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  1. Go to where you were directed and read. Easy as that
  2. I'd love a batman mask. It covers the head so it's like a hat.
  3. Twin2Win

    Volvo C303

    Checking it out, Thanks!
  4. 2 of us responded to the reddit post with links back to hear. Glad PC Gamer reads more then just the first post....I'm going to write them a letter, Sukura should get soem credit not PurePassion.
  5. Well at least it will make sense when I eat a grenade round and live like nothing happened lol
  6. Keep up the good work Sakura! We believe in you!
  7. Someone decided to post this on the DayZ Reddit so I thought I'd point them to this thread, you deserve the credit. Thanks for all your hard work Sakura!
  8. Totally waiting. In a hour, I'll be back. In two, I will return again. =P
  9. I can't believe we are so close to this release...Who's excited? I'm excited!
  10. I feel like I'm waiting for my first born to be born....(I don't have kids)
  11. I literally only want the islands. All the old content I could care less about. I like what the community is working on as it is and I will gladly wait for new content...but I must have the islands =P
  12. Grats on the new rig and tomorrow...I'm going to make love to Chernarus... And Aimer, there is a mod request thread and I'm sure it's been covered in there, if not, add it to it. Also, don't think they will port over, different skeleton, would have to be made almost completely from scratch.
  13. Twin2Win

    How many man hours to make a map?

    Nice to see ya around still Old Bear. This man is a legend, anything he posts, listen.
  14. I literally check this thread 4 times a day. If you run in to any road blocks let me know I'll see if I can help at all.