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  1. bars91

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Now that's a changelog (it logs changes)... 👨‍🎓
  2. bars91

    Cold War Rearmed III

    IMO the gear of USMC and VDV / VMF factions overlaps w main mod so much that they could just be part of the main package. Less downloads = more chances people will use that stuff. The size is minimal too so no hits there. British extension being separate is understandable as it's very distinct.
  3. bars91


    So, I can finally justify bringing a 9x19 PCC w. 20 mags to a CQB enviro against armored opponents?
  4. Ticket: https://dev.cup-arma3.org/T4662 6Ch64: https://ibb.co/F75FMGY https://ibb.co/7JFXzc3 https://ibb.co/DtrRySL https://ibb.co/F75FMGY https://ibb.co/LPj9HZN https://ibb.co/BwZQLQk https://ibb.co/mtpGVyD https://ibb.co/DwD0MxG https://ibb.co/yFkvcxL EDiT: just a small sidenote - "30rd STANAG L85 mag" could be renamed to "30rd HK steel mag" (it's the same one from the HK416s).
  5. While we're at the topic of magazines - the AR-15 mags are not sitting deep enough in the mag well (especially noticeable with the PMAG reinforcement ribs not being nowhere near the receiver) EDiT: Russian Army vertical grip for AK-12 and modified AK-74M is the 6Ch64 (6Ч64) not the collapsing one that was used by some SF units as private purchase before stubby grips became the new gucchi thing.
  6. As an absolute cold war and OFP addict, I've owned multiple hard copies and now have the Steam digital copy (+ several stored as gift cards). I've not touched my OFP install ever since CWR came to A3. For me - as soon as I could play OFP missions, with OFP units, on OFP terrains - but in higher fidelity available in A3, I was done with it. Good memories, but time don't stop. And editing in 3D beats "2D + try + back to editor" any day.
  7. It (and standardizing other vic / uniform naming) would benefit Zeus / mission editors as units would be placed in more logical order in the menus. New HMMWVs are a perfect example - correct naming + onboard weapon and old model hidden for compatibility = win / win
  8. bars91

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Well, one-offs and exceptions to rules happen. You are correct on all of it. But, so am I (he he): Vietnam was given the 24A's + spare kits. They also are known to mod the shit out of their old stock (see their recent BTR-152 refurbs). Soviet states would've had one or two left as training vics but not in running condition (i've seen several such vics). It's similar to the AK's = most Soviet 7.62 ones seen today are AKMs as og milled (actually semi-stamped / form-bent) AKs were given away / disposed of with adoption of AKM and later AK74. Still, you'll find one or two milled AKs and even some slab side early mags (you can use it as blunt weapon if need be). So yea, shit happens when you do "necessity is the mother of mad-max vics" stuff (like waging a civil war or some such) 🙂
  9. bars91

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The wider adopted extremely mass produced and simple to maintain examples (T-55, BTR-152 etc) yes. Very briefly produced low-rate initial samples, most of which have been given away as foreign aid, and having unique not easily aquired parts - not really. By the late 80s all 24A's would be worn out, scrapped or given away as milsurp and later models would be easier to maintain and source parts for (hence why they fly even today).
  10. bars91

    Tier 1 Weapons

    AFSOC (Air Force Spec Ops Comm) - literally says so in the post )
  11. bars91

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Me during every "milk run" mission to enemy bases:
  12. bars91

    Cold War Rearmed III

    *clunky salute animation
  13. bars91


    May be a V2 mod and leave the current one as Legacy version? Keep the new one lean n clean?
  14. bars91


    That Odracam is actually really neat! I did try it out: -cosplaying as SCP w CUP gear -CUP Sahrani -coop -at night -invisible ghosts -Ravage zombies -Drongo's Map Pop (CUP SLA) The only real issue was the lack of No Spawn Area module like there is for Ravage.