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Found 14 results

  1. i've been searching for a solution since weeks ! when i open antistasi ultimate on LAN server and disable uniform/headger randomisation and apply your rebel loadouts,it STILL facewear doesnt apply !! it even randomiuze facewear on rebels !!!! i've tried several commands found on this forum or others,they do not work my game version is 2.14 and here is collection of mod that i'm using (YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING I'LL TRY MY BEST TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS SO YOU CAN SOLVE MY ISSUE) MIN_RF_MOD Anizay D3S Cars pack Hidden Identity Pack v2 [Reupload] Aaren's Blast Effects MSF Balaclava ( Metal Gear Solid ) Aegis Enhanced 3CB Factions 3CB: BAF Equipment 3CB: BAF Units 3CB: BAF Vehicles 3CB: BAF Weapons 3den Enhanced Advanced Combat Environment 3.16.1 Antistasi Ultimate ANZACSAS Enhanced Missile Smoke and Lighting Efx Mod 1.4 Arma 3 Aegis Arma 3 Aegis - Police Arma 3 Atlas Local Arma 3 Forces Local Community Base Addons v3.16.1 CTRG OPS-CORE CUP Terrains - Core 1.17.1 CUP Units 1.17.1 CUP Vehicles 1.17.1 CUP Weapons 1.17.1 Drone Kamikaze Local FSB Alpha Group Equipment Geran-2/Shahed-136 Momo's Syrian Rebel Factions Project: Hell Cannon Mod PLA Armored Vehicles Pack PLA_Forces_mas PLA_Forces_mas Pook Artillery pack Pook ATGM Mod Pook Camonets Mod v6.0 Pook SAM Pack Pylon Anywhere RF Camo Equipment RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation RHS: GREF RHS: Serbian Armed Forces RHS: United States Forces RKSL Attachments Pack Simplex Support Services Special Stealth Uniforms [SSU] Titus Virolahti VME PLA MOD zen compat ace Zeus Enhanced 1.14.0
  2. IceCubeJr1998

    Arma 3 Antistasi

    Anybody working on porting antistasi to fapovo island, I think this map would be perfect for it.
  3. Hello, Every week my 10 friends and I play the Antistasi Scenario on a custom server of mine. We unfortuantly playing the wrong version but are too far along to start over. what im wanting to do is edit the Arsenal (Virtual Armory) and remove some specific weapons from it, Ive got the variable name of the crate but every time I run the code, nothing is happening, Ive searched High and Low and can't find a solution, even tried the examples off the wiki. [ caja, ["arifle_MXM_F"], true ] call BIS_fnc_removeVirtualItemCargo; I have 4 of those rifles in the Aresnal, I want them all gone. But Im running that above script and its not working. I know it's the correct variable name because I can move it around with that variable name. some help would be very appreciated 🙂
  4. Me and my friend are playing Antistasi. I am Hosting the server via LAN Hamachi. We play but the game always crashes at a certain point in the mission. When we take an outpost the game always crashes for me. It only crashes at that point and hasn't crashed at any other time. We are using a couple of mods but they are compatible with the mission. The mods used are the RHS mods and FFAA. Nothing else. I know this should probably have been posted at the antistasi offical website but that forum is dead.
  5. I have recently made my own dedicated antistasi server and i got it to work completely fine, however i just wanted to change the TFRA settings so everyone spawns with a radio and i get a long range one. I cant do this however as the 'SERVER' tab is greyed out despite me being logged in as an admin and i cant edit anything in the missions tab either, i can only change the client which is overridden by the server. i tried importing settings and or adding the module to which i got this message: "mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item356.type: Vehicle class tfar_ModuleTaskForceRadioEnforceUsage no longer exists" I also had a go at adding the CBA settings sqf folder which didn't work and with filepatching enabled it prevented me from joining the server altogether. Thanks in advance, im looking forward to play with my friends and i have had way too much stress over this server and am happy to co-operate with anyone seeking to help
  6. Hello im trying to get a dedicated server to run for myself and some friends. Im running it off Ubuntu 18.04 and SteamCMD latest copies of everything. Im trying to load up and run the Vanilla Antistasi BluFor Mission. I have everything installed and I execute the server with the following command in my terminal ./arma3server -config=server.cfg It launches the server using the settings from my server.cfg file which I copied from the dedicated server guide section on these forums and you can view my exact settings here. Download server.cfg The server boots and I can join it however I see 1 error on the terminal when its booting up which reads. Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. a3_characters_f and then the whole console gets spammed when a user joins the server with Mission Antistasi.Altis read from bank. and nothing happens client side, the server just idles there and any user connecting stares at a loading page for 3 minutes before the server auto boots you. Anything im doing wrong here I am new to the dedicated server side of things. If anyone can include their server.cfg or any pointers i can do please help. Direct instructions would be nice.
  7. H-Hello everyone. I hope you're reading this well. Well..ya see. I was about to ask Jessica out to the Dance, ya see. And, well, Grandpa Rick interrupted and demanded i go with him on an adventure or he'd show my porn stash to Jessica. Heh, that would be pretty embarrassing. Anyway I went on this adventure and now it seems i'm stuck on this island Rick ditched me on to go revisit with Unity and it seems to be in the middle of an insurrection. Rick said i have to help liberate the Island so i can impress Jessica so she'll go to the dance with me I'm here, ya see, to ask for your help. Personally,I don't think Rick will be coming back, But I still need to help these people. Will you join me in the fight to take back the island so i can go to the Dance with Jessica? Server Name: M0rty's Antistasi Adventure (RHS,ACE, Required) Direct IP: Mods Required: RHS, ACE3, ACE Animations and Actions, CBA, Discord: https://discord.gg/ajkQJRT Teamspeak: Hosted by https://cloudbytes.us/ Protip: Wanna download the mods without combing through the workshop? Use the Arma 3 Launcher to join my server. The launcher will download any mods needed to join the server. Find me on Steam and add me https://steamcommunity.com/id/Krate420
  8. I've setup a dedi server on a home PC (using TADST) to run antistasi 1.8.0 with a headless client. When running as admin, I can see the headless client (HC1) connected to the headdless client slot in the 'virtual' lobby (https://i.imgur.com/9Amq1Pr.jpg) and HC1 is also listed in the players list -however- despite this I am somewhat uncertain if the HC is configured properly as in game when checking the HC AI load info I get this result (https://imgur.com/Tam1upz). Now I have no idea if this is completely normal or if this is a sign the HC is not configured properly but I suspect that the HC AI should = the total number of AI (in this example it should read HC 5 AI?) If anyone playing Antistasi can confirm/refute this that would be amazing. Some additional info/questions about the headless client: When running the .bat file for the headless client the console window pops out the following messages :- At no point does the profile "HC1" complete loading, instead this message stays throughout the mission and I am concerned that this is yet another sign the HC is not setup/configured properly. Can anyone confirm if this is an error or not, is there a next step in the process? //Additional info: My server config.cfg has the following: headlessClients[] = {} localClients[] = { battleyeLicense = 1; .bat file contains: start /min "" "D:\A3Test server\arma3server_x64.exe" -client -connect= -port=2302 -mod=@CBA_A3;@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF That's about it, anyone willing to confirm if this is all good or not is much appreciated. Thank yall for your time!
  9. I am new to Arma 3 and saw the Mod Antistasi. I am very interested in a co-op multiplayer Server. Add me if you are interested ( i am not a native speaker, so i apologise for my bad english)
  10. So I got a problem with my server. I'm renting through Host Havoc and we are trying to set up an Antistasi server. When I put the Antistasi pbo file into the mpmissions and type in that I want to run it, it doesnt work. So we tryed something else and went to the Antistasi server and tryed doing some copy and paste fun...... Well we got the game to run the base Antistasi but vehicles don't spawn now and when you go to buy vehicles it doesn't work? With that being said we haven't added the RHS mods yet not sure if Antistasi needs it or not? Lastly does anyone know a better server renting site that is easier to use than host havoc? Thanks all who respond
  11. Hello In the beginning of July, we are going to start playing Antistasi Altis in a tactical manner. There will be squads, leadership of squads, reckon operations, etc etc. All in a very friendly and cooperative environment, no virtual push ups or yes sir and the like. The only requirement is to be a cool person to be around, not whine , be there for a kick-ass , organized experience, and listen to orders and follow the plan, so there`s no chaos and the experience is meaningful. No previous skill is required. If you follow our instructions concerning the base game and are a good sport, providing positive value to the group you belong with us. Think of the server 77th jsoc server, or the spirit cultivated in ShacTac. All applicants must be 18+, have a mic, and be able to speak English clearly. We will play on around noon GMT, which means both Europeans and Americans can join, depending on their schedule. Let that not scare you though, cause we are quite flexible on time. We plan on using only the necessary mods, like TFR, Enhanced Movement etc. We wont be using RHS, since the experience and a decent FPS for everyone are priority for us. There might be the possibility of recording the footage and uploading it to YouTube if there are interesting moments, just for the sake of it. If you are interested, respond to this post writing down your timezone. Can`t wait to play with you all. `
  12. When I had went to gamescom this year, I found that the Arma Community was as strong as ever. I talked to the developers, and talked about the many stories that were created from playing their game, especially from the modding scene. Antistasi was a mod that really took into account the strategic aspects of rebellion, giving me and my friends good stories to talk about. After we finished our interview I realized the story potential of Arma, as a gateway for education and plot. My experience with Laws of War had confirmed these thoughts. Now I wish to build a story, one of rebellion, international alliances, the balance of power, and the realities of postcolonial states. I am currently running a server for ARMA 3 and we are looking for people to help tell the story for it. It is a CSAT Roleplay server, one that tells the story of a rising empire and the winner and losers of this change in power. The following form will be used to find the best in the gaming community to help create a space for creativity and story. We hope that from all over Arma, we can build something special with game masters, writers, and student alike. The Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfj-mfFrL_IfVqo96JOtMC__5qjxVI_FJzbGwAEeLoPCNyBHQ/viewform?usp=sf_link#responses Good Luck fellow Story Tellers Sean.
  13. You are playing Arma 3, Arma 2 or DayZ and looking for group/community to play with? Great, then join our growing community and be a part of it. Who we are? We are a (mostly) german speaking community who likes to play games like Arma, Squad, DayZ and so on. The age in our community differs from 16 to 40 and the most important part of our community is FUN. Although we want to play organized and tactical, at the end of the day we want to have fun after work, school, etc… What do we offer? We offer a teamspeak server with 500 Slots (if you are a member, you can have your own channel) We offer you three different Arma3 Servers (Exile, Antistasi and Wasteland)? A Friendly Community full of active and mature members A own homepage with forum for disscussions. A mature community full of active and friendly members and a few other things Contact: Website: http://www.zoo-gaming.com Teamspeak: ts.zoo-gaming.com Discord: discord.zoo-gaming.com Community rules: There are no specific rules in our community. Have fun, be nice to the other members and help them if you can. If you are unable to be online everyday, it`s okay and you also won`t be kicked out of the community because you were a week absent or so… So let`s have fun together ?
  14. Foxhound specializes in combined arms and small unit tactics, but we don't take ourselves too seriously and we get it done while having fun. We have a private server online 24/7 that is currently configured to run the Antistasi mission, but we run different maps, game modes, and are looking forward to PvP. We are active and there is always something going on, whether it's a coordinated operation or just a couple of shady guys working on perfecting the Irish car bomb. We have integrated Task Force Radio into our TeamSpeak 3 server and have our own workshop collection of mods in Steam, listed as FXHD in the Collections section. Check out our website, hop into our TeamSpeak, or submit an application to get in touch.