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  1. babylonjoke

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I dont see why people that bought IFL should be cut out from the Arma 3 ww2 community, as well as I dont see why you care about have extra content in the game that you can choose to use or not. Like it's already a miracle that 2 mods joined togheter to make one bigger mod while they still trying to be as compatible as they can with the rest of ww2 mods and vice versa. Some of IFL assets are TOP quality and while I agree that would be nice to have ACE3 compatible, it's better to have all ww2 mods compatible as much as possible. Ace3 compatibility should be a plus
  2. Good job on the m1 garand, reminds me the one I did few months back , with the only difference that I only modelled the front part/accessories lol.. hopefully one day Ill be able to complete it This mod is really promising
  3. babylonjoke

    Faces of War [WW2]

    So many history experts and so few modders in A3 Community, would be much cooler the other way around. Just sayn That begin said, keep it up guys! it-s looking awesome!
  4. You better put right away the name of the original author of the model.
  5. babylonjoke

    US 75th Rangers

    I beg you, add more geometry to these handcuffs
  6. babylonjoke

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    I don't play Arma anymore and I don't own CS:GO. I'm taking part of a discussion, welcome to Forums! Ok, then from now on I'll add "seriousness" as synonim of "educational *ETC*" in my vocaboulary Now I'm curious to know where this topic goes, and what have you all learned from Vanilla Arma.
  7. babylonjoke

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    Well if you are not close mindend you should hear all other opinions then. Or you just want your way of thinking? If you like to talk about it it's ok. otherwise just ignore my comments. That's what pisses me off, "you need the right community". What the hell does it even mean? I mean already the fact that I need a community to play a game doesn't make A3 itself "serious" . Are you by any chance saying that I'm right saying that it's the community which makes a game serious? Now, "seriousness" for me is anything where you focus on a common goal against something that challenges you (for sure not dumb AI).It's where you apply concrete tactics and teamwork in proper gameplay situations. OP is talking about game mechanics, that's a whole different thing. I'm not comparing CS:GO to Arma 3 by any chance, A3 unders ome aspects it's FAR superior. I'm comparing CS:GO community and teams with A3 ones, pointing out that what you call "arcade game shooter" can be as equal (or even more) "serious" as Arma3. I can make Arma 3 look like a freakin joke if I want. "Seriousness" it's a player thing, not a gameplay feature, do you unerstand it? On which basis you make these statics btw? The open Arma 3 MP-PVP community it's so small that making stats it's just useless. Not your business. I've spent enough money for this game and I have all the rights to give my bad feedback on the forum, for reasons that I'm not here whilling to explain you (like millions). Right now I'm complaining about a large community portion, and giving my personal opinion about "seriousness",which since you mostly are closed minded, fail to understand.
  8. babylonjoke

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    Fact is that if you are talking about game machanics, you need to learn something from ANY game. The fact that you can read a 3d compass on a map (which you might be dumb if you werent able to read it before) doesn't mean the game is serious. Yep, I'm comparing with E-sport, are you saying that it's not serious? And what you see it's not "FUN", it's satisfaction. And yes, these are my opinion. Just like the rest of millions player who doesn't like the "type of seriousness" of Arma 3, which is a community factor, not a game factor, and that's what freaks me out
  9. babylonjoke

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    Ok, you are maybe right, but screw a dude because missfired and didnt say "sorry" is absolutly bollocs. I might have missed the point, but you missed mine: You can't just apply real life tactics and military doctrine in a videogame. They just don't work damn right. And that's why you don't see any MP or PVP online. And that makes me mad because I wasted 50€. I remember I was in a clan in A2 and we were studying fency real life tactics and tryed to apply them into battle. No need to say that they were totally useless and most of the time it was just a waste of time. Training were you had to walk for 10 kms and do nothing more. I mean what's the point of that? Ok, might be cool play Arma in this way for someone! But then call A3 "roleplay game", because that's what it is in most of the clans. And it's far from seriousness. I mean just because you "respect" your commander it doesn't make the game "serious". Or just because you do your job in the team (like the medic-healing and the gunner-firing) I've seen CS:GO ESL tournment, and these guys were really serious, they were challenging each others and making tactics that worked in the game and their skill was amazing. What you fail to understand is that ANY GAME litteraly can be serious, it just depends on the attitude of the players. A3 community just fail to understand it.
  10. babylonjoke

    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    From my understanding of "serious" I find cs:go thousands of times more serious then Arma, it has at least a multiplayer and internationally followed competitive battles. Arma has no multiplayer PVP and there's absolute zero competitive gameplay and offers mostly frustration. A massive ammount of frustration. If you wish to start a competitive game you couldn't because the ammount of bugs and glitches which makes the game more about luck rather then skill and challenge, not talking about the dysinc. Now if you think "serious" means that "military doctrinate fascism gameplay bollocs" where you can't shot without "order" (otherwise you'll get banned) in coop missions (which I would understand in certain situation but not freakin always) I think it's just plain boring. It doesn't challenge you. There's no freakin skill involved, no focus. It's just follow orders. And tell me for which reason "follow orders" can be anywhere challenging or fun.
  11. I always admired people complaining about "jumP" animation because they are scared of bunny hopping but never gave a fuck about the fact that a player can run around like a crazy fucker changing direction so quickly and without getting hit once. Realism... I guess.
  12. Well since they closed the other thread, let's bring it there No comment from me.
  13. I mean if you can't turn 180° without moving your torso or feets you 100% are a COD/BF player or you probably have never been in the Army, therefore you suck for begin a BF player and you don't deserve to compare A3 tech to BF ones.
  14. babylonjoke

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Don't count the BE renders, their company is located in that area and these could be just porfolio pieces. Also, in most of the cases artists can't really show wip or contents from a not yet released game.
  15. babylonjoke

    Scope Mod A3

    Awesome job Ian, but you forgot to put the back knob on the C-more :p Odec