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    Thanks to both of you. I'll make sure to study hard!
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    Greetings Arma players! I hope you are doing well. Recently I bought Arma3 and spent quite an amount of time in this game, needless to say, I have enjoyed it so far. Then I decided to try something new - create my own mission (Like a single operation nothing big). Now I am learning what this magnificent thing called "Eden editor" is, many things are understandable but here comes the more complicated part - scripting. The idea of what I have in mind is next: there is a task to clear the city out of enemy units after it's completed the marker on the map should change to another type and the player will receive a task to defend a position and after that comes an enemy attack of a few prepared npc's. I know it's not the best idea for a newbie to start with something complicated, but I'm really fired up for this. So I was wondering if you, honored arma veterans, could give me some advice or tips on where to start or which direction I should take. Thank you in advance!