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  1. Phantom


    @MistyRonin Have look inside config and miss every option to handle behaviour in the water... waterResistance = 0; waterDamageEngine = 0.2; waterPPInVehicle = 0; This code is from APC_Tracked_01 by BI... BWMod Devs need to import this values inside the Puma !! :) MFG, P.
  2. Phantom

    Disable Zues?

    If u want Zeus disabled, just delete folder "curator" and zeus isn't longer active... ;) MFG, P.
  3. Phantom


    Krass !! :) MFG, P.
  4. Phantom

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    stupid question : it's correct that vts is only started by client and is not need to start on dedi ?? :icon_rolleyes:
  5. Phantom

    A-10C for Arma 3

    believe me, its your a10 !! i open your a10c.p3d with eliteness and see the \ca\ path in fire geometry... look inside by yourself !! ;) edit: it seems that inside the rvmat's are wrong bisurf file path... ;)
  6. Hey found a lillte issue, maybe u can fix this with next update : KGB_Leopard_2A4_DES: zaslehROT_HMG - unknown animation source muzzle_rot_HMG KGB_Leopard_2A4_DES: cannon_muzzle_flash - unknown animation source muzzle_hide_cannon cheers
  7. Phantom

    A-10C for Arma 3

    hey u forgot to change some material files in fire geo... Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\rubber.bisurf Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\iron.bisurf Cannot load surface info CA\Data\Penetration\armor_16mm_plate.bisurf Cannot load surface info CA\Data\Penetration\armor_7mm_plate.bisurf Cannot load surface info CA\Data\Penetration\armor_5mm_plate.bisurf Cannot load surface info CA\Data\Penetration\armor_30mm_plate.bisurf Cannot load surface info CA\Data\Penetration\armor_11mm_plate.bisurf Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\plexiPlate.bisurf Cannot load surface info ca\data\Penetration\glass_armored.bisurf also Warning: Convex component representing wheel_1 not found Warning: Convex component representing wheel_2 not found Warning: Convex component representing wheel_3 not found class HitPoints::HitHull not found in Peral_A10C maybe u can fix this with next update... ;)
  8. Thanks... worked again for us !! Love your Tool, keep up this good work !! ;) Regards, Phantom
  9. pls explain "how" i should run ArmA3Sync-console.bat file -> UPDATE !! If i click the bat, the upcoming window told me "the command java blablabla"... it would be helpfull, if u explain it to me... thanks !! Edit : not more needed, we use your new version, this works !! other question : it's possible to copy& paste the config from one version to a new one ?? which files are needed ?? thx
  10. its still broken, tool worked fine, but update don't work...
  11. Phantom


    Yes baby... can't wait for it !! :)
  12. groups aren't deleted, repo is shown, so far so good, but it's always shows a available update, clicking on ok closed the tool and nothing happend again... could i give u any files for debug ??
  13. Also dont help, and if i do that, i lost all of my groups, repo say "rebuild repo" and dont check the repo... update also don't run... what's happend ?? armasync was so stable until today... :) have also try a fresh version, also the same result... ;)
  14. have only a arma3-sync-updater.jar... if i use this, i get an error "cant find file in update repository" !!
  15. i update yesterday (version 1.2 update 4, build 1.2.39), today it shows me a new update, if i click proceed armasnyc closed immediatly and nothing happend...