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  1. oksman

    3CB Factions

    Does anyone here know if it's possible to change the clan logo on certain vehicles to a specific .paa for each mission? I've tried changing setObjectTexture with "clan" etc but can't seem to get it working. Anyone know how to set this as an editor? Cheers for any response, and many thanks 3CB for the hotfix!
  2. oksman

    3CB Factions

    Awesome thanks! I just want to clarify after reading my own text it wasn't super clear maybe, the M2s on all Land Rovers have this issue, where as the commanders PKM itself is aligned correctly. Great work, thanks on behalf of Guerrillas of Liberation !
  3. oksman

    3CB Factions

    Hello 3CB devs, love your work it's really great to have a larger faction set using the RHS content so very happy to see that! I wasn't sure where to find a feedback tracker or known issues but I would like to report an issue with the Landrover HMGs that seem to have a very offset sight, the 100m range sits between the pin on the sight and the "arch" so its very hard for players to use effectively at distance and even confusing at close range. Is this something that could be fixed? I was hoping the previous patch note on the wrong magazine may have fixed it but perhaps its not related. The Commander version with the PKM seems to be aligned so that's not an issue, it's only the M2 on top of these Landrovers that have the problematic alignment For reference this is the Dshkm from a Hilux which has a more flat arc at the same ranging which works well
  4. Larrow you legend. Is there any documentation that mentions this or is this one of your many magical skills? Thanks a bunch! That's sorted it
  5. Damn, I read the opposite in another thread. I'll give that a go and return! Thanks Edit: So I've managed to make the target pop up both with TargetE and W for east, however it disappears after 5 seconds instead of remaining for the time designated. _laser spawn { while {!isNull _this} do {sleep 0.1;}; systemChat "Laser gone..."}; This fires every time after a few seconds.
  6. Hey I've been trying to figure this out and I can't seem to get it working, my intent is creating a script that creates random targets for CAS practice, and I've made so there's smoke spawned near the enemy to guide dumb fire, what I'm missing is to simulate having an FAC on the ground who has a laser on target. So what I'm trying to make is a scripted laser show up on the HUD / Sensor of the players airframe and this is intended for use on dedicated server hence the dynamic variable. _laser = createVehicle ["LaserTargetW" ,getPos _randomTarget, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; [side _Player,[_laser , 3600]] remoteExec ["reportRemoteTarget",0]; [_laser,[side _Player, true]] remoteExec ["confirmSensorTarget",0]; _randomTarget is just a invisible helipad. side _Player is in this case EAST hence the "LaserTargetW". Anyone got a clue about this? Is there another solution to make scripted laser for human pilots? Thanks for any help in advance
  7. oksman

    Arma3 Videos

    Best Amphibious assault recorded in Arma 3 ever imo 😄
  8. oksman

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Disable the function? It's slowing down joinings on servers. Don't need to expand it just stop the game from attempting to contact Arma 3 Units? It's not working for anyone anyway?
  9. oksman

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    I have a curious thing happening to the Husky, no AI seems to want to fire their rifles at the gunner? Is this intentional?