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  1. I can't see images for some reason, but I heard RAV and now i'm kind of aroused...
  2. Zee Identity Pack

    Hopefully you guys can see that okay, buuuut, this is McVay, current WIP
  3. Project Zenith/VSM

    After numerous attempts to contact you I find the answers to my question on this thread days later. Its clear from your lack of communication with me and recent events, that you have changed your ways. I do not support this downward turn. Keep what shit that's mine in there. But until i see drastic, positive change beyond what has already been said, I will no longer be contributing. If I'm supposed to be a contributor, supporter and supposed friend of yourself and the mod, I expect better communication than to be left in the dark for several days and be informed secondhand. I would be going against my principles as a modder and game developer if I continued to contribute. I apologise to the mods. But after everything I need to make my intent known, and seeing as it is impossible to communicate any other way, the consequences were made public.
  4. Zee Identity Pack

    it was, a while back, i think it's the most up to date version. dev version's still in the works.
  5. I'm actually redoing that project ;) Anyway, how do you guys want me doing the references? I've got some pouches on and pouches off, inside, outside, commentary on notable areas etc, anything else you need?
  6. I've been a GR fan since I was a wee little lady, no harm ;)
  7. Fixed it for you ;) I've been wanting to model the gen 1 crye gear/IWS that was used in GRAW for so long...
  8. Not sure if you've already got one as well but I have an Airframe model to hand.
  9. If you guys are planning on making a paraclete RAV or a paraclete SOHPC let me know, I've got both and will be more than happy to get reference images for you :)
  10. Hey what's the vert count on those? they're looking a little high.
  11. Zee Identity Pack

    sincere apologies for the lack of activity peoples, college has kept me down recently. will likely be releasing FEMAL3 dev into the wild soon, I know some of you are probably anxious to get a hold of the two new heads showcased and I don't want to keep you waiting forever. still waiting on HG's skeleton then bodies will be in full swing.
  12. Zee Identity Pack

    hmmmm, MTLB eh? there's an acronym I've not heard for a while, might have to fire the file up again at some point ;)
  13. Project Zenith/VSM

    saying it now, so it's nice and fresh.... CHECK YOUR FUCKING DISCORD! :D
  14. Zee Identity Pack

    It's likely a LOD issue, I'll have a look :) I don't see why not! :D just bear in mind any likeness will be loose, mainly to avoid legal troubles and to also just add my own unique flare! :D Yes guys, I am still alive, don't worry, I've just been very busy and haven't kept you all up to date, I apologise! Projects are still ongoing and I'm going to see if I can work some talk magic in a couple of aspects.
  15. Zee Identity Pack

    I've personally not messed with it, but I think it's a cool idea for sure! Try the vehicle route for now and see how that works out as a proof of concept, you can always go back to the memory points bit if necessary :)