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  1. This looks awesome, good luck with it man!
  2. Amazing mate, absolutely amazing! I love Operation Market Garden, that Operation is where my hero of ww2 came from. Major Robert Cain. I love the fact that you are making arnhem, if you need any help with creating the terrain, be it asset making or anything else, I'll be willing to help :) Good luck with your work either way guys! :)
  3. Amazing to hear that you guys are making this terrain! I look forward to seeing it created, though you mention the ww2 period as well, are there any plans on making the terrain for ww2 and modern day, for example, removing the modern day objects? I've often thought how useful Chernarus would be for the Csa38 mod because it was based in the Sudetenland of the old Czechoslovakia and think that this would be an amazing ww2 terrain too. But I really cant wait to see your progress, good luck guys :)
  4. welshstalker

    Beketov map, central Russia, 20x20 km

    Amazing, absolutely amazing, love it when brilliant maps are just released without a build up, it looks amazing too. I cant wait to play it, brilliant job!
  5. welshstalker

    War Chronicles: The Forgotten War

    Thank you, I guess that will help me try to cut down my tris count Appreciate your help mate, thanks
  6. welshstalker

    War Chronicles: The Forgotten War

    Its always a possibility. But I cant move any further in any terrain making process due to the fact that my qgis decides not to work at all....ever. So no unpacking .tiff files, no terrain
  7. welshstalker

    Cromwell Tank

    It looks brilliant Farside, I cant wait to see it ingame :3
  8. Wow, that looks bloody amazing Petrtlach. Great work! :3 I don't envy you for having to unwrap its uv though xD
  9. welshstalker

    War Chronicles: The Forgotten War

    Thank you mate, I hope to finish it soon and connect up all the little pieces.
  10. welshstalker

    War Chronicles: The Forgotten War

    There's one problem/reason for vehicles like helicopters being a long way down the line, in short, manpower, were only a small team, and we've tried getting new members but not many are interested in a Korean war theme by the looks of it.
  11. welshstalker

    War Chronicles: The Forgotten War

    Itd delay the release by at least a month and a half due to the lack of artists on hand.
  12. welshstalker

    War Chronicles: The Forgotten War

    Well, Specter has completed work on the American uniform, and we have now got everything needed for a release. Work is still needed however. But, we're happy to show you both factions and their weapons. We're hoping to release soon, but we will not do so until all coding issues and bugs have been ironed out. Thanks once again - Welsh