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  1. Why not just make it fire the 40mm flare round from vanilla A3, or a roiund inherited from it? Saves from having to script the spawning of a flare
  2. Will these super secret leaked WIPs from Bax over in the falklands answer that? (Owen Gun (Aussie SMG) coming soon)
  3. Definitely something to look into, yeah. We'd bounced the idea around before but we'd picked up a new "sound artist" (who was useless at his job) just after christmas so we just sort of forgot about sounds -_-
  4. Unfortunately despite the time since our last update we only have a little bit to show off, including a brand new PPSh (that other one was a figment of your imagination and never actually existed), the latest (and hopefully final) M1 Garand re texture, and Nico's final model (only for now hopefully) The CCKW, and my first model in a very long time, the M1 and M2 Carbines! (Obviously an early WIP)
  5. I find that raising the green and lowering the blue in the SMDI for scuffed metal makes it pop much more than the painted parts, like so: I assume yee know this but just in case
  6. Yeah, I feel like a little wear and tear around the edges wouldn't go amiss
  7. That is the most painful looking vibrator I've ever seen...
  8. Tune :P Also, I'm about 98% certain you have your isSelected animation the wrong way around, 0 should be folded and 1 un-folded
  9. Independents may not be used at all, and I'm far too busy messing around with CSA 38 to plan them out anyway at the moment :P
  10. Just a small update as we wait for the stunning PPSh spec was showing off to be finished, some more immersive US medkits! (USSR variants will be what we most likely add for North Korean Medics, and we'll hopefully have them soonish as well)
  11. You messed up this part what I'm assuming you meant is "I'm not starting an argument though, just putting all the facts out for a balanced debate, so everyone can form a proper opinion" And to add to your point, mods like westwall, FoW, War Chronicles etc. are being made purely to replace IFA3 Lite (or were originally), so coming here to say it looks like ass is a bit redundant
  12. Or, An eagle and a retarded swallow is still worth more than just an eagle or something like that anyway...
  13. 80 Km/h? I assume that's top speed going down a feckin' cliff? :P