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  1. 05-11-2020 EXE rev. 146887 (game) EXE rev. 146887 (Launcher) Size: ~270 MB DATA Added: Proper tooltips in Pylon Settings for Laws of War Demining Charges and Leaflets Added: Firing Drills / Time Trials can now be configured in description.ext (making them self-contained and ready for Workshop publication) Added: Gray color support also for Time Trials Tweaked: Exposed Firing Drills / Time Trials modules in Eden Editor (find documentation on Community Wiki here and here) Tweaked: After contacting the quartermaster, NATO Pacific Engineers received appropriately colored magazines - FT-T154021 Tweaked: Virtual Garage "onPhaseChanged" and "lockCargo" parameters were not always evaluated when more advanced inheritance was used Fixed: Typo related to Taru Event Handler configuration - FT-T153882 Fixed: Some of the FV-720 selections were set incorrectly in resolution LODs Fixed: VR Suit armor hidden selection ("camo3") was not retexturable Fixed: ED-1D and ED-1E are now correctly called out as UGVs, instead of tanks Fixed: Typo in the French text on the back of the Eau de Combat box ENGINE Added: missionNameSource script command Added: Better RPT context for preprocessor errors - FT-T153041 Added: Implemented new continue / continueWith and break / breakWith commands for use in loops Added: -debug command line parameter for more verbose logging Added: "LogObjectNotFound" server config option Added: "SkipDescriptionParsing" server config option Added: Script command forceUnicode (provides an option to switch the mode of operation of the following commands to Unicode: copyToClipboard, copyFromClipboard, select, count, in, find, splitString, reverse) Added: Alternative syntax for find command adds an option to start searching from an offset Added: Alternative syntax for reverse command now supports a string argument Added: Experimental terrain topography export as SVG (Dev-Branch only) Added: Rendering of MagazineProxy in sidearm holsters - FT-T153802 Tweaked: Eden Editor Compositions that are missing addons will now be greyed out in the list (but still can be placed) Tweaked: Improved speed of stringtable loading during game start Tweaked: channelEnabled would return [nil, nil] instead of [false, false] on non-existing channels Tweaked: Markers now cannot be placed in a channel if both VoN and chat are disabled. Group channel is now always available for server command input even if disabled if no other channel is available. Channel switching will select the next channel relevant to the context. If a player is using VoN, this will cycle VoN enabled channels, etc. Disabled VoN and chat icons were made more obvious. Tweaked: URL-enabled controls would not update their tooltip after the ctrlSetURL command Fixed: Attempt to address Linux server freeze / crash when loading Weferlingen Winter Fixed: say3D start offset parameter was not working in all cases Fixed: disabledChannels did not work during briefings Fixed: getPlayerChannel would return -1 when a player was talking on the Direct channel Fixed: Freeze when opening the Zeus interface with many mods active Fixed: Optics Post Processing effects not updating when switching between optics modes - FT-T80695 LAUNCHER Added: New -debug parameter for more verbose logging
  2. 27-10-2020 EXE rev. 146823 (game) EXE rev. 146823 (Launcher) Size: 110 MB DATA Added: CoF: Gray main menu tile video Added: Steam Leaderboard for CoF: Gray Fixed: Eden Editor status bar game version was formatted incorrectly Old Man ENGINE Added: "Suppressed" entity Event Handler - FT-T154215 Added: Unicode alternatives to current clipboard operations, copyToClipboardW and copyFromClipboardW script commands (note: approach will be changed to command-line in the next version) - FT-T154207, FT-T120317 Tweaked: HandleChatMessage Event Handler output array was extended Tweaked: It is now possible to override the sender and text in the HandleChatMessage Event Handler Tweaked: VoN direct chat volume moved from effects to VoN volume slider - FT-T154335 Tweaked: Improved startup time when the official server list has to be updated Tweaked: Moved RPT logging into a separate thread to reduce performance impact when lots of logging is going on (but please fix errors and warnings regardless) Tweaked: Added better context for some RPT error messages - FT-T153041 Tweaked: Mitigated freeze on every MP client when addCuratorAddons is called with many addons Tweaked: Increased default shadow offset to fix the shadow banding effect Fixed: UAVs would start engines by themselves in Virtual Garage Fixed: Possible crash when using ctrlTextSelection - FT-T154240 Fixed: elevatePeriscope with instant option would not work in Eden Editor Fixed: createMarker script command was creating markers in the Global chat channel, instead of being channel-less Fixed: Passing an empty texture to setObjectTextureGlobal would not remove the texture Fixed: HandleChatMessage Event Handler returned the wrong owner and did not trigger for all chat events Fixed: VoN radio volume being controlled by the Effects setting instead of the VoN setting - FT-T154335
  3. 02-10-2020 EXE rev. 146752 (game) EXE rev. 146752 (Launcher) Size: ~160 MB DATA Added: "CoF: Gray" Firing Drill Added: Black P07 Added: CTRG-13 insignia Added: Arid CTRG Stealth Uniforms* Added: Arid CTRG Stealth Combat Helmet* Added: Various (pop-up) target pictures Added: "Eau de Combat" Aftershave (bottle / boxed) Added: RscTreeMulti main config class for scripted control creation Added: Option not to place custom compositions in their own layer in Eden Editor Added: Ability to increase default magazine count for Firing Drills competitors Added: Firing Drills bonus target support for: Orange / Pumpkin / Aftershave / Dueling Target Added: Support for the Dueling Target in Firing Drills (optional hit conditions for targets) Added: Firing Drill ability to disable automatic recoloring of optional targets (per target type and per target instance) Added: Nicer pling hit SFX for metal plate, rule, restart, and quit targets in Firing Drills Added: Simple spam filter for bonus target VO feedback in Firing Drills Added: Firing Drill event scripts per target instance (next to per target type) Added: Firing Drill support for 3D helper objects as moving target waypoint and random position references (as alternative to markers) Added: Option for Firing Drill CP targets to get re-randomized on reset Added: Gray color support for Firing Drills and target VFX Added: SFX feedback for Firing Drill missed targets and no-shoot hits Added: Ability to disable radio feedback per CP in Firing Drills Added: Firing Drill CP onDeactivate and onClear script hooks Tweaked: Scripted Event Handler GameOptionsExited was renamed to OnGameOptionsExited for consistency Tweaked: Civilian presence module will now look for UnitTypes in the current world before selecting a default set Tweaked: Improved Training Mine functionality on Dedicated Servers Tweaked: Better calibration of accuracy zones on various Firing Drills targets Tweaked: Firing Drills now pass the shooter to onHit event scripts Tweaked: Target destruction FX now consistently use ASL, so they work better above other surfaces than the terrain Tweaked: Applied better scripted loading screen method to Firing Drills Tweaked: Firing Drill radio feedback spam filter for missed targets Fixed: The respawn marker was not deleted when a Camp object was disassembled - FT-T153805 Fixed: The Combat Stealth Helmet face shield was missing its shadow Fixed: Inner accuracy zones were not always properly scored in Firing Drills Fixed: Frangible Firing Drill targets would not re-appear after re-entering a CP on Competitive Fixed: Missing displayName for NoPop variants of Orange / Pumpkin Fixed: Firing Drill FF systems were also active on actual enemies (never used before) Fixed: Only updating the Firing Drill CP HUD box when a cleared CP is the active one * Restrictions apply for those who don't own Arma 3 Apex expansion. ENGINE Added: extended support for binocular 'weapons' magazinesAmmoFull now includes a binocular magazine if there is one Added binocularItems script command Added addBinocularItem script command Added removeBinocularItem script command Added removeAllBinocularItems script command Added binocularMagazine script command Added: elevatePeriscope script command Added: periscopeElevation script command Added: PeriscopeElevationChanged entity Event Handler Added: ctrlSetURL script command Added: ctrlFontHeight script command Added: import directive for importing main config classes for use in the mission config Added: Command syntax string into the supportInfo returned array - FT-T154114 Added: diag_scope script command Added: isNotEqualTo script command Added: tvSelection, tvSetSelected, tvIsSelected script commands for working with multi-selection Tree View controls - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T146592 Added: lockInventory script command to lock/disable vehicle inventory access Added: lockedInventory script command Added: ctrlTooltip and ctrlURL script commands Added: getPlayerID script command Added: ctrlMousePosition script command Added: ctrlSetMousePosition script command Added: MarkerCreated / MarkerDeleted mission Event Handlers Added: markerChannel script command Added: markerPolyline script command Added: setMarkerPolyline(Local) script command Added: MarkerUpdated mission Event Handler Added: Ability to automatically place 3DEN compositions into a new layer Added: Disassembled entity Event Handler Tweaked: Enabled PhysX Geometry LOD for intersect, lineIntersectsSurfaces, checkVisibility script commands Tweaked: AnimStateChanged Event Handler was improved - FT-T153368, FT-T81216 Tweaked: CT_CONTROLS_TABLE controlBaseClassPath[] will now look for the class in a mission and then the campaign config if it cannot find it in the main config - FT-T153452 Tweaked: Additional option to include / exclude empty magazines in the magazinesTurret script command Tweaked: Increased CfgSoundCategories maximum 'limit' from 4 to 64 - FT-T136179 Tweaked: setMimic now automatically converts its argument to lowercase Tweaked: Extended createMarker / createMarkerLocal with parameters for chat channel and creator Tweaked: lockInventory can now be used to deny third-party access to the backpack a unit is wearing Fixed: ctrlSetFontHeight can now set font height for Structured Text controls Fixed: Laser Designator batteries can now be added directly into the device with addWeaponItem if a player has no storage containers Fixed: UAV airplane drones automatically turning their engine off even after turning them on via the engineOn script command - FT-T150735 Fixed: ctrlText did not work correctly with picture buttons - FT-T153510 Fixed: Missiles would bounce and fail to explode if the scripted view distance exceeded the view distance set in video options - FT-T150535 Fixed: Missing definition for the removeAllSecondaryWeaponItems script command - FT-T76273 Fixed: ctrlSetBackgroundColor did not work for CT_BUTTON controls - FT-T78904 LAUNCHER Added: Initial support for CSLA CDLC
  4. 30-07-2020 EXE rev. 146550 (game) EXE rev. 146550 (Launcher) Size: ~ 115 MB DATA Tweaked: Improved Training Mine behavior in the multiplayer environment (and less visible glitching on triggering) Tweaked: Special times now always count as better than the gold medal in Firing Drills and Time Trials (i.e. unlocking Achievements and marking the challenge as done) Fixed: Virtual Arsenal now properly removes magazines belonging to the previously selected weapon ENGINE Changed: Reverted previous change where 3DEN custom compositions were being placed into their own layer (may become an option later) Fixed: disabledChannels[] defined in mission or server config failed when a user rejoined from the lobby FT-T117205 Fixed: Wrong Color Format error when linkColor is empty FT-T152776, FT-T139588 Fixed: Target indicators in the HUD of some Jets were jittering
  5. 22-07-2020 EXE rev. 146540 (game) EXE rev. 146545 (Launcher) Size: ~ 85 MB DATA Tweaked: Display names of guided bombs in planes' HUDs - FT-T131756 ENGINE Tweaked: All vector operation commands now accept 2D vectors as arguments - FT-T152659, FT-T152658, FT-T152657 LAUNCHER Added: Translations for -world= names
  6. 17-07-2020 EXE rev. 146532 (game) EXE rev. 146532 (Launcher) Size: ~ 85 MB DATA No significant data changes ENGINE Added: diaryRecordNull script command and support for null records to ==, != and the isNull command FT-T152448 Added: New namespace localNamespace, for safer MP scripting (comparison operators == and != are also extended to accept this namespace type) FT-T66917 Added: systemTime/systemTimeUTC script commands Fixed: #include in description.ext was failing on files outside of a scenario's PBO FT-T77179 Fixed: selectionNames and namedProperties were accidentally removed in the previous update Added: Support for Boolean type to == and != FT-T64965 Added: The supportInfo script command received a new "i:<command>" filter, which returns extended information about the passed command FT-T83862 Added: isFinal script command to complement compileFinal LAUNCHER Added: Livonia to the -world= parameter
  7. 09-07-2020 EXE rev. 146505 (game) EXE rev. 146505 (Launcher) Size: ~ 220 MB DATA Fixed: The (grenade) throwing sound while holding a pistol, launcher or no weapon at all, was not correctly triggered FT-T151956 Fixed: Smoke not being visible while looking through Kiosk glass FT-T151139 Potential Spoilers (Old Man) ENGINE Added: New script command getLoadedModsInfo FT-T151377 Added: New script command getAttackTarget Added: New script command unitTurret Added: New script command selectionNames to retrieve such names per LOD FT-T123926 Added: New script command namedProperties FT-T151256 Added: New script command is3DENPreview Added: New script commands ctrlScrollValues, ctrlSetScrollValues for working with control scrollbars Added: Ability to select RscListBox entries with the right mouse button (enabled via config entry) FT-T151053 Tweaked: Expanded playSound/playSound3D/say3D script commands with a start offset parameter Tweaked: playSound/say3D script commands now return a sound source object Tweaked: 3DEN custom compositions now get placed into their own layer (like pre-configured compositions) Fixed: Pop-up error when getNumber is used with a config array or class FT-T151967 Fixed: Mitigated visual shadow banding artifacts Fixed: Invisible CT_TREE scrollbars would block item selection Fixed: CT_XSLIDER was created with CT_SLIDER type
  8. 25-06-2020 EXE rev.146475 (game) EXE rev.146475 (Launcher) Size: ~ 80 MB DATA Added: "Vehicles only" difficulty setting to the 3rd person view option ENGINE Added: "Vehicles only" difficulty option to thirdPersonView. Current values: 0 - disabled 1 - enabled 2 - enabled only for vehicles Tweaked: Most magazinesX commands received an optional parameter to return empty magazines FT-T151895
  9. 17-06-2020 EXE rev.146468 (game) EXE rev.146468 (Launcher) Size: ~ 825 MB DATA Fixed: If the Destroyer boat rack moved or turned, the 'recover' action could disappear FT-T151178 Warlords Added: Periodic removal of assets spawned or moved below terrain Fixed: Enemies should no longer be spawned inside rocks Fixed: Players should no longer be able to get APERS Mine Dispensers or vehicle armaments from pre-saved loadouts Fixed: It is no longer possible to deploy static defenses through walls, rocks, etc. Potential spoilers ENGINE Added: connectToServer script command Tweaked: getRoadInfo's return is extended with the road start and end positions and an isBridge Boolean toggle FT-T151014 Fixed: Killing friendly units could in certain cases increase the rating of the shooter FT-T151495
  10. 11-06-2020 EXE rev.146461 (game) EXE rev.146461 (Launcher) Size: ~ 310 MB DATA Added: Base CfgDustEffects classes to config (CfgDustEffectsAir, CfgDustEffectsMan, CfgDustEffectsCar, CfgDustEffectsTank, CfgDustEffectsTankSmall) and implemented them on vanilla vehicles - FT-T131130 Tweaked: Appearance of wheels in the last resolution LOD of AMV-7 to make it more in line with the rest of the vehicles Fixed: Commander turret indicator direction in interior views - FT-T151429 Fixed: Zeroed ironsights on MX, Katiba, TRG, Mk20, Zafir, M320, GM6, Mk18, Rahim, Protector, Sting, Vermin, Zafir and Mk200 Fixed: Virtual Arsenal / Garage would incorrectly show the previous DLC icon in the right tab ENGINE Added: New DustEffects class syntax - FT-T131130 Added: getAllUnitTraits script command Added: surfaceTexture script command Added: getVehicleTIPars script command Added: Optional parameter to roadsConnectedTo to perform an extended search and return pedestrian 'roads' Tweaked: isOnRoad / roadAt now have better detection on bridges or when a 2D position is supplied Fixed: CTD when a helicopter's HUD / cockpit digital clock reached a full hour - FT-T148480 Fixed: "unknown animation source" RPT spam for Simple Objects Fixed: Topography/exportnogrid cheats not working in 3DEN - FT-T151119 Fixed: getMousePosition script command not handling sampling resolution correctly - FT-T84241 Fixed: isOnRoad / roadAt can now detect pedestrian 'roads' - FT-T151014
  11. 29-05-2020 EXE rev. 146444 (game) EXE rev. 146444 (Launcher) Size: ~ 160 MB DATA Fixed: Script error in Zeus when a vehicle is locked with LOCKEDPLAYER - FT-T151000 Fixed: Unlocalized hint in Eden Editor Fixed: Some markers in "Old Man" would be created in the left bottom corner, instead of their intended location Potential spoilers ENGINE Added: Config setting to configure the Steam Query limit (limitation of the mod list in Launcher) FT-T123655 Tweaked: Security improvements concerning Headless Clients Tweaked: Forced whitelisting of in headlessClients[] Tweaked: Performance improvements on network processing in MP versus AI Fixed: Server crash when trying to load a scenario with a dot in its filename FT-T150767 Fixed: nearestTerrainObjects would not return roads Fixed: Inability to store Code type variables in profileNamespace ("Global namespace not passed during" error in RPT) Fixed: Squad/Arma 3 Units logo not showing up on Linux servers FT-T136477, FT-T80864
  12. 21-05-2020 No new game EXE No new launcher EXE Size: ~ 30 MB DATA Tweaked: Improved detection of compatible accessories in Virtual Arsenal when an alternative syntax is used Tweaked: BIS_fnc_findSafePos in-game function description corrected FT-T149812 Changed: Virtual Garage mod icons are no longer tied to CfgMods and the mod folder name - instead they are using the same methods as Virtual Arsenal Fixed: Missing Virtual Garage vehicle statistics Fixed: Virtual Garage dummy characters now respect locked turrets Fixed: Various script errors FT-T149790 Fixed: Freeze when function BIS_fnc_findOverwatch is called with incorrect parameters FT-T149845 Fixed: Script error in the patrol module FT-T117706
  13. 15-05-2020 EXE rev. 146398 (game) EXE rev. 146398 (Launcher) Size: ~ 465 MB DATA Added: Old Man main menu tile hover video Tweaked: Kipchak vest was made more compatible with full ghillie suits Tweaked: View Geometries of various Livonia and Tanoa buildings - FT-T146447 Tweaked: Collision shapes of the Livonia Small Church - FT-T149484 Tweaked: Fire Geometry on the Garage Office structure - FT-T149647 Tweaked: SPAR rifle series iron sights - FT-T149711 Tweaked: Position of optics on SPAR-16 and SPAR-16S Tweaked: The size of the 3DEN module description box was tweaked to prevent potentially cut off words Tweaked: HMG M2 gunner resistance against grenades - FT-T150710 Tweaked: HMG M2 land contact snap points Fixed: Inverted faces on a ZSU-39 hatch handle Fixed: Camo selections were missing for hatches on ZSU-39 and BTR-K Kamysh - FT-T139602 Fixed: Slat and camo net Virtual Garage hidden selections for MSE-3 Marid Fixed: Gorgon driver animation so their legs are no longer sticking out from the hull Potential Spoilers: ENGINE Fixed: Dead crew would not delete when a vehicle was deleted with deleteVehicle - FT-T148420
  14. 06-05-2020 EXE rev. 146389 (game) EXE rev. 146389 (Launcher) Size: ~ 75 MB DATA Fixed: UI colors were not correctly read from user profiles and configs ENGINE Added: Script commands allAddonsInfo and addonFiles Fixed: addMagazineGlobal duplicated items per the number of clients - FT-T149788 Fixed: addWeaponGlobal could add multiple weapons to the player - FT-T149788 Fixed: Incorrect control behavior on text underflow Fixed: Crash when trying to host a server if a non-existent include exists in an exported PBO - FT-T139189 Fixed: Memory Allocator issue causing "Too many virtual memory blocks requested" crashes (this may help some to load old / large "Old Man" saves, but a fresh restart is still recommended) - FT-T150427
  15. 24-04-2020 EXE rev. 146375 (game) EXE rev. 146375 (Launcher) Size: ~ 345 MB KNOWN ISSUE There is an issue loading some UI colors from profiles. This results in black task titles for example. Try to avoid changing your UI colors in the game options in this version, otherwise you may have to reset them in the next update. DATA Fixed: Texture paths in several Contact Field Manual Hints Fixed: The APERS Mine Dispenser and Training Mine could not be placed onto the ground anymore - FT-T150289 / FT-T150529 Fixed: Virtual Arsenal entities did not display certain damaged body regions anymore - FT-T150350 Fixed: Various new M2 static HMG backpacks would disassemble into the wrong variants - FT-T150335 Fixed: arsenalRestrictedItems[] did not check for weapons Tweaked: "Old Man" saves could grow massively and should now do so less (we hope to also provide an experimental fix to those with broken saves in another branch) Potentional Spoilers ENGINE Added: Command diag_allMissionEventHandlers Fixed: Severe cases of multiplayer vehicle desync after the recent update (thanks for your testing of various solutions) Fixed: Texture not found when using setObjectTextureGlobal from a Dedicated Server - FT-T80668 Fixed: Workshop scenario overviews sometimes used previously cached values Fixed: Zeus server CTD Fixed: False RPT spam about certain missing sounds Fixed: delete3DENEntities did not create a history entry - FT-T121797 Fixed: allowDamage serialization for mines Fixed: CTD on ctrlCreate - FT-T136596 Fixed: Glitched Speedboat physics when under water in high waves
  16. 07-04-2020 EXE rev. 146305 (game) EXE rev. 146305 (Launcher) Size: ~ 565 MB DATA Old Man Added: Radio news reports which are related to player actions Tweaked: Radio news durations (now the reports should play until the end and not be interrupted by music) Potential Spoilers ENGINE Fixed: Forced crash on broken #include when trying to host a server - FT-139189
  17. 01-04-2020 EXE rev. 146301 (game) EXE rev.146301 (Launcher) Size: ~ 194 MB DATA Old Man Fixed: The default marker description was replaced Potential Spoilers ENGINE Added: New -limitFPS= start parameter to adjust server FPS limit between 5-1000 FPS (default and previous limit 50) Added: New command getAssetDLCInfo Added: ctrlTextSelection, ctrlSetTextSelection for Edit box cursor / selection manipulation - FT-T147688 / FT-T76514 Added: New command getRoadInfo - FT-T147630 Added: New waypointLoiterAltitude, setWaypointLoiterAltitude commands Tweaked: Steam Workshop scenario description made more readable in-game - FT-T147399 Tweaked: Magazines are now set to a default config capacity when -1 is passed as ammo count in various commands Tweaked: It is now possible to create empty magazines with addMagazineAmmoCargo - FT-T143153 Fixed: Ability to equip vehicle weapons as a player (has been disabled) Fixed: 3DEN object names were nil on remote machines when the 'simple object' option is used Fixed: It was possible to add a weapon to a container with incompatible magazines via addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo Fixed: Ability to move items in the player's inventory while aboard a vehicle - FT-T81676 Fixed: Misaligned flashlight cone Fixed: Players could get kicked when a multiplayer scenario spawns custom models - FT-T147191 Fixed: taskParent-related crash Fixed: tvSort and tvSortByValue error on absence of optional parameter: reversed Fixed: Broken alternative syntax for menuAction Fixed: airportSide/setAirportSide-related crash - FT-T149781 Fixed: List _trigger returns nil when called immediately after trigger creation Fixed: Editor waypoint loiter altitude did not broadcast to clients - FT-T126772 Fixed: createSimpleObject could fail when used directly with a model config entry Fixed: null objects were not removed from the attachedObjects result - FT-T147753 Fixed: Exported singleplayer scenarios did not show overviewPicture or author - FT-T147399
  18. 26-03-2020 EXE rev. 146257 (game) EXE rev.146257 (Launcher) Size: ~ 208 MB DATA Old Man Fixed: Unlocalized text in hold actions (Shops) and too quiet dialogues of merchants Fixed: Missing localization (Tower) Fixed: Proper Old Man face in the phone contacts Fixed: Incorrect time in the call and SMS logs Fixed: Smart markers could appear in the bottom-left corner Fixed: Several misplaced $ symbols Tweaked: The loudness of ambient conversations was increased Potential Spoilers
  19. 18-03-2020 No new game EXE No new launcher EXE Size: ~440 MB DATA Fixed: Shadows on CSAT APR masks - FT-T149715 Old Man Fixed: Various smaller "Old Man" scenario issues Fixed: Various localization and translation issues Tweaked: Updated the Old Man asset Editor preview pictures Potential Spoilers ENGINE No significant EXE changes
  20. 11-03-2020 No new game EXE No new launcher EXE Size: ~440 MB DATA Fixed: The random placement radius could be too big when using large markers in BIS_fnc_moveToRespawnPosition Fixed: Zeroing text offset in the GUI Old Man Fixed: Various smaller issues in the scenario and its systems Fixed: An incorrect Structured Text tag was causing RPT spam Tweaked: Checkpoint functionality and compositions (drone collisions and soldier aggression) Tweaked: Text translations Changed: Moved the static M2 and Red Beret to the platform data Removed: Loading icon Bohemia Incubator logo and other beta disclaimers ENGINE No significant EXE changes
  21. 05-03-2020 EXE rev. 146224 (game) EXE rev.146224 (Launcher) Size: ~980 MB DATA Added: "Old Man" open-world singleplayer scenario* (unsubscribe or disable the Workshop mod ⚠️) Added: Static M2 (low / raised), with optional ballistic shield and collimator sight Added: Red Beret Added: Infected Characters (not accessible in the editor; documentation pending) Added: Old Man items and props (medicine, bank cards, ID cards, etc.) Added: Old Man decals Added: Old Man Welcome Screen (links not final) Added: Old Man main menu tile (hover video pending) Tweaked: Light configuration on the To-199 aircraft - FT-T127800 Fixed: An undefined variable error in the Functions Library Fixed: Various RPT spam errors on several terrains * Content requires ownership of Arma 3 Apex expansion ENGINE Added: FOV is now synced in Picture-in-Picture screens if a turret[] parameter is used in the RenderTargets definition Fixed: Event Handler "HitPart" did not return selection names properly when a vehicle was damaged by an explosion (this prevented accomplishing the Mass Virtual Destruction achievement) Fixed: Remote vehicle synchronization for objects attached by ropes in multiplayer
  22. 13-02-2020 EXE rev. 146213 (game) EXE rev. 146213 (Launcher) Size: ~ 1.4 GB DATA Fixed: Script error at the beginning of "Remnants of War" campaign scenario "The Redacted" - FT - T142535 Tweaked: Some more skin tone matching on various characters and their injury materials Tweaked: Rebinarized key terrain assets to match the previously updated PhysX version ENGINE No significant EXE changes
  23. 05-02-2020 EXE rev. 146200 (game) EXE rev. 146200 (Launcher) Size: ~ 633.1 MB DATA Fixed: Spectrum Device antenna ground holders were broken when Contact was not loaded Fixed: Y-axis of the Spectrum Device was incorrect when Contact was not loaded - FT - T148470 Fixed: Ability to climb down from Garage (Large) Fixed: Floating bricks in the Scaffolding (New) prop Fixed: Removed obsolete Fire Geometry elements in the Scaffolding (New) prop Fixed: Removed ill-defined glass panels in the Dome (White, Under Construction, Nearly) prop to prevent issues with impact sounds and grenade throwing Fixed: Pole Wall 03 was indestructible Fixed: Head injury materials for Tanoan characters Fixed: Wipeout airbrakes rotating in the opposite direction - FT - T144897 Fixed: Turret indicator on the armed Speed Boat - FT - T148400 Fixed: When setting the date in Eden Editor, days of the week were incorrect in January of a leap year (e.g. January 2020) - FT - T148292 Tweaked: Made consistent the Fire Geometry across all characters ENGINE No significant EXE changes
  24. 22-01-2020 EXE rev. 146197 (game) EXE rev. 146197 (Launcher) Size: ~ 395.7 MB DATA Fixed: Some Spectrum Device values disappeared after unequipping the device and equipping it again (thanks Ron4Swat!) - FT - T148160 Fixed: Ifrit shadows were broken when hiddenSelectionsMaterials were used - FT - T148354 Tweaked: Skin tone matching on various characters and their injury materials ENGINE No significant EXE changes
  25. 15-01-2020 No new game EXE No new Launcher EXE Size: ~ 4.2 MB DATA Added: Optional mission config property "arsenalRestrictedItems" to blacklist undesired Arsenal equipment Example: arsenalRestrictedItems[] = {"U_B_Soldier_VR"}; Tweaked: Adjusted AH-9/M-900 fording depth Tweaked: Crouched walking with sidearm animation collision shape - FT - T147980 Fixed: Corrected a typo in BIS_fnc_ambientBlacklist