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  1. AFAIK any properly configured standalone helicopter/aircraft mod should work. Ground vehicles I don't know. Might be good too. Infantry and small arms is where this mod differs from others.
  2. I'm using them all the same functionally so not a gamebreaker. It's just that they now look more like airsofters wearing just bought clean chinese cheap gear rather then being actual combatants.
  3. Yeah, i'd actually rather have A2 textures with functioning technical aspects (tracked vics especially). The updated weapons are a godsend tho. Esp w how well they go in hand with Apex animations! This update is leagues beyond the previous patches.
  4. It's IMHO more about the saturation and "cleanness" of the uniforms rather then pure "pixel quality". The CDF pattern of "soviet 3-color" inspired camo is way too small and over-saturated. I have a set of original Ukrainian "dubok" camo (same as default CDF camo in A2) and it's way less saturated even by default. After 2-3 washing cycles it already starts fading and deteriorating quickly (hence it is not being worn and kept purely for display).
  5. Come out of the 80s mate) you're clearly using the time machine the wrong way Joking aside - Arma 3 vanilla is anything but futuristic since about 2015 (save for the caseless firearms ammo). "Futuristic" rifles such as F2000, VHS and SCAR are in use for years now. Sand people included.
  6. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are you also considering adding the new USMC rifle squad structure to groups? The one with M27 IARs, M38 DMRs and Carl Gs?
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Isn't that VHS-2 a separate mod already? Or might be another model. It's on Steam somewhere.
  8. GSTAVO's Weapons

    I was talking about the mesh itself - it was modelled after the M16A1 but coded to fire burst like an A2. OFP (like many older military games/movies) is full of this stuff. RPG-75s instead of RPG-18s and the like.
  9. GSTAVO's Weapons

    Also, OFP had US infantry equipped w. A2 handguard A1s
  10. ikr - esp love when SAMs 180 into you after (by all RL logic) a legit spoof turn maneuver
  11. I literally just outmaneuvered a full 4 warhead salvo from a battery of 3 launchers and 3 radars (for 360 degree coverage) w. the Grippen. Had to use some flares, but mostly did it by evasive turning and by using SW logic of "i'll try spinning, that's a good trick". And I suck at flying so i'd say they are way too limp atm.
  12. These are different types of radar installation. At least in terms of S-400 (the RL CSAT "whatever BI called it" launcher) the 40v6m mast mounted radar would spin constantly and scan 360: Because S-400 rockets launch vertically IRL the sites often are hidden in woodland so only the mast radar is visible. But ingame CSAT launcher is weirdly behaving exactly like US Patriot (swiwel mounted tube launcher) thus being unable to perform like IRL.
  13. Hands down one of the more atmospheric upcoming mods! The handguard needs to loose some with tho (currently looks more like an M4 thick one):
  14. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    *clip ping intensifies