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    Been playing since Arma and really enjoy learning about island making, as well as, mission scripting.
  1. awakenrm

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Has anyone had any issues using the Hemtt repair, fuel, or ammo? Even when I'm a repair specialist and at the rank of Colonel I still get kicked out for not being qualified to operate the vehicle. Went through all the mission files can't pinpoint what could be happening.
  2. awakenrm


    Hello everyone, I am Corporal Bengtsson of the 2nd Marine Regiment. I am here hopefully to recruit some good applicants, as such; writing another tedious recruitment post is getting rather, well, tedious... I've been doing this for 10 years now, 6+ years in the 2nd Marine Regiment. I like to think we are different than all the other clans out there milsim or not. We put the heaviestemphasis on everybody getting along, to that extent everybody that joins is voted on by everyone in the clan. If there is even one no then they are denied. The second is our continued strive to find the balance between hardcore milsim and no milsim. We have been around the block a couple of times in different clans among our members. To that end when we created the clan we found that we prefer the military core for the cohesion and order it brings. Our biggest goal is simply creating the environment for our members, which is something every member is included in. We also don't have paragraphs on paragraphs on rules, we like to use common sense, for the most part. We demand a lot from our members, but most of all we always want them to strive for something. For example if a member needs to work on something be it shooting or driving etc... we would focus training on that one thing, not scheduled overall training sessions. We also do not expect members to be on every day, only to show loyalty and honesty. Thank you. At the moment, we are a very small group so if anyone is interested in joining we encourage you to come talk to us first on our teamspeak. Teamspeak: www.2dmarclan.net Hope to see you around!
  3. awakenrm

    Dslyecxi's 'Paper doll' Gear Menu

    Thank you for releasing this