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  1. Tanks - Fire-control system

    Or just have gunner/commander 1p view (not in optics) connected to the same "1p free look" as driver/pilot (same togglable default in options)
  2. Tanks - Damage improvements

    All the Vanilla tanks have ammo storages that prevent such behavior. The "flying turret syndrom" on soviet armor was due to auto-loader ammo being stored right below the turret. So in the event of extreme ammo cookoff the turret would take off due to concentrated blast and (in case of older models) paper-thin upper hull armor.
  3. [Poll] Arma 3 Third-Party DLC

    *subtle market research
  4. Tanks - Fire-control system

    Arma 3 is actually (no joke) fast becoming late-90's-retro-cyberpunk with it's portrayal or "future tech". FCS/scopes/HUD basic implementation and all. P.S. now I have to re-watch Alien (aand maybe Blade Runner 1982)
  5. Tanks - Fire-control system

    Just like the movies: we have the space ship "Whatsitfvck-9000" and all the electronics still emit "computing" sound when operated
  6. Tanks - Damage improvements

    Shame. Would be real useful to have AMAP-ADS for Kuma, Trophy for Slammer and Drozd-2 for Varsuk. Active defense systems are becoming mainstream even today...
  7. Tanks - Damage improvements

    Aren't those the "heavy" ERA panels? I mean it's not like they are buoyancy modules since Leo2 don't swim...
  8. Some feedback and a small wishlist: -T100 Varsuk needs rear projection SLAT armor option *for inspiration -Strider, Ifrit and M-ATV are ought to have the same options since they effectively are LAR - Light Armored Recon, so thermal/visual camo is a must + SLAT option for urban/COIN ops. *some inspiration
  9. Tanks - Damage improvements

    Been messing around in both Virtual Garage and 3DEN. Kuma seems to have no ERA visualisation - shot one ERA block w 3 RPG-7 rounds - no damage to both ERA and Kuma itself.
  10. With the awesome ZU-23-2 BRDM and KAMAZ it would be cool to see more variations. Both military mass-produced and "mad max" militia or TIA-SF NATO-fied variants. For example: -9A31M-R Strela-1M SHORAD -9P148 Konkurs ATGM -BRDM2-122 120mm mortar carrier -12.7mm HMG equipped open turret, maybe a GPK turret from your up-armored HMMWVs?
  11. IKR - my video editing work has been extremely slow due to pla... hands-on research on medieval peasantry
  12. I'll try - most will be from exhibs like Army-2017 where they pretty much had the production variants in their latest (public at least) iterations. Known variations are: AK-12 and AK-12K in 5.45mm; AK-15 and AK-15K in 7.62mm; RPK-16 in both 4.45 and 7.62 and long/short QC barrel lenghts. Official Kalashnikov web page AK-12/15 galleries (seems like it's only in russian atm): General layout: https://kalashnikov.media/media/photogallery/4521994 Field stripping (w detailed angles): https://kalashnikov.media/media/photogallery/4522021 Videos: Pics:
  13. GSTAVO's Weapons

    The top mount won't show up unless one mounts a scope. No reason the light/laser mount shouldn't work the same. So purists (like you and myself) can rest easy aand have tactical options.
  14. GSTAVO's Weapons

    maybe a front sight post/barrel clamp mount w rail? That way it won't interfere with M203 and can be identical on both models.
  15. IKR - i'm just of the mindset that "the (money) train has already left the station" since there are more global (systemic) AI problems still not solved since 2013. You can call me nihilist, but i've been around long enough to see where this is going.