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  1. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Are you doing all of this on your own? You could probably recruit a number of people to assist you in making these wonderful addons!
  2. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    @DAP Would it be possible to join the VTN mod team? I do not know much, but i love this mod and I want to help in any way i can!
  3. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Oh, I see, would it be possible to join the development team? I love this mod and want to help anyway I can!
  4. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    [WIP] ACA - Advanced Combat Animations

    Do the files work, do you think you could put out an incomplete version for public testing, or is that not possible at the current time?
  5. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Mig-21 PFM (Fishbed-F)

    I just think its a shame that the only stand-alone MiG-21 isn't available for download.
  6. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Mig-21 PFM (Fishbed-F)

    Oh, are you still allowed to post the download file for the MiG?
  7. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Mig-21 PFM (Fishbed-F)

    I'm sure that it will, I've downloaded plane mods not updated since 2014 and they seem to work fine. Maybe you could release the source files for someone else to take over the project?
  8. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Mig-21 PFM (Fishbed-F)

    Even if its on hiatus, why can't we download it? Even if it is not finished, it is for something we cannot find without downloading the massive UNSUNG mod (which doesn't have one in soviet livery anyway).
  9. I'm exited for this!
  10. Release ETA? Or maybe a public beta? Cause even if it isn't fully polished everything already shown is absolutely amazing.
  11. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    I was looking through some old videos of this mod and I discovered a promotional video from 2016 with working BMP, tanks, and all the rest! What happened to that?! Я просматривал некоторые старые видео этого мода и обнаружил промо-ролик от 2016 года с работающими БМП, танками и всем прочим! И что же с этим случилось?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4hkjRneNfQ
  12. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.3.0)

    bumerang ? also, do you have any plans of Kornet-D system, bulat, or LMV vehicles?
  13. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    No, but I've heard from a dev or a former dev that they had a bunch of stuff ready back in 2015.
  14. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Most looked quite done on VK on the inside as well, not to mention the models that have almost certainly been ported. Not to mention that certain vehicle interiors are completely not needed, such as tanks. Right now the mod is feature-incomplete and has little in the way of replayability due to the lack of any vehicles besides cars and two APCs. Could you perhaps release a development version with incomplete vehicles? Even ones that are not functional from the inside are vehicles nonetheless.
  15. Adrik Shcherbatyuk

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Still? After 3,4,5,6 years? They looked quite done on VK. In fact, they were in the Arma 2 mod.