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    Arma3 Videos

    Clan rituals, nothing to see here
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    3CB BAF Weapons

    Sorry just tested this, it doesn't seem to work. UK3CB_BAF_Weapons_Ammo_fnc_check_for_smoke_round doesn't seem to be defined if I check for it in the watch fields.
  6. oksman

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Thanks a lot man! I did notice that the smoke doesn't seem to effect the AI when playing on a dedicated server with or without headless client. Is this a known issue or could it have something to do with AI mods such as LAMBS_Danger.fsm? https://streamable.com/rpguxf Just realized that I disabled LAMBS_Danger on the enemies there in that video, so maybe it's something else?
  7. oksman

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hello, great mod. Love the quality! I was wondering, os there a way to activate your 60mm Smoke Shell module via script? Love the smoke effect, finally a smokeshell that does its job! Would like to do a scripted scene in a mission but I don't want to use the module with triggers, I'd want to apply some scripts and parameters for it such as delay per smoke round etc. Is this possible?
  8. oksman

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    What happens if you give your vehicles to the AI? The default vehicle spawned in does not have vehicle ammo in the vehicle, meaning AI can't reload right? It makes it quite the hassle for anyone seeing as you have to manually load it in in-game which cost precious time or it requires some hefty scripting. I love the mod though I just wondered if there's a solution for this?
  9. That looks really nice, I really hope you manage to get it working 🙂
  10. Here's hoping for your success with this project! I think everyone is dreaming of having the AAR that Dsylexci use, but since it's private it's great to see someone wanting to contribute to the community with such a good piece of tech! I'm not a very talented coder but I know C# for web-development if that would help at all. Do you have a preview of what this looked like in Arma 2 or how it is you wish it to work? Is it a web-based replay as most of the other AARs?
  11. oksman

    Arma3 Videos

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    Arma3 Videos