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  1. Sorry, I just tried to DL this test mission as I'm also struggling to get this all working correctly. Unfortunately, I'm getting a 404 error. Is it still available somewhere? TIA === Never mind. I figured out how to get it from the Examples link in your signature. Thank you! I'm looking forward to trying it out.
  2. You're absolutely correct. The one thing that OFP lacked for really good PvP was a decent JIP system. We get that with ArmA but seem to have traded away the smooth play that made the original MP gametypes so much fun. :(
  3. Hi, all; I've run into a frustrating problem that I can't seem to figure out. I've created a very simple mission with a Description.ext and mission.sqm. When I choose to export it for multi-player, it saves the resulting .pbo in my local server directory just fine. If I run a dedicated server then join from the same PC, it goes into an infinite loop. The console output repeats, "Mission <missionname> read from bank" about every 10 or 15 seconds. The weird part is, if I delete the .pbo and just copy the mission subdirectory from my work directory, the dedicated server runs just fine (well, except weather defaults to just a nice day instead of the thunderstorm I called up). Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
  4. I took a look at the demo for OA last night. I like what I see of it, but I think it has the same issues as the original; the MP modes really don't demonstrate just how much fun a properly designed ArmA2 mod can be. And no, I don't think I'll be able to persuade this bunch to buy the game based upon my say-so for one LAN party. :( Still, I am planning to take a look at Armaholic to see what might be done. Any BI staff or modders reading this thread that may have some ideas? TIA
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! More information about the target audience: These are mostly older gamers (mid 30s to early 50s) with a handful of the next generation showing up occasionally. Run and gun games can be fun, but there's definitely an interest in the kind of tactical game that only something like ArmA can provide. IOW, we do like a game that helps us work together. This bunch is most definitely NOT interested in any game or mod where each player only gets one death with no chance to respawn. There would definitely be interest in vehicles if they fit a mod well. Anyone else have any thoughts on what would work?
  6. I tried just firing up the standard DM and team DM mods that come bundled with the demo, but people got tired of them pretty quickly. So, I'm looking for a set of good co-op or team vs. team mods. I would prefer ones that will work with the demo version so people don't have to go out and buy the game just for one LAN. Is there anything out there that will really show off the game and convince people to buy it? Thoughts? Links? Comments? TIA
  7. Linux: Wine + ArmA2Server.exe

    IMO Wine is a bad idea for a gameserver. Just for starters, it requires running XWindows on a server. Unnecessary software should not be run on servers in order to minimize the attack surface. I certainly hope that BI doesn't think a GUI is necessary for their native Linux binary!
  8. 56k? lol I would have killed for that kind of speed when I started. :) When I started gaming online, I was playing Doom ][ over a 9600 dialup using iFrag. Now, that was PAINFUL! rofl
  9. Linux Server Files

    I'd like a Linux server as well. Frankly, I don't see much point in buying the game before I can play it on my server with my friends. And no, I have no interest in running a Windows server, so I'm not converting my Linux box.
  10. I've been gaming online for about 15 years. By far, the best times online that I've had playing any game have been on well administered clan servers. They always have a raft of disciplined admins who keep the riffraff off, booting any griefer who shows up before he can cause much trouble. Sample a few of the clan servers that have low pings to you. There's bound to be one or two that have a friendly bunch to play with. That said though, for the casual gamer I can't recommend the TG servers highly enough. I've never had anything but a great experience playing on them.
  11. Armed Assault on Linux through Wine

    You probably need to update or reinstall your graphics drivers. I had this problem in Ubuntu and did an update of the drivers that solved the problem with this error message. (Using Nvidia drivers that is) I'm running the latest drivers, so that's not the problem. I'm wondering if there might be an issue with running it on a 64 bit machine. My system is built on an AMD 64x2 4400. I've had to set this problem aside for the time being as I have several other projects backed up. Based upon past experience with other games, I don't think that spending time on the demo will be beneficial. It's still the same basic game engine, after all. Besides, 1.14 is more stable in general.
  12. Armed Assault on Linux through Wine

    BTW, I just checked the AppDB. There are only 22 votes for the European version of ArmA and 0 for the US version. I /strongly/ recommend that people should add their votes for the European version so we can get some visibility for this great game!
  13. Armed Assault on Linux through Wine

    You know, it is sometimes possible to get games to run using mixed libraries. Â Maybe what we need to concentrate on is figuring out exactly which libraries need to be pulled from a Windows install to make ArmA work. Â Once we have that information, it may help the wine developers narrow down where the problem is. For example, this is my entry into Wine AppDB for Civ 4. Â I report it as "Gold" because the game plays absolutely flawlessly (in single player, anyhow) but does require a couple of native Windows dlls. Â You'll note that I have an earlier report where I gave Civ 4 a rating of "Garbage." Â At that time, I couldn't get the game to run at all. I'm convinced that it should be possible to get ArmA running under wine if we can just figure out what native DLLs it needs. Â For example, right now I'm getting an error that says it needs Pixel Shader 2.0 support using wine 1.1.1. Â Anyone have a clue which native DLL calls that?
  14. Fix ArmA choppers now!

    Personally, I still say I could live with the flight model if the landing/crash model was improved a bit. Military choppers simply shouldn't be this fragile on landing.