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  1. You limit your market by having a realistic combat injury/damage model or it was a simpler development path to not include it? Are you evalutating it for the future or it s not a thing at all?
  2. jc_

    bipod improvements

    two step height adjustment better deployment angles on supporting geometry i.e. ground, rocks and walls etc, both vertical and horizontal thank you
  3. jc_

    Arma 3 chat filter

    Chat is useless when constantly being spammed with server telemetry amnd automated player messages. It scrolls by so fast it s more likely than not that you miss out content relevant to yourself. Why isnt there an optional filter to get rid of server telemetry to make chat easier to keep up with?
  4. jc_

    1.68 - a few niggles

    I totally agree about hollywood explosions. However, even tho bullets doesnt explode per see and missiles do, something being hit with either is going to be spraying debris, sparks and smoke around in one form or another, not just sit there idle appearing totally unaffected by the projectiles. Currently NOTHING happens except some soot even if a MISSILE hits. I mean, not even the missile explodes ...
  5. 1) The minimap HUD element has been changed to a non-RMB resize element for whatever reason. 2) Vehicle explosions never looked that good to begin with but now it's totally bollocks. When missile hits after the patch nothing happens except some soot appears on the vehicle and a few seconds later it starts burning, skipping the explosion entirely. What happened in the update?
  6. is there _any_ reason to have it as crappy as it currently is? makes you think it s not by design but by poor design and implementation ... realism settings should allow for hardcore as well as vision impaired. Personally I m having a real hard time orienting myself when flying halicopters, mostly bcus the HUD representation of the user configurable weaypoint marker even FADES when it aproaches the center of the screen. seriously, just fix it, much like the ignored issues with hotas throttle controller implementation. just do it.
  7. Apparently it's a realism feature not having stuff in bright colors dance all over your pretty landscape but let me tell you, when your flying or driving which is hard enough at times, you DON'T want to fight a vanishing way point marker. Please, Bohemia, give us the option to at least make markers properly visible at all times. Also, a multiple way point system would be awesome as well as being able to set way points visible for selected multiple or single players.
  8. Am I correct in assuming the game doesnt allow you to filter server generated events like people losing connection, joins/quits/whatever out of the actual inter player text communication? At times it's rather frustrating to try and keep up with whats being texted due to chat scrolling by with useless server telemetry messages. Can we please be allowed to the option to see only player typed messages in chat.
  9. jc_

    Elusive keybinds

    yup, makes my hotas setup kinda awkward to use ... wish I could ve mapped for example map zoom to the left vertical metallic scroll wheel on my x55 trottle, a player centering button to locate heli on map instantly etc .... Well, cant have it all makes people strive, dream, develop and evolve, so guess it isn't a bad thing in the end after all.
  10. jc_

    Elusive keybinds

    Looking for editable keybinds for the following functions: 1) "Move map to player position" - the little circle glyph button to the upper right in map UI 2) Map zoom - hard codded to the scroll wheel on the mouse only? 3) Waypoint marker - currently only left shift + left mouse btn in map UI afaik Anyone?
  11. Seems like the x55 throttle only actuates the collective within the 0.5-1.0 range. Since this particular throttle lacks a centering position, a remap of the actuation range would have to make 0 collective actually correspond to 0 on the throttle and not 0.5 as it currently does. Have searched high and low for solutions to this and found a makeshift one involving PPJoy and GlovePIE scripting which isn't by far a satisfactory solution even tho it does work. Elite Dangerous control setup actually allow you to chose your analog throttle control mode by giving the user an option to define it as a throttle with a centering click or one without. Very convenient. Wish BI would do the same. Any thoughts on this issue?
  12. Well, I had to do it a bit differently to get things to come together and play. To even get the throttle to register in GlovePIE I had to use the "Joy#."-function rather than just "Joystick.". The "Joystick."-function only seemed to register events originating from the actual joystick, not the throttle which, obviously, was a real bummer. I came across a simple GlovePIE script that helped immensely with ID-ing your different control devices if there's more than 1 controller connected to your computer, which is the case with the Saitek X55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. if pressed(Joy1.Button1){ say "Controller 1 Button 1 pressed" } if pressed(Joy2.Button1){ say "Controller 2 Button 1 pressed" } if pressed(Joy3.Button1){ say "Controller 3 Button 1 pressed" } if pressed(Joy4.Button1){ say "Controller 4 Button 1 pressed" } if pressed(Joy5.Button1){ say "Controller 5 Button 1 pressed" } if pressed(Joy6.Button1){ say "Controller 6 Button 1 pressed" } if pressed(Joy7.Button1){ say "Controller 7 Button 1 pressed" } if pressed(Joy8.Button1){ say "Controller 8 Button 1 pressed" } if pressed(Joy1.Button9){ say "Controller 9 Button 1 pressed" } if pressed(Joy10.Button1){ say "Controller 10 Button 1 pressed" } As it turned out, my X55 RIGHT throttle lever responded via Joy2 on the Y-axis for some reason and the stick hailed from Joy9. My personal final version of your original code now looks like this and works flawlessly on my setup: PPJoy3.analog2 = (MapRange(-Joy2.y, -1, 1, 0, 1)) Cheers for your effort and time spent on educating the internets. ta-ta