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  1. spectik

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Sure it's possible, i have been contacted multiple times with this idea in ppls mind (or payday bulldozer) as i made simple bombsuit, but feeling it's not good enough, i may make a new model from scratch in the future... or if you're up to take this challenge, i could help you out a bit if you need. Good luck. :)
  2. spectik

    Nassau 1715

    Thank you for some insight, guess i'll be studying again for a while. :) I was always afraid of larger models as i didn't know how to texture them nicely without having noticable repeating pattern everywhere so this really looks interesting.
  3. spectik

    Nassau 1715

    Just curious if it's something similiar to what we use at work, i'm still kinda noob to this environment stuff so have a lot to learn. Basically cutting model into sections and assigning different materials to them (tileable textures using multiple UVs for achieving some quality and then breaking up those tiles). As i have been told, better to have more polygons than unique texture for everything.
  4. spectik

    Nassau 1715

    Looks really great, just a little question. Any chance of sharing the know how of the workflow to me and maybe other curious 3D weirdos around? Or just point me to the right direction? :)
  5. spectik

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Well imagine this situation, you release some stuff, some guy makes a suggestion, as you are in a good mood and have some time, you look into that and release new version. 2 days later another guy suggests it doesnt belong there and he wants to change it again. I have been there and that doesnt really make me want to do more even though i think im quite open to ideas (sadly not being able to fulfil most of them). I had so many of them and my mod isnt even that famous so can imagine all those messages coming to better guys. But well, can always say it is my artistic view and freedom so it will stay like this. :D Plus how guys said, we do it for free, i never asked for a cent, i want to choose what im gonna do, its my hobby in the end. If im gonna be forced into stuff, it will be fast end of modding for me. You dont have skills? Well theres no obstacle in a way to get them, hundreds of tutorials around the net and community is helpful too if you ask around. Ill be more than happy to help someone instead of another reply to: I want this and that. :) And for last, not trying to argue or something, so dont take it badly, just telling you another modders point of view. Anyway great stuff there Adacas, i should start working on my RAV and MBSS remake or youre gonna do that too and i loose my original beauties. :D
  6. spectik

    Uk SAS equipements

    Contact me too if you need something. My models aren't perfect, especially older ones, but could be fine for SAS (my old RAV for example). I'm the original creator of some vests you could see in VSM, so maybe that's why you have been rejected as i'm sure Van wouldn't have any problem with sharing stuff. And don't let this make you quit, in the end working alone is sometimes a plus too... no one talks into your creations, so you don't have to travel around the world to punch those always unsatisfied ppl. :D
  7. Thanks, sadly photo references for this camo suck so the only thing i could do was this i guess... great way how to spend few hours of life. :D Here's proof if you still dont believe. :D And well, all that work for simple helmet isn't satisfying so if anyone has idea for usage, feel free to ask. B)
  8. A bit reworked texture for M1 with helmet cover and handpainted duckhunter camo... it was hell so hope it looks good enough. :D
  9. To be honest, i'm more into modern gear so i really don't know. I used 3 pictures i was provided with and modelled by those + used my "artistic" fantasy. :D If there are some serious issues, feel free to tell me or post some pictures and i could fix that in the future. :)
  10. Ye sure, don't know if i'll be any help as i don't know much either but can try. :) Gonna send PM with my steam.
  11. Marvelous Designer, Zbrush and then fun with Quixel for textures. :) Hopefully North Korean... does it look that bad? :D