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  1. Singapore got some too i think. Or some variation.
  2. Would be extremely useful for sure.
  3. It's actually a fairly good idea lore-wise to go w vehicles based on wreck props. Well, except for the T-72A that is not present in RHS. But at least the rest are (BMP-2, BRDM-2, Urals, UAZs).
  4. Leopard 2 w earlier added armor (the one in Vanilla A3 is the newer one)
  5. Since he's clearly going for that "pretty much contemporary Greek/Cypriot military but not copyrighted" look, i'd say T-80U would be a better fit) Also note that IRL Greece uses early BMP-3 model.
  6. In short: 40mm is not a portable mortar )
  7. No. Just no. Either bandage only (not represented in vanilla game) or it's an exploit. (merely adding my 2$ worth of opinion)
  8. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    IMO just call it L22A3 and it'll be gold Since there was no L22A1 i'd imagine BAF would update the designation to match L85A3 and (possible) L86A3. Also here's a small idea for future: if you decide to go with P/E-mags then consider D60 for L86 since BI seem to handle mag fed LMGs as if they automatically get a drum mag )
  9. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    HEX baby puke FAL camo or bust! L85A3 is a perfect one as well - maybe lose the STANAG for some plastic-fantastic mag as well? But a lively upgrade and team work!
  10. You mean Derka-Derka simulator 2? Then yeah) Seems like the case. After all CUP is all about that sweet sweet A2 clunkyness nostalgia
  11. Project Zenith

    A bit on CIRAS: shouldn't front be more umh.. "robust" and not as sleek to the body? I've owned 2 of those over the years and when stuffed w plates, it would be much more bulky at the front and back. Other then that one nag - it's a beautiful peace (esp the texture)
  12. CUP devs have clearly watched too many Michael Bay movies
  13. 3den Enhanced

    One does not need a reason to blast away w OFP, Ghost Recon(the 2001 one) or Rogue Spear soundtrack!
  14. I hear ya, but: 1) Nam was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... 2) It's one thing to sit on decades of operational experience, tradition, and literally limitless ex-soviet stockpiles of spares (Ukraine, Russia etc). And completely another when acquiring limited numbers with limited spares. Surplus old (esp. tracked) armor eats supply chains for breakfast )