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  1. bars91

    Cold War Rearmed III

    When you tell your buddy that you can take him only as far as Petrovice and the sky starts laughing in TV3-117...
  2. bars91

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Dad's back with that sweet, sweet cold war milk ! 😚
  3. "It's free Real Estate" ) Some ideas for optimization: -no sidewalks in factories (only in more administrative office type areas and parkings) -separate some sectors by a bog w. several strategically placed objects (rusted barrels, rubble, dead trees) to suggest water is non-drinkable: a large hill w. buildings on one side and a cliff on the other to create some obstacles for movement / object vidibility: -have some landscaped free space between factories to differentiate combat within one factory and crossing inbetween different ones: -dried up kanales / urban rivers: -train yards to / from factories:
  4. Shaping up to be a true hell to fight through! Outstanding! Here's an idea to spice up the combat routines in the living quorters while also being a repeating pattern: As someone who lives in an ex-USSR city, they are a bit more sparse on building placement yet still manage to feel built-up and enclosed. This is due to them being mostly arranged with entrances from the courtyard rather then street side. So, the idea would be to have some areas arranged such that the combat would look something like this: -establish base of fire on your side of the street -cross the street to outer bounds of the housing quorter -fight at the entrances to courtyard -establish base of fire at the courtyard -enter and clear first house -move / expand base of fire to the capped house -move into next house -etc etc... IMO such arrangements could: -spice up combat routines -give more options to mission makers -be different from other A3 maps (esp desert map courtyard chains w sand huts) This' but a scratch mere mission makers perspective. Take it or leave it 😃 Some quick pics for illustration:
  5. Production "AK-12" is just a cosmetically modified AK-74M and thus has no bolt hold open tab as it's internally the same old AKM/AK74. Prototypes had bolt hold open system and a G36 style bolt release in front of the trigger. The whole AK12 is a Pentagon Wars level of cash grab that resulted in binning of all the good ambi features and adoption of "M16A4" style of update 20 years too late.
  6. The AK-12 prototype present in A3 had the bolt hold open system. Old AKs should not lock as mentioned above.
  7. bars91

    you need supercomputer to play this game

    SSDs bruf. 1 100gb for the OS 1 1tb for stuff like games ArmA depends mostly on CPU clock and storage speed (any DDR4 RAM also helps). You can have a DDR3 HDD monster rig and struggle. You can have a cheapo DDR4 SSD APU thing and the game will fly. I have a 16gb DDR4 + AMD 2400G APU + SSD cheapo thing as second PC for LAN parties and it sometimes runs circles around my 2015 DDR3 i7 970GTX main build.
  8. bars91


    Conspiracies for OFP was some really good stuff! Will keep an eye on this for sure!
  9. I know it's an AK-15 but not. The mag is just outright bent too steep in the middle. Weird thing: the AKM steel mag is the right shape while the AK-15 12 is too bent.
  10. bars91

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Counter ATGM / SAM systems are being used for some years now. They have some drawbacks and some huge bonuses (until they run empty tho). Israel, US and EU are getting in on the APS game big time as well. RF simply rushed the new stuff for the '15 parade and it shows. If you dig deep enough you can see them constantly adding or removing stuff by the year.
  11. bars91

    Arma 3 Aegis

    And it's used that way (in recent years) either for training, red berets selection or by low-tier internal / police units in urban / crowd control cases. Military / internal SOF spray camie / cover everything: helmets, non-camo pouches, rifles etc. I've written it on other treads, but just once more: these SOF look like "random token badguys" from 80-90s action movies and nothing like either green "totally-not-RF-Marine-Reccies" in '14 or SOF in the Syrian sandbox.
  12. Russian SOF are pretty much the "token badguy" types from 80's action movies. BTW even AK-12s are weird in some ways: - 30rd mag has a wrong shape (way too curved) -7.62 suppressor is still too longman The overall visual concept for RuSoF is just lazy / bad design (even disregarding realism n stuff) The VO is cringy at best. A2 had better ones (how can you go backwards from THAT 😅)
  13. The mysterious green ones 😉
  14. bars91

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Spraypainted gun + reflective af helmet = ...recon? 😅 Because getting popped in the shiny head a mile away is S T E A L T H 😀