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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0.7 (Released October 25, 2018) Index 1. About 2. Feature Spotlight 3. Media 4. Download 5. Control Support 6. Wiki 7. Source Code and Bug Reporting 8. Donate 9. Discord 10. Celebrate 1. About Arma Dialog Creator is a fresh take on making dialogs for Arma 3. Instead of editing header files, you are directly manipulating the dialog. Instead of reloading Arma 3 over and over again for hours trying to get that perfect alignment, load up the Preview mode and edit at the same time. This project is open-source and licensed with MIT license. 2. Feature Spotlight Below are some features that make ADC great. More detail is available in the wiki. Macros In ADC, you can assign properties to Macros, which are passed by reference. This means that when you assign a property's value to a Macro, any changes to a Macro's value will also then be forwarded to the property's value. Mini SQF Evaluator Built into ADC is a standalone small SQF evaluator. You don't need Arma 3 running to use it, there's no shady "hacking" involved, and it's integrated with ADC's header PreProcessor, meaning you can import header files that have SQF inside of them. Also, because the developer got carried away, there is also a Mini SQF Evaluator Popup so you can evaluate multiple expressions. Not sure if the popup is actually useful though. :) "How does it work?" It uses ANTLR and lots of Java code to evaluate the SQF. All of the evaluating is done with ASTs (Abstract Syntax Trees) built by ANTLR and evaluated in Java. "How much SQF is supported?" Very, very, very, very little. Probably less than 0.1% of all SQF commands are supported. If you wish to see a full list, you may visit this link. String Table Support A String Table editor is built in with ADC. Besides just being able to edit keys and values, you can pass them around as Macros throughout the program so that when the String Table changes, so does your dialog. You can also change the language in ADC to check if different localizations will go out of bounds of a control (this is shown in the trailer above). Learn more about the String Table editor here. 3. Media Here is a trailer for Arma Dialog Creator. It's a really short, but dense, video showing many of the implemented features. You can watch the video here (same video as above). Here is a longer, slower paced video that shows ADC's features pretty well. The video was made in November 2016, so a lot has changed. Here is the doobly doo. 4. Control Support Not every control is supported, unfortunately. You may view the how much is supported here. In the future, I hope to support more controls and preferably have less bugs. :) 5. Download You may download Arma Dialog Creator here. 6. Wiki Want to read lots of text? The wiki may be for you. You can find it here. 7. Source Code and Bug Reporting You may find the source code at the GitHub page. You can also report bugs at the repo's issues page (please report them there). Source Code Issues Page 8. Donate If you wish to donate to me personally, you may do so here. Please only donate if you have the money because I won't give refunds. 9. Discord I have created a Discord server for Arma Dialog Creator and Arma IntelliJ Plugin. Here is the invite (remove the spaces in the link - they are to prevent bots): https://discord.gg/K d u 8 c q e 10. Celebrate Arma Dialog Creator has been out for more than a year now (time has flown by holy cow). And I'm still screaming.
  2. In last update we have ended with the rough prototype of the new location. We have shown how the Supertexture in Take on Mars are created and imported in to the game. Since the source data for this location didn't included any height data it was necessary to sculpt the terrain manually. For this we are using our proprietary tool set called Workbench, which contains standardized terrain displacement editing tools. The height map, created this way, will be utilized later, when creating the fake terrain. Rough sculpt of terrain with low resolution Supertexture The low-res Supertexture prototype has shown promising results so it is time proceed with the recoloring of hi-res version. For this we will be editing the gray scale original in the Photoshop. By adding several fill layers with appropriate masking and adjusting the contrast, we will add the desired color to the image. The final image will serve as source for both the Supertexture and material for the fake surround terrain. Colorizing the Supertexture in Photoshop The exported height map from game terrain covers only the playable area of location. For the surround terrain will be necessary extend the height map to full area in a way that will ensure seamless transition between game terrain and fake terrain model. The full Heightmap area, while b eing drawn. The white rectangle represents the original exported from Workbench. When the full height map is prepared it can be used to create a displacement mesh in the 3D Studio Max and after few adjustments can be exported back in to the game as a static model. Edit of fake surrounding terrain in 3DS Max, blue mesh represents the original terrain Finalized fake terrain in game with almost unnoticeable seam between real terrain and fake
  3. Surface Painter a simple toolbox for map makers by [CORP] zgmrvn & [CORP] Hashlych Current version : 1.1.2 Date : 10/19/2017 Surface Painter is a simple toolbox to help map makers in specific tasks. It's not meant to cover all your needs, the mod currently has very few features but it's open source and meant to be modular, allowing you to create your own modules using the interface, controls and other features like the Object Pool. GitHub : https://github.com/zgmrvn/surface-painter-mod thanks to : @cptnnick an @commy2 for their maths knowledge @lappihuan and @NeoArmageddon for helping me with model configuration and optimisation @_SCAR and its E2TB for your feedbacks features Surface Painter This tool lets you tweak the surface map directly in Arma using a dll that replicates your actions in an image file. instructions here : https://github.com/zgmrvn/surface-painter-mod/blob/master/readme.md Run Arma with Battleye disabled. Take manual backups of your surface map. Object Pool It lets you define objects that will be used by modules. You can search objects by name and set the spawn probability for each one. Brush A simple brush tool for random object placement. Edge Draw lines and create objects along them, can be set to detect terrain and follow it. Export Allows you to export created objects in your clipboard in a Terrain Builder format. Download https://github.com/zgmrvn/surface-painter-mod/releases
  4. Hi all, I just want to make my custom units based on exported loadouts from Virtual Arsenal, that will be always accessible via mission editor or third party addons, nothing special, just my custom group under NATO or CSAT factions. If i get it right, the only way to do it - to make addon. But i have no skills and knowledge to make such addon by myself, so i need little help from the community. I try to do this by myself, and found this links: http://pastebin.com/9zUxVn07# http://pastebin.com/wtCnGxTR ... so i see that it have only few rows of code, but don't know how to use it :( What kind of file i need to create .bin, .cfg, .cpp, .sqf ? Does it accept pasted data from virtual arsenal e.t.c. Maybe somebody can help me and show some working example of such addon with only one or two units that have virtual arsenal loadout ? And i will continue to add my units to it. Thanks for any help.
  5. With this first entry, we are starting a series of irregular developer diaries, which should give you a glimpse into the problematics of creating Take on Mars. In this developer diary I would like to give you an idea how we proceed during the creation of the realistic locations in Take on Mars. Do not be afraid, it is not rocket science and I am sure that after reading this series of articles you will have an idea on how to create locations of your own, using the integrated Workbench suite shipped with the game. What we do, is that we first create a "Supertexture" – a high resolution image of the landscape which is mapped on to the in-game terrain. As a source for this Supertexture, we use the publicly available satellite data provided by NASA. These images are accessible under the "Public Domain" license, which means that anyone can grab these images of Mars acquired by the HiRISE satellite and use them in their products. www.uahirise.org, source for satellite data acquired by NASA. Courtesy of NASA/JPL/University of Arizona For this example, I have selected the satellite images from the North pole which I am currently working on. HiRISE lets you download the black and white satellite images in an extreme resolution of 32046×42431 pixels. When imported into Photoshop, the final file can take up to 4GB of data; that is the situation where a PC with a large amount of RAM comes in handy. Such a huge image provides a resolution of ~4 pixels per square meter. For both polar caps (south and north) we decided to create two 2×2 km locations. This means that the final resolution of the Super texture for this location will be 8192 pixels. These 2×2 km represent the playable area, but won't look all that good if the terrain is suddenly cut-off at the edges. Therefore it is necessary to create an illusion of the much wider terrain, which is achieved by making a fake surrounding terrain via model. To ensure good visibility, we need to take data from an area of at least 5×5 km, which makes up an image of total 20480×20480 pixels. The satellite image ready to be cropped, the white rectangle represents the playable area (2x2 km) The final 20480×20480 px. image will serve as a source for creating the texture for the fake surround terrain and also for the 8048×8048 Supertexture used in the location itself. Because such huge images are very cumbersome to work with, it is better to first create a low resolution re-color prototype and test it in game. Supertexture prototype in game editor, mapped on flat terrain Sometimes NASA also provides terrain height data with their satellite pictures. Unfortunately in this case there weren't any height data available for this location, thus it was necessary to sculpt the terrain by hand, but that will have to wait until the next developer diary!
  6. Hey all, I have a question, I am trying to get a AI controlled Blackhawk to flyinheight upto 1000 from a steady incline from 3 waypoints, I would like the Blackhawk to hover over the DZ for approx. 30 sec. I wanted to add some enemy AI around DZ for extra fun for ground troops to clear for halo jump. It just so happens the Blackhawk ID's the enemy first and flys around rarely going to hover point for halo jump. I have this allowFleeing 0, but that does not seem enough. Any other ideas? could I script it in initsqf for Blackhawk to go to each waypoints? if so what does that look like? Thanks in advance. Does Norrins heli taxi work for this?