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  1. This, a thousand times. My P: and my blender folder would disgust a lot of people. I contemplated making a chiefy but shat out of it due to the weird turret shape, just looked too much bother. but I personally think that you've nailed the chassis the hull looks awesome. Well done mate, I'm watching this post with HUGE anticipation. ***EDIT*** Also if you havent already look up Katie Byrne's youtube channel for a whole series on her point of view on how to model for ARMA in blender. BlenderGuru does a great walkthrough of his anvil aswell if you wanna increase your skill set in blender too!
  2. Cant seem to find a TGP in the service menu for the F18-E do i have to add it in the init code? using Nimitz
  3. farside

    Cromwell Tank

    And the tow hook for that matter, I could even get a good enough photo of one to try to recreate it.
  4. farside

    Cromwell Tank

    Petrtlach, you are right mate, I have tried to make a Jun 1944 version, but the part that you see on the commanders cupola are only stops for the hatch, see this photo for reference. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7342/9589635133_46e7c6b885_b.jpg Now, It may be a little bit of artistic licence, but that what I believed they were for. The actual sights are slightly ahead of the commanders hatch area, they are Vickers sights. Oh dude! I only managed to figure this out on saturday morning at 01:00 ! A mate of mine we're banding around ideas as to why it wouldnt work. could the bad model for the tracks with poorly named selections and a frankly sub standard config. Your model looks really good! How did you make the ammo loading hatches (I assume) on the side of the turret?
  5. farside

    Cromwell Tank

    So not got much further, seem to have hit a little bit of a wall. someone please tell me where I'm going wrong exactly? http://i.imgur.com/dowrT2B.jpg
  6. Look for Game Dev Byrne add on tuts on YouTube.
  7. farside

    Cromwell Tank

    Well, Wait no more. Still no textures and a few issues with the config (currently is a lend lease cromwell to the CSAT) but its ingame. http://i.imgur.com/OCDwde1.jpg http://i.imgur.com/v8joXzP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4WlptEA.jpg I have to change the gun descriptions, change faction, make a better shadow lod and create textures. I also have an issue with the tank being stuck to the ground and unable to move forward but I'll have a look around the forums for a fix!
  8. A little bit of a random start as I dont even have units to use with this vehicle but here goes anyway. A little side project I have when I'm bored is modelling. I have a P:\ filled with models which have been started then forgotten but this one I started about 4 months ago and I would say the the 0.00 LOD is almost complete. By following Mondkalbs tuts and Burnies youtube tutorials I am happy that I can now show this model off from helpful criticism. So first of all a side shot. http://i.imgur.com/iUhTAFV.jpg Modelled in O2 and show here in blender (for better lighting I believe) Wheels are a bit odd but show better in O2 (as you will see in the next photo) currently sitting at 24000 faces I am unsure if this is too many or whether I've made a model for turbo squid, haha. http://i.imgur.com/omkkCxG.jpg Front pictures, showing the towing parts, head lamps driver viewports, front machine gun and driver hatch, the main gun has also very recently had a muzzle attached which can be seen in a later photo. http://i.imgur.com/sBY8oWd.jpg Rear photo, O2 this time. shows rear towing parts, exhast vents the upper air filter (just) and rear facing of the turret. the circles parts are missing items. On the turret there is a missing ammo loading hatch (I think) and the rear is missing some storage boxes and a towing hitch. http://i.imgur.com/8Pz0VTI.jpg Front again showing the new muzzle of the gun. And Finally http://i.imgur.com/0YEmrIV.jpg Top down (ish) showing the turret optics, aerial and what I believe is a vent for the turret above the main gun. Missing parts in this is the two hatches for the gunner and the commander but they can be added easily. As i said above, following mondkalb and burnies tutorials I am fairly certain i will have it ingame soon. Additions I would like to make would be custom turn out animations for the crew, the addition of "mess" (boxes of ammo, tarps and rope that sort of thing) and obviously a half decent paint job would be lovely. Any critism would be greatfully appreciated.
  9. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25763 Someone may have mentioned this before but this seems like a good idea rock. Dont quite know how it will transpose onto an actual pod but the theory looks sound. Course the typhoon is a multirole aircraft... Well, maybe one day.
  10. farside

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Seeing as how BI forums post search seems to be a bit backward for me or perhaps I'm typing the wrong things into the box (more than likely) Could you please clear up the obvious misunderstanding I'm having with the Tochka and its scripted launch procedure? entering "[tochka,1] spawn rhs_fnc_ss21_AI_prepare" into either the init or a trigger seem to yeild errors. If someone could break this down into simple, easy to understand instructions it'd be most appreciated.
  11. Make sure you add in time for reloading Rock, putting on two tanks with one load team takes about 35-40 mins haha.
  12. All of the torpedos used by the Kriegsmarine were the same dimensions, it was only when you got to the ones fired from E-boats and destroyers that there became a little bit more variety. A T2 would be easier as it wont require a stream of bubbles after it, although T2's were rubbish (bad pistols both contact and magnetic fired)
  13. completely intended to make one up after work tonight but didnt expect to be this tired, configs are definately not my strong point but i'll give it a go. failing that you will definately get a G7e/T2 model.
  14. If you create a missile that is scripted to fly just above the water line, say 1 meter up and create the model, the torpedo would fly 1 meter above the water, yes? If you then open the torpedo .p3d and move the visual part of the model the 0.00 to 10.0 LODS down by two metres wouldn't this then have the visual LODS below the water line, submerged. Leaving the geometry LODS above the water allowing the torpedo to hit the ship and sink it? I can make a model up to illustrate what I mean if required.
  15. Couldnt you make a missile with the 0.00 lod showing underwater but with the geometry set 1-2 metres above? Sure the model with go through divers etc but will still hit the ship on the side correctly?