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  1. nomisum


    mod works great, thank you for your hard work. is there a way to make the infected react to gamemaster waypoints? or is there an alternative technique to have a bit more control where there are going / roaming to? edit: just read they should work. will test again, but at first try they seemed to ignore them. edit2: yeah, no reaction even with ai mod disabled 😞
  2. nomisum


    Iirc there was communication going on when they scrapped the initial roadmap in favor of smaller updates. Since then some updates dropped even if not as frequently as hoped. Its safe to assume they are not happy with dev speed either but game development is a complex topic that can include setbacks. I like the current approach way more than (over)promising or announcing stuff they cannot guarantee. Just saying devs are 'lazy' is does not help anyone. I bet if they would communicate more openly they would be called 'incompetent' as they didnt magically foresee any and all issues they explain. And they do explain quite a bit already in their dev blogs. We know what was initially planned for Reforger and I still expect the missing features of the roadmap will release eventually. My biggest gripes that I expect won't be solved until A4 are the console inspired UI and the missing mission editor as workbench is not comparable to 3DEN in any way.
  3. No update since more than a month 😕 I feel like the experimental branch is more a stable branch.
  4. nomisum

    Fallujah 2.0 by Shezan74

    I took a look into what I wrote back then and it was Serverside but replacing globally preinit. I suspect running it local only would work way better than what I did back in the days.
  5. nomisum

    Fallujah 2.0 by Shezan74

    Great project! I wouldnt worry too much about performance, on todays PCs Fallujah should run fine mostly, wouldnt it? Had the audacity to replace all palm trees and all buildings via script once (with same sized but newer assets). Worked out in Singleplayer - for dedicated it crashed the Server 😄 Any effort to replace those aged buildings with enterable versions would be greatly appreciated, even if it would require dependencies like JBAD.
  6. those opx buildings are gems. love to see a terrain making good use of them. cant wait to build missions on this map 🙂
  7. nomisum

    RHS: Status Quo

    Nice, thanks for the update!
  8. You could create any other control and just manipulate its background (ctrlSetBackgroundColor) and width (and another one behind it for the bg/empty color). E.g. even RscText should work. After all its just a colored rectangle, right.
  9. Great! Good to know and glad it worked out in the end. I learned a lot more in the arma community than I could ever give back 😄
  10. Hey, sorry I didnt check forums for some time. @sarogahtyp I unarchived the repo and added your code, minus the SQM as it was binarized and I dont have access to my PC right now to see what changed. This also means any change is untested 😄 Updated the old SQM with the news calls. I also changed the way you executed remoteExec (why not calling the fnc directly?). No idea if this is what caused @SirBassi s problems though. Maybe he can try again with my changes added. I also pondered if remoteExec restrictions might play a role. If your server or mission has cfgRemoteExec configured @SirBassi you might need to add the function names to it (read more here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_CfgRemoteExec). I could help if that is the case. Function names are now: GRAD_fnc_callFireworksServer GRAD_fnc_callFireworksClient
  11. sarogah already explained quite well 🙂 note this script is quite old, it still uses e.g. the deprecated bis_fnc_mp i currently have no intention of rewriting, should still work anyway. just a heads up not to take that code structure as a good example for anything, hehe.
  12. Sure, like most of anything our community creates it now lives on GitHub. https://github.com/gruppe-adler/grad-fireworks.Stratis Be aware I have no idea if it still works, didnt try in a long time.
  13. nomisum

    [MP] [TvT] BreakingContact

    Updated Download Link + Version to 1.9.2 Should be compatible with ACE medical again.
  14. nomisum

    AI reacting confused to Attachto objects.

    iirc this does not depend on the amount of objects but how they are colliding with the model. try attaching some small helper and attach all other objects to that helper.
  15. I am by all means a noob in this topic, but check this documentation in regards of surface types: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Sound:_SoundControllers It seems surface related sound adjustment is possible. Check this thread for a good start how to implement those factors: