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  1. Big Mac

    Why is John Rambo a.... rambo?

    And yet another useless thread..
  2. Big Mac

    The Tillman Story

    There's no such thing as a atheist in a foxhole, didn't ya know?
  3. Big Mac

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    The same could be said for the codemaster's thread. Honestly I find this thread to have more merit for being open than that one. He was never going to get his day in court and for that I'm glad. It would have been a waste of money and an insult to our justice system to give him the same rights as an American. He was put down like the rabid dog he was.
  4. Big Mac

    The Tillman Story

    Is it true to the facts or is it like the Jessica Lynch movie? Either way TBH it's not much of a story. He turned down a multi-million contract, enlisted in the Army, Became a Ranger, was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan, the US Army tries to make him out to be Audie Murphy and fails, end of story. I respect him, but the only reason everyone went up in flames over it is because he's Pat Tillman. If it was PFC Joe Blow no one would give a shit. There's stories out there about regular soldiers no one's heard about that are way more moving than Pat Tillman's I'm sorry. If you want to watch something that'll blow you away watch Restrepo.
  5. Big Mac

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    England, we will see your wedding and raise you a funeral.
  6. No reason it should be. RR or not it's a dead issue, close the thread.
  7. that's 57-43 pages too many..
  8. It's not about whether I or others read it or not, it's about principle of it. This thread has been going on since last July and has not really been productive past it's first couple pages. It's long past due for it to be closed.
  9. The bad reviews are warning enough. This thread needs to be closed because it's devolved into mindless bashing with no clear direction. Mods have closed other threads for the same reasons, they need to do the same here too..
  10. Still not a good enough to not close it. Other threads that turned into mindless bashing have been closed. Why not this one?
  11. Maybe it's me, but what I don't understand is why after 432 pages this thread isn't closed. We've established that both games are utter shit, we've established that Codemasters have gone the way of EA, IW, etc. and we've established that Sion Lenton is a cunt. Why keep this endless discussion going?
  12. Big Mac

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I think it was done before you even posted it, but more to the point it just makes you look less credible and more like a loon.
  13. ArmA2 LSD trip addon finally!!
  14. Big Mac

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Thani...dude...seriously...stop with the Great Wall of Text. It's obnoxious...
  15. Big Mac

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I've met enough tea party members to know this about them. 1. They hate Obama with every fiber of their being. Be it on a political level, racial level or both. 2. They all think Ronald Reagan was next to God. Honestly I don't know why because the man's economic policies were horrible and he was the reason every banana republic dictator's secret police was trained by Americans. 3. They're all idiots on one level or another. I'm sorry but when you call Obama a communist or socialist you're an idiot case closed. If I need to explain why then you're even more of an idiot. 4. They all say they're about the constitution. I laugh every time I hear that because the only thing in the constitution they give a rat's ass about is the 2nd amendment. The rest can be shredded as far as they're concerned. 5. They say they don't like Bush either. That's only because Bush wouldn't nuke everything that looked at him the wrong way. Seriously though the Tea Party only puts out a half truth on this one. They say they don't like Bush but what they don't really say is why and the why is because he wasn't radical enough for them. They in fact much preferred Cheney over Bush. I'd take Bush over Captain Heart Attack any day of the week. 6. None of them have any business in political office. I'm sorry but the tea party IMO would be the downfall of America if enough of them were allowed into political office. They don't care about the very foundations on which America was founded on and they would only alienate America from it's closest allies, trading partners, and the world in general. You can go to the UK without a visa I believe..