend time time together when we're far away. I keep seeing videos on YouTube on ARMA 3, and this looks like an awesome game! I'm thinking about buying while the sale is on. Downloading the free trial now... A bit about me. I am not an "arcade" or "shoot-em-up" kind of player, I prefer realistic and rewarding games, like this game seems to be. I currently play WarThunder tank realistic battles. I also play multiple titles from the hardcore IL-2 flight sim series, so I'm not new difficult (or buggy) games. I just have a few questions to help me decide whether or not to buy ARMA. Feel free to answer all or just one. 1. Is this a relatively straightforward game, as in, does it have a fairly quick learning curve so we can be up and playing within hours, or will it take years to before we have to skill level to last more than 30 seconds without dying? 2. My gaming time is very limited. Is Arma something I can just pop into for an hour or two, or do I always need to be with a group and perform long operations for the game to be rewarding? 3. The helos and planes are the most interesting to me. Are the flight models realistic, as in joystick controls, some form of damage model, stalls, flight maneuvers aren't on 'rails', etc.? What are the differences in the flight model between having and not having the Jets and Helicopters DLCs? 4. It looks like the vehicle DLC packs each come with a few new vehicles. But can you still drive the vehicles that come with the main game without these DLCs? 5. Are there frequent glitches and issues that make would make this a high maintenance game for us, or does it typically run smoothly for players? We all have gaming machines with SSDs, I have i-5 6600K CPU and a newer GTX 1060 6GB DDR5 GPU. 6. Can I make my own server in Arma, and if so, is it relatively easy? I'd appreciate your input and or recommendations! Thanks in advance, CaptainDawson
  11. I currently have a virtualization server I run for personal use and have been asked by son if i can run an ARMA 3 server for him. I honestly have more resources than i could ever use with this monster so i told him i will check. I am looking for documentation on best practices or existing configurations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My specs are as follows and am will to do upgrades if necessary. XEON E5-2690 x2 128GB ram LSI 9271-8i raid controller LSI 9211 controller 8tb raid 10 HDD 400gb raid 10 SSD four 3tb nas drives available for any raid config various other drives to accomadate drive configs short of a DC 4 available nics (Have 6 total on machine but two are dedicated) I am running VM's in hyper-v on Win10 and max usage on the host at any time is around 3 to 4% with normal usage a 1%. I am sure i can do something for him and would appreciate any help
  12. Hey guys, I want to create a Battle Royale Style PvP Mission for me and my friends. I want the mission to end when there is only one player left. If possible it should show the mission completed screen. My problem is that i have no idea how to script it. Ive tried googling but i couldnt find anything usefull. I hope you can help me. Vecto1511
  13. Hello, I would like one of the players to carry a backpack, that when placed down acts as a respawn point for the rest of the team. But only when placed down, so people cant respawn while the backpack is on the move. How would I go on about doing that? Have scripts like that been made already? Which commands should I start researching? I know a bit of C++ , but I am completely new to Arma 3 scripting.
  14. I am kind of new to this with using codes and scripts, I have a insignia modpack i want to use on my arsenal online and i found a post that said that this code/script works addAction ["<t color='#ffa500'>Open Virtual Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal}]; and I have tried putting it in the debugger thingy on the Pause menu but and execute it but it doesnt work or i dont know how to make it work! :( Please help here is the link where i found the code / script please help! :(
  15. Hey there! I've begun learning SQF scripting around a week ago, so still quite the newbie. I've been reading through the Fockers tutorial series (which I have yet to finish), and decided to try and get some practical experience making something, since that's the best way I learn code. My friend, who makes missions and does zeus stuff, suggested I make a patrol script. I liked the idea, and went along with trying to make a patrol script callable by execVM, accepting the calling unit and an array of Markers as parameters. The script works by sending the entire group to those markers assuming the group still exists and there's at least one unit alive in it. If the marker they are about to head to does not exist, the marker is deleted from the array and the loop starts from the beginning until a valid marker exists. Irrelevant at this point as I can't test to make sure that actually works, since I can't seem to get an object param passed to the file. It looks like it only accepts arrays, which I am having trouble understanding. So I need to solve this one of two ways: I need to find a way to pass an object as a parameter and keep it intact when it reaches the function. Or, I need to find a way to take the array sent as the unit, and turn it back in to the object, which I don't know how to do. This script is meant to be multiplayer friendly (despite me not having the slightest clue of how to code it for multiplayer) so please keep that in mind with the solution. My goal is not to just come to a solution to fix my issue, but to understand why it works, since I'm trying to learn SQF and understanding what the code is doing and why will help me advance in that goal. I appreciate the help and can try to give as much information as I can when asked. This is in the team leader's init box: patrolArray = [patrolMarker1, patrolMarker2, patrolMarker3]; PatrolScriptHandle = [this, patrolArray] execVM "Patrol.sqf"; This is the Patrol.sqf: // Patrol.sqf // Parameters: // 0: (Object) Unit // 1: (Array) Markers params ["_unitObject", "_markerArray"]; debugPatrolRunning = True; // Use this only for debug purposes to see if the script is still running. _unitMarkerPatrolArray = _this select 1; _patrolArrayCount = (count _unitMarkerPatrolArray) - 1; _unitGroup = group _this select 0; _shouldRun = True; while (_shouldRun) do { scopeName "patrolCheck"; sleep 0.1; for "_i" from 0 to _patrolArrayCount do { _unitsAlive = {alive _x} count units _unitGroup; _curMarkerSelection = _unitMarkerPatrolArray select _i; if ( isNull _curMarkerSelection ) then { _tempA = [_curMarkerSelection]; _unitMarkerPatrolArray = _unitMarkerPatrolArray - _tempA; _tempA = nil; breakTo "patrolCheck"; }; if ( _unitsAlive >= 1 && {!isNull _unitGroup} ) then { // I don't think I can use the Marker object itself in getMarkerPos, so let's convert it to string first. _curMarker = format ["%1", _curMarkerSelection]; _unitGroup move getMarkerPos _curMarker; sleep random [3, 5, 10]; } else { _shouldRun = False; debugPatrolRunning = False; breakOut "patrolCheck"; }; }; };