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  1. I have no clue why it's doing this
  2. @CW4 Carrera It doesn't even show an option for joining via steam, also I feel it is a port issue as they can't join the teamspeak either, i checked with the software you sent and it does confirm i have arma 3's port open on TCP only if i do both and if i only use UDP it doesn't forward it at all, so for some unknown reason the UDP ports are not forwarding for arma 3 EDIT: I turned my firewall off and it still doesn't work, so its not to do with that and for some reason upnp stopped working as well
  3. Nothing, just instantly backs him out
  4. The problem is that when he direct connects it just backs him out onto the server browser
  5. Ok cheers for the advice, ill get back to you when we tried again
  6. @CW4 Carrera ok thanks, just finished all that, does my friend direct connect with my public ip now or my new ipv4? also why does it say i have no internet connection even though i still do?
  7. how can i tell? i did the ipv4 address of the host pc
  8. @CW4 Carrera i have forwarded the ports 2302-2305 on my router as well as the steam ports
  9. So i will make a new post as it is a completely different issue from before, but only people on my LAN network are able to join my server. If they try with direct connect then it just backs them to the direct connect screen again. I don't even know where abouts to even sort this issue out
  10. @Dedmen I have everything all fixed now apart from my upnp failing, now only people on my LAN can join, noone else
  11. and now out of nowhere overnight i get this: Warning: Current Steam AppId: 107410 doesn't match expected value: 107410
  12. so i did a bit of testing and found out a main problem is my mods aren't loading correctly, so please tell me if you see any discrepancies: Also i keep seeing "UPNP failed" instead of "initialised", is that a problem if i already port forwarded Arma 3's ports?
  13. sorry. i'm confused. I had ace enabled as ace is a part of my mission, and until now i had no problems
  14. @Dedmen well it seems i have solved the first issue with that fix, but now i have a new message: "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.ace_rearm, ace_dragging, ace_cargo, ace_interaction, ace_explosives, task_force_radio_items" Dispite me not touching ace at all?
  15. @CW4 Carrera this may be a stupid question, but how do i find out what the TFAR dependencies are in the code?