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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for a developer for my Invade And Annex server. I require a few smallish changes to the framework I am using. I'm using Quiksilvers Apex_framework_155.Altis invade and annex mission on my server but I've ran into a few bugs and things I want added into the server. What I'm looking for specifically is all land vehicles to be able to be slingloaded via Huron. The fuel usage cut to a quarter. The group system redone as the current one is broken and glitchy. A rank system that saves points and handles rankings. (May require SQL database knownledge.) Finally a Anti-air role added into the other roles and it is the only one that is missing. Payment can be discussed in Pms
  2. Hello, I am looking for an experienced developer (or two) that are willing to help my life role-play server expand and grow to something much more unique. The server/community currently uses/has: Lakeside heavily modded Custom mission file with plenty to do Some bugs, not majorly game-breaking 55 players all-time peak 20-40 players average but we have the money to spend on advertising once the server is more unique Approval for Bohemia monetization We're looking for someone who has advanced knowledge in developing scripts (not just configuring) and is familiar with MySQL (not a requirement). I really hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this but from what I read on the forum guidelines, it seems alright. Just to be safe, I won't be posting any links/mentioning the community name. Please contact me if you're interested, I will look forward to working with you.
  3. Hello, we are looking for a confirmed developer on *.sqf language to develop a functional prototype from ARMA3 to VBS. This is a wildfire simulator for firefighting training. Our team is French and open to international. Please contact us by private message for more informations. Regards.
  4. To start off, I'm a massive fan of the Support framework - not enough missions make transport/logistics pilots really feel like they have a meaningful impact on the battlefield in my opinion, and I'm not a huge fan of the needless level of complexity involved with getting ALiVE working properly. However... Since we got the mission framework, it seems to have the hardcoded limitation that getting out of your chopper outside the base/leaving the base in any manner other than a helicopter results in a "returning to base, out of bounds" message. Now, I get that the mission is geared towards support objectives (they've specifically stated in the past it was designed this way so that when it was released alongside the Helicopters DLC, there would be a mission purely focusing on the logistics capabilities those new vehicles brought to the table) - it does it better than anything else. But the inability to have even a small player squad operating alongside a larger, busier air wing kind of sucks, especially when its due to a single option that could be as easily turned off as a single attribute in one of the modules. Is there any chance of getting in contact with Bohemia and seeing if they'd make this change? Alternatively, if people know a way around this limitation please let me know so I can implement it.
  5. In last update we have ended with the rough prototype of the new location. We have shown how the Supertexture in Take on Mars are created and imported in to the game. Since the source data for this location didn't included any height data it was necessary to sculpt the terrain manually. For this we are using our proprietary tool set called Workbench, which contains standardized terrain displacement editing tools. The height map, created this way, will be utilized later, when creating the fake terrain. Rough sculpt of terrain with low resolution Supertexture The low-res Supertexture prototype has shown promising results so it is time proceed with the recoloring of hi-res version. For this we will be editing the gray scale original in the Photoshop. By adding several fill layers with appropriate masking and adjusting the contrast, we will add the desired color to the image. The final image will serve as source for both the Supertexture and material for the fake surround terrain. Colorizing the Supertexture in Photoshop The exported height map from game terrain covers only the playable area of location. For the surround terrain will be necessary extend the height map to full area in a way that will ensure seamless transition between game terrain and fake terrain model. The full Heightmap area, while b eing drawn. The white rectangle represents the original exported from Workbench. When the full height map is prepared it can be used to create a displacement mesh in the 3D Studio Max and after few adjustments can be exported back in to the game as a static model. Edit of fake surrounding terrain in 3DS Max, blue mesh represents the original terrain Finalized fake terrain in game with almost unnoticeable seam between real terrain and fake
  6. Hello, I've been thinking about a possible MOD for Arma 3 that could really produce some butt-clenching, heart pounding, gameplay moments. It's heavily inspired on the Battle Royale mod which is dying out sadly, and there's some MMO elements in them too. Anyways, I've made a small presentation that explains the idea better: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1LYfntb3MyRWQUp3Eyju9cyEopTPzSF_dRzpS99TxcvE/edit?usp=sharing I'm no developer, my goal with this post is to just 'test the water' and see if there is some interest in a game mod like this. Secondly if someone can enlighten me on how much work creating a minimal viable prototype of this MOD would take, or point me in the general direction of someone that can help me get this going, that would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you! best regards
  7. Please add a function that allows us to ‘unstuck’ our character. I have this option in Warframe, we type /unstuck to release ourselves when we are stuck in the terrain. I would think this would solve our issues, maybe it’s just a button we have in our inventory or at map. With a 5 minute cooldown so it isn’t abused. It would just need to pop you 5m to the left or right, something to get you out of tight situations. I had a match last night where I was doing well, a change for me, and had cleared map to claim a green crate for myself. Then a rock grabs me and I cannot get released. I took a video of my inventory and the crate grade, as well the video proof to show I would have grabbed it an extracted fine as it was untouched while the radiation wave consumed me.
  8. ronin1979ca

    what do you want hosted?

    I run a sever that i do development on. I've developed several projects, but I'm looking to host something people want to play. here are a couple of my projects.
  9. I've been working on a project anyone is welcome to take a look at on my test server, for feedback and testing. It adds ambient life in a fashion similar to games like GTA and Just cause. No mods are required as everything runs server side. Please give it a try, and let me know what you want to see as it's developed further. I am working on police response etc. but for now the police are hostile. You can expect all the normal features of wasteland as well, with better performance as I've added my own optimizations. The current test environment is on Stratis. this system employed uses performance throttling and other enhancements to ensure the ambient life will work without affecting performance.
  10. Hi Arma 3 community, We are currently in need of a developer who has experience setting up Arma 3 Life Servers - specifically Tanoa Life. While we have successfully managed to to get the server online with Life 5.0 & the Tanoa map, we have ran into a lot of bugs during our preliminary tests. We are in desperate need for a developer to assist us in ironing out some of the bugs, and prepping the server for a large player base. If you have the knowledge and or experience, please contact me by the attached discord username below. We are prepared to offer a financial reward for the job well done. Thanks, Joshua (Landfish Community Lead) Discord: joshua.qwerty#2789
  11. Hi! Are you interested in the RP (roleplaying) scene in Armaverse? Make sure to join our active Discord server right away! Are you an RP player? follow the progress of various RP projects to stay updated with the latest news in the RP scene of Armaverse discuss directly with the project developers to give them ideas and feedback to help them develop better gamemodes find other people interested in RP to play with Are you an RP developer? follow the progress of various RP projects to stay updated with the latest news in the RP scene of Armaverse recruit talented people to your team via the dedicated recruitment channel exchange ideas with other developers and the players to make your gamemode even more awesome get a dedicated channel for your project where you can show your shiny latest features and discuss with the community about it Are you an RP framework developer? follow the progress of various RP projects to stay updated with the latest news in the RP scene of Armaverse recruit talented people to your team via the dedicated recruitment channel take part in collaborative technical discussions with experienced developers to help you deliver framework featuring the latest innovations in the scene get a dedicated channel for your framework where you can show your latest shiny features and discuss with the community about it The community has just been founded but we already have tens of members, several RP projects and we're growing every day. Most importantly, the community and the discussion are already pretty active and people are genuinely helping each other, helping everyone to have even more awesome roleplaying experience in Arma! Join us today! Join us via the link below! https://discord.gg/hBzT2v7 Regards, Ezcoo
  12. Hi! I'm Ezcoo, founder of Task Force Northern Wind. Task Force Northern Wind is intended to be a small group of developers specialized in developing multiplayer gamemodes and the required content for them in agile manner in Arma 3. The group name and logo describe the group's vision: just like the icy-cold northern wind hitting you in the face when you step out of the door in Nordics, our goal is to create immersive experiences that make players concretely feel, whether it's excitement, fear or passion. The group will be shaped by its members, which means that every member – including you – has a good chance to affect the direction we'll be taking in our future projects. I decided to found the group because I've been in the Arma modding (mostly mission editing) scene for years, but haven't accomplished much. I started as a complete noob back in 2012, having no idea of anything, but got constantly better at my niché, game design, with the right mixture of inspiration and perspiration. I consider myself pretty skilled in it nowadays. I've been part of several ambitious projects that didn't take off for some reasons: either they turned out to be too large projects for the team or – most importantly – the chosen development method was suboptimal considering the ambitiousness of the projects. Regarding the latter reason, it took me a while to understand why I was failing to deliver despite of having the honor to work with such amazing teams of developers I actually was working with. Eventually I figured it out. The reason is that I'm strongly the type of developer that utilizes agile methods with very short feedback loop and iteration interval. I've been working with and in teams that have had developers from all around the world, which lead to a single iteration lasting for a day or even several days, which, in turn, lead to difficulties in managing and designing the project on my part. That's why I decided to found Task Force Northern Wind – a developer group deploying a set of practices that utilize agile development and tight cooperation between developers, ultimately leading to better results. Task Force Northern Wind is looking for you, if you're able and willing to take part in development of multiplayer gamemodes during European noons, meaning approximately the time between 09:00 and 19:00 GMT. We're seeking people with a friendly and cooperative mindset; in addition, while tolerance to the consistently present bad humor is not required, it just will make your life a lot easier! If you're a scripter/programmer, we'd love to hear from you if: you master full stack development from database setup and integration to user interfaces in Arma, especially considering the multiplayer environment; OR you master some of the skills required in multiplayer mission development and you're available to work with other developers when they need you approximately during the above-mentioned time window. If you have other skills that you think we might be interested in, make sure to contact me on Steam or join our Discord and poke us! See you on the battlefield!
  13. I'm after a modder that can make a standalone door object that I can place at the entrances of buildings that don't have doors. I'm currently working on a mission and a lot of the buildings in the map don't have doors, so I'd like just a door object that opens and closes like normal and possibly lockable? Should be a relatively easy mod, but I've got no idea when it comes to object addons and stuff like that. I only script. Cheers
  14. Hi, i am a developer of a small arma life server. We have decided to switch to Malden when it comes up and we have started building the server in dev branch to prepare for launch. But we have encountered a problem in that alot of objects on Malden are Apex. Which means in our attempt to build simmilar structures already exist on Malden we have to put out apex object from the Eden editor which will make people who do not own Apex not able to join the server. Espcially annoying is it that most common wall on malden is apex locked which means we cant extend it or even repair broken bits of it with the editor. So my question is, when Malden is released will you be able to play on it even if you dont own apex and we place apex objects and if not are you planning the change that any time soon? Sorry for my broken English.
  15. To provide a more in-depth perspective on development, Bohemia Interactive deployed a two-part series of developer diaries about the upcoming Arma 3 Marksmen DLC. Exploring the new weapons and supporting platform features, in the first . Arma 3's Creative Director Jay Crowe, Project Lead Joris-Jan van ’t Land, and Encoding Lead Petr Kolar discuss the vision behind the Marksmen DLC, its development process, and the contribution it makes to the Arma 3 sandbox. The second developer diary, which we released today, takes a closer look at the new showcase scenarios, training courses and firing drills, Virtual Garage, the new End Game multiplayer mode, and some of the experimental multiplayer systems. More info can be found on the Arma 3 website.
  16. Hello viewers. Lets get straight to the point. This terrain is my very first terrain, I have ever made and got to run successfully in game. So this is a big plus 1 for me. I do not know a bunch of handy techniques of making the terrain look better. So any pointers will help me out a ton :rolleyes: My terrain is not a 100% recreation of Southern Wardak Province, Afghanistan. A lot of towns and roads are custom thought of by me. Features: * Will feature JBAD Buildings (Thanks to Smokedog and Milkman) * Foot patrol paths * 1 pave highway * Multiple dirt roads Work in Progress: * Multiple FOB's and check points * Towns / Villages * Foliage Videos: Click here for more pictures Pictures: Click here for more pictures Note: In the pictures the sat image is blurry, I know. Since this is my first terrain, I didn't want to spend a lot of time in Photoshop to puzzle the map together, just in case if my terrain didn't load in-game or crash. Changelog: To do list: Required addons: JBAD_Buildings -http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26806 Download Links: ArmaHolic - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28535 Mediafire - http://www.mediafire.com/download/yugo6k8nh0gll08/Wardak.rar If their are any recommendations please state them here. Big thanks to: Smokedog and Milkman - For their JBAD Buildings =1stRB= MAJ. Gunner - For assisting me with the config work CAPTNCAPS - For his YouTube video tutorials 1st Ranger Battalion - For support Many thanks :rolleyes:
  17. Myself and a friend are currently looking for an experienced developer to aid in the development of an Altis Life server and in the future perhaps a Life Mod What will be required 1) Implement New Scripts (New shops, edit shops) 2) Familiar with editing servers using Remote Connect on a Virtual Dedicated Server (Setting up the SQL database as well as experience editing within an FTP) 2) Add Custom Skins for Players and Vehicles 3) Modify the Altis Map to resemble the United Kingdom (Speed markers, Road markers, etc) 4) It would also be great if you can make custom scripts to be implemented into the Mission File 5) Modify the map to add : Training grounds for Police, Custom Areas for Rebels 6) Implement an military option for civilians to join, for example cutting off a part of the map to be controlled by an anti-police military. Our idea for the server Our basic idea for the Altis Life server is a UK themed, Strict Roleplay. For example Police will only carry lethal weapons if they have the correct training etc. For the time being we believe it is best to have no Mods to hoepfully create a playerbase so that in the future we can start using Mods to make the Server more unique. Payment Unfortunately we can not offer any real world payment in exchange for your servicesExtra Information Currently we do not have a Teamspeak server, however in the very near future we will have one, as well as a website A list of features that we want added to the server is now currently being made and will be given to the developer when complete The Virtual Dedicated Server will be hopefully purchased within the next few weeks If you believe that you are able to help us out feel free to add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/theom9/and we can discuss there. Thanks in advance, Theo
  18. Hello My name is John and we have been working on a Arma 3 Life Server. We have our own Server Box for the Game server. The Teamspeak is a NPL 512 slot, and 40+ people trying to help. The thing is, they are all what i call (Google Devlopers) besides one gentlemen. But work is an overload on him and we are requesting some experienced help. No matter what your talent is in the scripting/modding world, we will most defiantly take a look at you. When we get up and running you will be rewarded for the amount of help/work you put into the community. Serious Inquires only please. 18+ is required Email John: 3rdsfo@gmail.com Map is already up, Most things work properly, they just need help on the pile of work left to do.
  19. How do I remove or disable flares for AI controlled jets?
  20. Tune in now for an unexpected Arma 3 Developer's Livestream with Associate Producer Matt Lightfoot and Designer Thomas Ryan: http://www.twitch.tv/arma3official This entire afternoon they'll be playing through the 'Survive' Campaign Episode (beware of spoilers!). Join us live and ask us your questions #Arma3Live. We intend to stream more regularly in the future, so also be sure to follow the Arma 3 channel on Twitch!
  21. With this first entry, we are starting a series of irregular developer diaries, which should give you a glimpse into the problematics of creating Take on Mars. In this developer diary I would like to give you an idea how we proceed during the creation of the realistic locations in Take on Mars. Do not be afraid, it is not rocket science and I am sure that after reading this series of articles you will have an idea on how to create locations of your own, using the integrated Workbench suite shipped with the game. What we do, is that we first create a "Supertexture" – a high resolution image of the landscape which is mapped on to the in-game terrain. As a source for this Supertexture, we use the publicly available satellite data provided by NASA. These images are accessible under the "Public Domain" license, which means that anyone can grab these images of Mars acquired by the HiRISE satellite and use them in their products. www.uahirise.org, source for satellite data acquired by NASA. Courtesy of NASA/JPL/University of Arizona For this example, I have selected the satellite images from the North pole which I am currently working on. HiRISE lets you download the black and white satellite images in an extreme resolution of 32046×42431 pixels. When imported into Photoshop, the final file can take up to 4GB of data; that is the situation where a PC with a large amount of RAM comes in handy. Such a huge image provides a resolution of ~4 pixels per square meter. For both polar caps (south and north) we decided to create two 2×2 km locations. This means that the final resolution of the Super texture for this location will be 8192 pixels. These 2×2 km represent the playable area, but won't look all that good if the terrain is suddenly cut-off at the edges. Therefore it is necessary to create an illusion of the much wider terrain, which is achieved by making a fake surrounding terrain via model. To ensure good visibility, we need to take data from an area of at least 5×5 km, which makes up an image of total 20480×20480 pixels. The satellite image ready to be cropped, the white rectangle represents the playable area (2x2 km) The final 20480×20480 px. image will serve as a source for creating the texture for the fake surround terrain and also for the 8048×8048 Supertexture used in the location itself. Because such huge images are very cumbersome to work with, it is better to first create a low resolution re-color prototype and test it in game. Supertexture prototype in game editor, mapped on flat terrain Sometimes NASA also provides terrain height data with their satellite pictures. Unfortunately in this case there weren't any height data available for this location, thus it was necessary to sculpt the terrain by hand, but that will have to wait until the next developer diary!
  22. I have complained about the ridiculous amount of shots needed to kill a man in this game over the course of the patches, some of the times moderators or devs have hinted at, but never been clear, the idea that difficulty affects damage even if extended armor is off on all settings. As if infantry take less shots on "Veteran + Extended Armor Off" than "Regular + Extended Armor Off" for example. Can anyone confirm this? Because on regular with extended armor off it is getting extremely frustrating to kill people with 5.56's and 6.5's at medium range, as a HUGE Arma fan I find myself playing games like Arma 2, Red Orchestra 2, and Insurgency more and more because their weapons don't seem to have the firepower of .22lr's. So please, let me know if this is true.
  23. Hey all, I have a question, I am trying to get a AI controlled Blackhawk to flyinheight upto 1000 from a steady incline from 3 waypoints, I would like the Blackhawk to hover over the DZ for approx. 30 sec. I wanted to add some enemy AI around DZ for extra fun for ground troops to clear for halo jump. It just so happens the Blackhawk ID's the enemy first and flys around rarely going to hover point for halo jump. I have this allowFleeing 0, but that does not seem enough. Any other ideas? could I script it in initsqf for Blackhawk to go to each waypoints? if so what does that look like? Thanks in advance. Does Norrins heli taxi work for this?