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  1. nomisum


    Stilk need to test, but highly interesting layout. Thanks for the hard work! Always excited when the Temppa strikes again.
  2. nomisum

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Its certainly possible. You probably would need to implement some sort of pathfinding algorithm together with a loop to also detect stuff moving dynamically on the road. I'm not sure if I will ever tackle this. My use case is limited to a mission with very specific constraints and I lack the time to make it more dynamic properly.
  3. nomisum

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Its not. But in some cases a predefined path is sufficient for the mission builder and all that is necessary for the vehicles is to drive and not hit a tree, get stuck or swerve off the road. I'm not aiming for ultra dynamic behaviour.
  4. nomisum

    Key Frame Animation

    <necroing thread> Clearly a lot of work went into this system, and its sounds so promising. Its a pity the documentation is still severely lacking. Amongst other things : how to address/play/pause/destroy timelines via script best practices how to attach a cam to it (camera module breaks 3den cam) Edit: It seems most things can be controlled via BIS fncs. Still digging/experimenting.. Edit2: Camera Module kind of works after reloading mission. Slowly getting somewhere.
  5. wait a moment. did they just give away the experimental DLC topic through an update bug? all aboard the hype train 😆 (this is pure speculation but its odd. a change in railway display is one of the last things I would expect changes in Arma in)
  6. nomisum

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Its no magic bullet in any way. setDriveOnPath lets the vehicle follow a path pretty accurately but disables every path planning. You would need to either script that for the leading vehicle or e.g. drive the first vehicle yourself as Zeus. Also it only works for one vehicle out of the box, not for a group. What I am currently working on is a Convoy Script in which every vehicle drops its own path as "breadcrumbs" which are consumed by the following vehicles with setDriveOnPath and some additional distance checks to speed up/slow down the individual vehicles. @mcdiod did most of the work actually, I merely added more data points and tweaks. Works quite okay so far, still some inaccuracies with many vehicles and/or many road windings. Having an index of the currently consumed index of setDriveOnPath would help tremendously as I could just use the original path for *every* vehicle, eliminating inaccuracies. But alas there is no such command. But for your initial question: Yes, as no path planning is involved, no vehicle will stop for whatever reason. Quite the contrary, they will drive to whereever the path leads them to, even rumbling over rocks if necessary. Edit: Still having problems with tracked vehicles. They seem to have significantly more problems with limitSpeed, breaking off the path and sometimes driving completely off into the wilderness. No clue.
  7. nomisum

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    When toying around with setDriveOnPath and custom convoy behaviour I discovered `setDriveOnPath` not working with vehicles having one or more turrets (APC/tanks). Then found out somehow the driver was interrupted by his superiors. Fixed by letting gunner and commander join drivers group 👌
  8. Would be really handy to have a command to get current index of setDriveOnPath path the vehicle is driving on. This would enable taking vehicles off the path to perform actions and go on their merry way afterwards.
  9. nomisum

    problem BIS_fnc_attachToRelative (Resolved)

    did you try attaching an items_base to the heli and then attaching the static to the item_base? just a thought. i remember having the same issue once but didnt resolve it back then.
  10. nomisum

    RSO Buildings pack

    As much as I understand your anger: Realistically there will always be some idiot reuploading stuff as he sees fit (regardless if out of ignorance). I would like to believe there wont be any anymore, but its just a matter of time. Sucks that modders have to deal with this shit.
  11. nomisum

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Is there any chance you might add a hiddenSelection to the militia car? As the 3 other ladas are retexturable I thought it might just be missed accidentally.
  12. nomisum


    Looks beautiful. You are cranking hi quality maps out so fast its mind blowing.
  13. Meanwhile * Slotlists can be added via a drag & drop interface * Share Links can be created for external partners to slot in without forum registration Thanks to the amazing work by @chris5790 There are considerations to leave nodeBB as a backend dependency but probably not too soon.
  14. nomisum

    Rosche, Germany

    Congrats on the release. Happy to see a Celle successor. Map is really a beauty and will provide many hours of joy for sure. What I like most is the custom objects countering the limited grass render distance. Really worth the effort. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into it.
  15. I believe this is still an issue. Phenomenon wise at least.