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Found 12 results

  1. I configured v. dedicated server without setting the internet address ( gameHostRegisterBindAddress="", 😞 In this way I can see the server in the steam server list, and I can connect from home from another PC from the Server's LAN, double clicking on the server name in the server list and then also, trying the "direct access" option, digiting the exact LAN IP address of the server. In this configuration the PING is 9999 and more than this, friends can't connect to it due to the PRIVATE IP address. When I set the gameHostRegisterBindAddress="my wan address", then I can see the PING value, but the SERVER is not more accessible from home through the server list (getting a connection error) and neither through the "direct access". At this time is pretty impossible for me sharing the server and at the same time playing on it from my home. This situation is very unconfortable and I'm sure that something is wrong. This is the tested config.json file that lets connecting from the LAN but it don't share the WAN IP, so nobody can connect to it. It is the standard config.json with very few modifications: { "dedicatedServerId": "xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx", "region": "EU", "gameHostBindAddress": "", "gameHostBindPort": 2001, "gameHostRegisterBindAddress": "", "gameHostRegisterPort": 2001, "adminPassword": "**********", "game": { "name": "[ITA] Conflitto nell'isola di Arland - FabLab UDINE GameServer", "password": "", "scenarioId": "{C41618FD18E9D714}Missions/23_Campaign_Arland.conf", "playerCountLimit": 32, "autoJoinable": false, "visible": true, "supportedGameClientTypes": [ "PLATFORM_PC", "PLATFORM_XBL" ], "gameProperties": { "serverMaxViewDistance": 2500, "serverMinGrassDistance": 50, "networkViewDistance": 1000, "disableThirdPerson": false, "fastValidation": true, "battlEye": true, "VONDisableUI": true, "VONDisableDirectSpeechUI": true, "missionHeader": { "m_iPlayerCount": 40, "m_eEditableGameFlags": 6, "m_eDefaultGameFlags": 6, "other": "values" } }, "mods": [] }, "a2sQueryEnabled": true, "steamQueryPort": 17777 } and this is the bat file to start the server, it's very minimal: ArmaReforgerServer.exe -config ".\configs\Conflitto_Arland.json" -maxFPS 30 -language it_it -disableShadersBuild I think that there is the need of an option to let accept connections as from LAN and as from WAN at the same time. This should be already possible because "gameHostBindAddress": "", option means that the server accepts connections from everywhere, but it doesn't work; I already tried adding "-a2sIpAddress" or "-bindIP" options in the starting bat file, to overide the json configuration file with the same results. Please does anyone know any tip to solve this problem? May be that it is just a Bohemia job and I need to wait for new versions? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Hello, A friend and i recently started playing Arma again after a few years and im amazed by the new 3den Editor, i only knew the old one and never bothered to learn it properly. Now i wanted to create a custom coop scenario on a modded map with some mods also. Those mods are: 3den Enhanced AGC - Advanced Garbage Collector Automatic ViewDistance Better Convoy (NOT USED in Scenario) BWMod (Mainly Used for Blufor units) CBA_A3 CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - CWA CUP Terrains - Maps (Chernarus2020 used in Scenario) CUP Terrains - Maps 2.0 CUP Units (Mainly Used for Opfor units) CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons Enhanced Movement Enhanced Movement Rework JSRS SOUNDMOD JSRS SOUNDMOD - CUP VEHICLES MOD SOUND SUPPORT JSRS SOUNDMOD - CUP WEAPONS MOD SOUND SUPPORT Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 Switch weapons while moving When it comes to the way my friend connects to me (im hosting), we use Hamachi, because for whatever reason (tried everything in the book for UPnP and Port Forwarding - didnt work) i cant use anything else. Besides some hicups we managed to get over by making firewall exceptions etc. it worked perfectly for Vanilla Maps and Scenarios. Also when i first started building my Mission with the first few Tasks and Triggers i showed it to my friend and he could join no problem. Now i finally finished my mission and wanted to try it with my friend, but he can't join. What happens is, that i host the game through Lan and on the create mission screen i select Chernarus 2020 and my Mission. When my friend joins i get the message that he connected, but he is stuck on the Stratis loading screen and can't get to the Unit Select screen. On my side he is shown grey and only after some time his ping changes from 0 to usually like 25. If i assign him myself to a unit (only two available) and start the mission he still doesnt change from the stratis screen until i actually start the Mission by pressing continue on the briefing screen and ignoring the message that not all players are ready. Once i load into the game my friend usually gets either a message that the Mission Data is being downloaded (which sometimes works and sometimes gets stuck or shows 0kbs out of 0kbs) and after downloading is stuck on "Receiving Data". If i look at his character ingame it shows his username behind the units role e.g. Rifleman (Friend). Now we tried him getting the mission files from me directly and placing them into his mpmissions folder (including one very basic script i wrote), but no luck. Curiously when closing the hosted game and restarting it my friend can join vanilla games with missions (even little custom ones) no problem, also i build a little test mission on the same map (Chernarus2020) with just a few triggers, commands and tasks as a test and this one he can also join no problem. We don't understand what is wrong. I'll include his and mine .rpt file and also the Mission + script if anyone wants to have a look at the Scenario im trying to build. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YPRdyf97Imw03thshXZlsW5_grB2IMCR?usp=drive_link in this drive you have the Mission and both .rpt files. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. A few things we still haven't tried out is resetting both our routers, reinstalling the game + mods and maybe building the Mission from scratch step by step and testing when my friend can't join. Thank you.
  3. Hello, A friend of mine and I have been trying to play together via Hamachi. He plays on Mac, I play on Windows which means we have to reverse to a beta branch (1.82). The problem, however is that he we get stuck in an infinte loading screen whilst trying to connect. Whoever is hosting gets the message "friend is connecting", but thats it. It just doesnt go on, there is only the loading screen of the island without the usual loading bar. Whats really weird is that both of us can connect to another friend, who plays on windows and also hosts via hamachi. We have tried basically everything google had to offer on the subject, from creating a new hamachi network, to port forwarding, tweaking the hamachi properties, creating a server via nitrado and using other vpn services, but nothing worked so far. Help would be very much appreciated. Even if you only play on windows: if you had any similar experiences with being stuck in a loading screen, pls answer cause I am really out of ideas at this point and could need some advice 🙂
  4. So i will make a new post as it is a completely different issue from before, but only people on my LAN network are able to join my server. If they try with direct connect then it just backs them to the direct connect screen again. I don't even know where abouts to even sort this issue out
  5. Hi, I have close to 800 hours in ARMA myself but here's the situation: We're having a little LAN at work and to my surprise ARMA3 is getting some votes in the game selection (#2 just after Overwatch). This raises the challenge how to run ARMA as a one-shot thing with people who likely are completely new to the game. The Bootcamp can be great in introducing the very basics but we're talking of quite busy people who might not have the time to go through anything like that on their own. They are more or less gamers and generally bright people so they might pick up things quick on the go - most of them I don't know that well however to assess their exact capability. Everybody being in the same room and focusing on the game can help too. Was thinking of writing a little info blurb with just a few pointers how this game is different from your regular shooter and pointing them to the Bootcamp so some at least can pick up things beforehand and educate the others. Also making it co-op removes much of the skill gap and can provide for a nice change of pace in the LAN. Keeping it simple is a must, then again multicrew vehicles is something where ARMA shines and just driving and fooling around in a ground vehicle is quite easy and fun to do. I would think Zeus mode, or can I find fun missions that are easy to set up and easy to play for total newbies? Zeus would provide the advantage of adapting on the fly and setting both the content+challenge level to group specifications. I do have experience with the editor but I'm new to Zeus myself, I've been glancing at it and thinking it's a great tool - I used to play it while I was new - but the time to prepare is very short now. We could make it a simple scenario in semi-open terrain + towns, most probably Altis as that's the map most familiar to me and it's commonly played, also very different locations available. Assuming 7-8 players I'd break it into 3 fire teams: motorized recon (1-3 experienced players), an armored component (eg. tigris, MBT, APC with 2 or 3 people), motorized rifle squad (everybody else, mostly newbies). There's probably around 2-3 hours we can spend on the whole experience. Running Zerty's Mod with the right settings could be an idea, as I'm familiar with the mode and it exposes much of the game. We'd be taking over one town after the other and building our force. The enemies mostly would be stupid bots with some vehicle support (they would have APC etc). This way everyone would get to play and there would be a challenge to rise to, the experienced players would pull more of the game though. The challenge wouldn't really scale up but it's a short exercise anyway and in just a couple of hours we could get to running around with various ground vehicles or even commanding bots (it gets tricky in this territory though). Zerty's has a couple of its own mechanisms like factories with build queues, town mechanics, economy and bases so some people involved could get bogged down by those (IMO you could mostly just ignore them and tail the rest of the group). In terms of training, I think we need to cover: The basics of handling the game (gear selection, context menu, what to expect) How to operate with infantry (using cover, stances, locating enemies or rather the difficulty of it) How to hit things with firearms (eg. holding shift, selecting your engagement range, weapon types, bullet drop/zeroing, short bursts) Any special roles people want to try out (sniper weapons, ATGM, vehicle gunners) I will need to have another look at the WarMachine mode as that might provide just what we need, but in a more simple format. Any other ideas, concerns or suggestions?
  6. Good evening everyone ! I've got a few problems with my mission. I need to make a mission that is playable in local with 8 players in total. I've put my two playable teams of 4 player each (with respawn points specific for each team and respawn points synchronised to each member of the groups) and put objects (building and vehicles) and triggers (with timers) in order to make my mission. I've got Eden Enchanced installed and I've put scripts (description.ext, init.sqf, initServer.sqf, loadout.cpp and onPlayerRespawn.sqf). Here are my problems: -When people are joining and the host launches the mission, even though the host can play the mission, players joining them are stuck to the mission loading screen (put they can still hear the ambient sounds of the mission). I later found out that if I remove the possibilty for people to revive their squadmates, this problem doesn't exist anymore (although it's annoying that i have to do that for making my mission work). But this leads to the second problem... -When people who joined are in the lobby when the mission starts, they will spawn as seagulls. If they join the server during the mission, they will spawn as normal soldiers. There, sorry everyone to have disturbed you and I hope that you can help me solve this problem asap. If you need other infos, you can ask me. Have a good night !
  7. Not sure why this wasn't obvious, but I was able to successfully finally get a server using TADST. All I had to do was... set up a mission cycle! Not sure why that would matter, but there it is. My guess is that if I had set "-world=empty" as part of the launch line, any of the three setups would have worked fine from the beginning. Newb mistake. I assumed that was taken care of by the built-in tools that I was using. Next step is to try the Linux VM option again to see if I'm right. Even if I'm not, at least I have a working configuration to test. Note to all server admin newbies: Make sure that you set that parameter in the launch line if you want people to vote for missions when the server first starts. Hi all, I'm hoping I can get some help figuring this out. I've been working on this issue off and on for several years without much success. If you're not interested in the back story explaining the context and are just interested in the technical details, jump down to ***. There are about a dozen of us who have been getting together for more than 20 years for LAN party weekends. Lots of beer and whiskey gets drunk, virtual enemies get blown away, and many rounds get expended on the range. All in all, it's always a great time. :) As we've gotten older, we have been focusing more and more on co-op games. It's at the point now that that's about all that we play. I'm the guy who puts together the game servers for these parties so I have a lot of experience doing so. My personal preference is for Linux servers for a number of reasons but I can set up and run a Windows gameserver. Over the years it's gotten harder to find games that allow for setting up dedicated servers for co-op games for more than four players. Frankly, it's gotten tougher to find games that even SUPPORT LAN games well and the ones that do are rarely the ones that support co-op. It's gotten frustrating to say the least. These days we're pretty much limited to games like Red Orchestra 2, Insurgency, and CS:GO when it comes to shooters. Red Orchestra 2 dedicated server is easy. Insurgency dedicated server is doable. CS:GO is easy to set up now that I FINALLY found a game launcher that works and works well. CS:GO gets boring after a while, though. The Arma series is fantastic for this for all the obvious reasons. I used to run a dedicated Arma and then Arma 2 server back in the day so I thought that a dedicated Arma 3 LAN server wouldn't be all that hard. Unfortunately, I have had no luck so far. **** So that's the background. Here is the set up that I'm trying to test: I am not running the beta code. Port forwarding is set up on my router for 2302-2306. Based on an old post that I found I also tried forwarding 8766. For the three server configurations below, I tried using a very simple server.cfg file. About the only variable was trying with loopback both on and off. In all configurations, I was able to successfully start the server. In all configurations, I faced the same problems: I could not see the server on the LAN tab of the in-game browser so I couldn't select it. I also tried but was unable to successfully connect using Direct Connect. At no point did I see any evidence of a connection attempt in the available logs. For testing purposes, I have a single Windows 10 Pro laptop with a 4 core i7 CPU and 16 GB of RAM. I'm using that to both play on and host the dedicated server. The Windows firewall is enabled. Arma 3 is enabled to allow inbound and outbound traffic for both private and Internet connections. Using Hyper-V, I configured a simple CentOS virtual machine (EPEL repository enabled so I could get all of the necessary ancillary library files) with one dedicated core and 4 GB of RAM. This gave me a standalone Linux server with its own IP address. (P.S. If you are unaware, Windows Firewall does NOT affect any Hyper-V VM.) From that configuration, I tried two different ways to set up and run a vanilla Arma 3 Linux server. The first avenue that I tried was the Linux Dedicated Game Server Manager. The second avenue that I tried was to follow the Arma 3 wiki instructions here. As I noted above, neither route worked so I started wondering if the Linux server had been abandoned. Maybe I was dealing with a version mismatch. For my final attempt I tried Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool to start up a Windows based server. I had once used it for Arma 2 with OK results. Going this route, I shut down Steam, used TADST to start the Arma server, restarted Steam, started Arma 3, then tried to connect. Same result as before. At this point I'm at a loss. I have three questions: What on Earth am I missing? What can I try to troubleshoot this? Is there some other approach that I can try with an expectation of success? Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. TIA
  8. Dearest Arma 3 community, I don’t know if this is the right place for it, I hope so and I'm sorry if not. A friend of mine and I had some major issues running Arma 3 with Hamachi to play some missions. Problem description: If we try to run Arma 3 over Hamachi, which worked just fine in the past, we can't join each other. He can see my server but if he's trying to connect to it, it just keeps connecting until he gets a time out or he disconnects immediately after he joined. Sometimes he’s able to connect but doesn’t have a menu. So, I manually assign him and start the game, my game starts completely normal but his game takes ages to load and if it's loaded he's suddenly in the water of Tanoa, no matter which map we are actually playing. This error occurs since a few weeks, the last time it actually worked was two weeks ago since then we couldn't get it running again. What we already did: • Checking for corrupted files in Arma 3 • Reinstalled Arma 3 • Reinstalled Hamachi • Both several times. • Deactivated our firewalls • Deactivated our Antivirus programs We also did this because we thought it might be Hamachi: http://help.logmein.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Resolving-Hamachi-Request-Timed-Out Resolving Hamachi "Request Timed Out" for Windows Firewall Also, we deleted every workshop mod we had except for the map we wanted to pay, which was a BCTI mission in Altis. Before the issue occurred, the mission worked fine. We also tried playing the standard apex protocol missions. However, the same Issue occurred. We also checked if it's a problem with the IPv4 but there's no problem. I just wanted to note: Everything works just fine when we were playing Arma 2. Our PC's His: Win 10 (1803) intel i5 8600k Nvida gtx 1070 8GB 16 GB DDR4 Ram Internet connection 150 Mbits/s Mine: Win 10 (1803) intel i7 7700 Nvidia gtx 1060 6GB 16 GB DDR4 Internet connection 400 Mbits/s We couldn't find anyone with the same problem, so we thought we ask right here at the source. If someone recommend to change the ports of my router - I won’t do that. Why? Because I think it should be possibly to play games in coop without changing gaming ports which works just fine for every other game. So, I hope you guys have a fix for this problem. Thanks for everyone helping us out on this problem
  9. Everytime I start the dedicated server with its server.cfg file and then open the game on the same computer I get this "Session Lost" message within a second of joining the server I did on my own computer. I have tried on different computers both launching game AND server on them, I've also tried to start the server on my own computer then have someone else join it and vice-versa SAME THING HAPPENS. I know it is an old game. It is not an answer to attest to such facts. Also is there an option to make a LAN server, something I can put on the server.cfg file? I am very pissed off this is happening. THINGS I'VE TRIED: REINSTALLING THE GAME AND ALL DLCS SEVERAL TIMES IN ORDER: arma 2, arma 2 oa, arma 2 baf, arma 2 pmc, arma 2 acr. server.cfg BattlEye = 0; verifySignatures = 0 through 2; equalModRequired = 0 and 1; loopback = true; this one was successful but only to connect to the dedicated server from the computer you're executing the dedicated server from. Which is pointless. Whether it is a BattlEye problem only or whatever, I have no clue. HELP
  10. My brother can't host a mission for our friends, but I can. Port forwarding is set up exactly the same for both of us. Eventually I figured out the problem. Even though he selects 'Internet' as the HOST mode, his session gets hosted via LAN. Can anyone tell me why this is happening or, even better, how to fix this? His PC is a lot better than mine, so it would be nice if he could host the missions. Thanks in advance! Epic_Tuna
  11. I've had this problem for as long as I've had this computer, but I have no idea what's causing it. I can not join games over LAN. I can see them in the server browser, but when I double click one to join it just stays on the map loading screen (doesn't matter which map). The game remains responsive but nothing happens. The host can see me join (and inevitably leave) but I never get anything playable. I can however host games on the same network and everyone can join me. Arma is the only game that has this issue for me on this network with this PC. Other games (Company of heroes, RA3... Minecraft to name a few) work perfectly fine in either direction. I just use the default windows firewall with the proper exceptions enabled. All computers use up to date Win 10 x64 installations. All computers on the network are on a wired connection with wifi adapters disabled. I'm honestly clueless! Any help is appreciated.
  12. theweresloth

    ARMA LAN w/ Casual friends

    I'm in the awkward situation of being a fan of ARMA, but having friends who aren't into it enough to buy it. I went to great lengths to work up some missions in ARMA 2 Free, but it's pretty limited and I have to do all the work (since all the custom missions people make are for the full game). I could go on, but whining isn't the point of this post. The idea occurred to me, "Wouldn't it be great if BIS released a limited multiplayer-client-only version of ARMA III so that I could host LANs without my friends needing to make a big investment?" In a sense it would be a bit like F2P, giving people who do pay more people to play with, and allowing more people to see what they're missing without needing to pay up front. Anyone else think this is a fine idea? (or have other options for me and my LAN dreams?)