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  1. We're down, but not out. From the Team that was working on War Chronicles, the WW2 total conversion that was killed so young, comes another planned total modification: War Chronicles: The Forgotten War aims to bring the chaos and conflict of the Korean War to Arma 3, and we believe ourselves the first team in Arma's history to attempt such a project. Known as the Forgotten War, the war in Korea was the only time during the Cold War that the forces of the United Nations and those of the Communist world clashed in direct military conflict, pitting American infantrymen against North Koreans, British infantry against the might of Red China, and a whole plethora of nations against the behemoth threat of international communism. This modification spans the years of the Korean War, 1950 -1953, and intends to accurately represent the men and women who fought in a war now largely forgotten in the Western World. US Marines racing past a dead enemy soldier in Korea/September 1950. It will bring historically accurate content to your fingertips. We’re planning to gradually include all the principle nations involved in the conflict, from the armies of the United States, Britain, Australia and Canada on the side of the South Koreans to the behemoth that was the Chinese war machine and their North Korean Allies. Our initial release will mainly be weapons, but we have plans to eventually expand into a total modification for the game. Considering that some 50 nations were involved in some capacity, it may not be possible to represent them all, but we will do our best to get as many as we can in. Once the infantry weapons and uniforms have been released, we will start work on the vehicles and armour available to all sides. A whole myriad of different vehicles will be implemented such as Patton tanks, MIG fighter aircraft, transport and attack helicopters, and even some limited naval units. As far as we aware, this will include some of the first instances of these units ever ported into Arma, including the first Centurion tank. Team: Completed Assets:
  2. Why not just make it fire the 40mm flare round from vanilla A3, or a roiund inherited from it? Saves from having to script the spawning of a flare
  3. Will these super secret leaked WIPs from Bax over in the falklands answer that? (Owen Gun (Aussie SMG) coming soon)
  4. Definitely something to look into, yeah. We'd bounced the idea around before but we'd picked up a new "sound artist" (who was useless at his job) just after christmas so we just sort of forgot about sounds -_-
  5. Unfortunately despite the time since our last update we only have a little bit to show off, including a brand new PPSh (that other one was a figment of your imagination and never actually existed), the latest (and hopefully final) M1 Garand re texture, and Nico's final model (only for now hopefully) The CCKW, and my first model in a very long time, the M1 and M2 Carbines! (Obviously an early WIP)
  6. I find that raising the green and lowering the blue in the SMDI for scuffed metal makes it pop much more than the painted parts, like so: I assume yee know this but just in case
  7. Yeah, I feel like a little wear and tear around the edges wouldn't go amiss
  8. That is the most painful looking vibrator I've ever seen...
  9. Tune :P Also, I'm about 98% certain you have your isSelected animation the wrong way around, 0 should be folded and 1 un-folded
  10. Independents may not be used at all, and I'm far too busy messing around with CSA 38 to plan them out anyway at the moment :P
  11. Just a small update as we wait for the stunning PPSh spec was showing off to be finished, some more immersive US medkits! (USSR variants will be what we most likely add for North Korean Medics, and we'll hopefully have them soonish as well)
  12. You messed up this part what I'm assuming you meant is "I'm not starting an argument though, just putting all the facts out for a balanced debate, so everyone can form a proper opinion" And to add to your point, mods like westwall, FoW, War Chronicles etc. are being made purely to replace IFA3 Lite (or were originally), so coming here to say it looks like ass is a bit redundant
  13. Or, An eagle and a retarded swallow is still worth more than just an eagle or something like that anyway...
  14. 80 Km/h? I assume that's top speed going down a feckin' cliff? :P
  15. At the moment using vanilla sounds as our sound guy never actually made sounds or even got good ones to work in arma and then got removed from the team
  16. I'm starting to ache, ye can have the last of mine... Will there be a version with a camo mesh over the top? love me some camo netting...
  17. Looks fairly sweet, how were these armed? and do you plan on adding ace compatibility to the frags?
  18. Just an idea I had while thinking about these exact scopes a long time ago, but maybe there is a way to get a directional IR only light, like the IR strobes but constant (maybe a little flickering) and directional, and then if possible the brightness and sensitivity of the NV effect could be turned way down, although this would probably take a while so going with the basic nvg style for now would probably be best
  19. Thanks for the extra info! We will make the studebaker eventually, but it was much less common and a 1 ½ ton truck of some description is plannd before then, most likely the Chevvy G506
  20. They will indeed, in fact our next update will mainly be focusing on assets enhancing gameplay and immersion (WW2 and Korea era medkits, vehicles, webbing, packs, fixing up the uniforms, small stuff like that)
  21. Rabbit35

    SPIE Addon

    Duda, the master of rope based ArmA 3 mods :P