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  1. I currently have a virtualization server I run for personal use and have been asked by son if i can run an ARMA 3 server for him. I honestly have more resources than i could ever use with this monster so i told him i will check. I am looking for documentation on best practices or existing configurations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My specs are as follows and am will to do upgrades if necessary. XEON E5-2690 x2 128GB ram LSI 9271-8i raid controller LSI 9211 controller 8tb raid 10 HDD 400gb raid 10 SSD four 3tb nas drives available for any raid config various other drives to accomadate drive configs short of a DC 4 available nics (Have 6 total on machine but two are dedicated) I am running VM's in hyper-v on Win10 and max usage on the host at any time is around 3 to 4% with normal usage a 1%. I am sure i can do something for him and would appreciate any help