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    GRAD Trenches

    The latest change from position to animation based digging should make visuals much more consistent and smooth in multiplayer. (Instead of a laggy setPos command the whole trench now has an animationSource from underground to fully built). However as the technical foundation is completely different now there might be unexpected new issues. One new report is related to bipods not deploying or deploying in weird positions. Please create a github issue if you encounter any unexpected behaviour: https://github.com/gruppe-adler/grad_trenches/issues
  2. I am pleased to announce my first script release. GRAD Fireworks What it does Shoots rockets in the air. Takes input: Position Color (Random, Red, Green, Blue, White) Type (Random, Fizzer, Normal, Rain) Rain is always white. Sample Call (you can call from any client or server) [getPos objectname, 'normal','red'] remoteExec ["GRAD_fireworks_fnc_prepareFireworks", 2]; Installation Copy GRAD_fireworks to your mission directory Put code below in description.ext Call the script via trigger, radio, script, whatever. Sample call above. class cfgFunctions { #include "GRAD_fireworks\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; class cfgSounds { #include "GRAD_fireworks\cfgSounds.hpp" }; How it works Uses Flares, Lightpoints and some sounds to achieve the effect. Therefore totally vanilla compatible. Computation is done on the server which then sends precalculated stuff to the clients. Those display the effects locally, but it should look the same on every computer. In usage example here: Download Script + Sample Mission http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29255 Feedback welcome If you have any suggestions codewise or effectwise, let me know.
  3. Add your own action to an object and start a loop that calls the fireworks repeatedly. Its a great first task to get started with scripting 🙂
  4. nomisum

    Arma Zeus Cache

    its literally the first half of that sentence which gives context. you cant hide addons in zeus interface (tree structure on the right)
  5. Its already in RHS Dev Branch. You can try it out. So probably next RHS Release, whenever that happens.
  6. nomisum

    Rosche, Germany

    sounds like you didnt load/start rosche on the dedicated server.
  7. nomisum


    Yesterdays OP. We replaced some structures in the city with Lythium Buildings and scripted in some rotorwash/sandstorm FX to spice it up. Thanks for making it possible with this beautiful map! https://imgur.com/a/OM7VRcg#7ceR7Sy
  8. nomisum


    Had a Tankhunting session the other night - had a blast. Always great to have detailled microterrain, even when some roads can get quite bumpy 😄
  9. nomisum

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    Thats the case already afaik.
  10. nomisum

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    This. VR needs not only steady 75/90+ fps *stereo* (i dont ever get that mono in MP) but also dedicated UI changes. BI stated multiple times there are only a handful of devs still working on A3, close to zero on an engine level. I kind of expect native VR support for A4 though, at least for vehicle control it would be a game- and immersion changer. For infantry you would need serious VR legs or a treadmill.
  11. https://cbateam.github.io/CBA_A3/docs/files/overview-txt.html
  12. FYI on his YT Teaser Jester commented 2 days ago:
  13. One of my current addictions is checking the forums for news on this mod on a daily basis. It will be an interesting and powerful alternative to standard CAS and I cant wait to put this into a full scale mission. (Sorry for anyone getting excited because he got a notification of this confession 😛 )
  14. Afaik its only possible through replacing the wheat "grass" with actual objects like Rosche does. Trades visual fidelity with rendering distance I presume. I would welcome any change in that direction but doubt significant changes like these will be made in this late phase of development.
  15. You can check each path node for restricted area and recalculate if necessary, for example. It potentially gives you a very good estimate where exactly a unit will move, much more reliable than rough waypoints. Could even use `setDriveOnPath` to disable any external impact on AI when they move.
  16. If I had one wish, I would love to have each of those objects with *only* the flare and no shine. Why no lightpoint you say? Well, lightpoints lag like hell after attachTo is applied whereas those light cone objects do not. If you want to create say siren lights, you would need a white flare on top of one of those colors. If you use the white cone object, it overshines the original color.
  17. No, maybe only changelog has a typo. Sorry for not being specific. PS: Still EH is executed twice, second result is garbage: Code _agent addEventHandler ["PathCalculated",{ params ["_agent", "_path", "_bla", "_blo", "_blu"]; diag_log str _this; }]; Result 11:47:24 "[Agent 0x9127e1c0,[[4171.09,1864.84,392.87],[4185.16,1878.91,394.512],[4211.72,1905.47,398.91],[4222.66,1916.41,401.702],[4232.03,1925.78,403.492],[4280.47,1925.78,402.38],[4282.03,1925.78,402.556],[4311.72,1925.78,408.977],[4324.22,1925.78,413.391],[4375,1925,437.97],[4475,1975,478.11],[4525,2025,491.11],[4575,2075,505.04],[4625,2175,546.37],[4725,2225,587.32],[4825,2275,614.19],[4875,2375,607.42],[4925,2425,609.01],[4975,2475,623.69],[5075,2525,648.99],[5125,2625,662.18],[5199.22,2689.84,664.388]]]" 11:47:24 "[Agent 0x9127e1c0,[[5199.22,2689.84,664.388],[5199.22,2689.84,664.388]]]" PPS: Looks like the last position is logged again, as if the agent after his travel decides to 'stop' and calculate the path to its stop (own) position again.
  18. "Fixed: The PathCalculated Event Handler would fill each path node with [X, Z, Z] instead of [X, Z, Y]" XZZ and XZY are both wrong 😅 should be XYZ?
  19. pathCalculated runs twice when executed (calculatePath ["man","safe",[5000,6000],[worldsize/2, worldsize/2]]) addEventHandler ["PathCalculated",{ private _pathCount = missionNameSpace getVariable ["pathCount",0]; _pathCount = _pathCount + 1; hint str _pathCount; missionNamespace setVariable ["pathCount", _pathCount]; }]; // hint result: 2 Also a param which can be retrieved in the eventhandler would be helpful to work with the result. PS: even better would be ability to use any unit as calculation agent ( _myUnit addEventhandler ...) so no agent in between.
  20. Different use cases. Fortification Script preplacing locally https://github.com/gruppe-adler/grad-fortifications/blob/045f2012921ce26ebb8343c0a5ec935d997b8f94/functions/place/fn_startPlacement.sqf#L19 Dropping Blood in Manhunt-Tracking (there was a reason why no simpleObject, cant remember exactly) https://github.com/gruppe-adler/TvT_Rattenfalle.prei_khmaoch_luong/blob/4a6550337897bc1c8956867597f1bb415ddfdd30/grad_pilotTracking/functions/client/fn_createBloodSplatter.sqf#L11 AA Script (needs to be local because ... smoke and mirrors when jumping and falling away from plane) https://github.com/gruppe-adler/Co_SchwarzerHusar.WL_rosche/blob/master/node_modules/grad-drop/functions/fn_spawnAA.sqf#L7 Fireworks Script (Local Explosions to lower performance impact) https://github.com/gruppe-adler/scripts_GRAD_fireworks.Stratis/blob/master/GRAD_fireworks/fireworks.sqf#L30 VCOM Vehicle Detection runs with local CanOpeners iirc as well as many other smoke & mirror helpers Maybe things clear up if its defined whats possible to still create locally. I presume effects like #lightpoint need to be? What else?
  21. I see a bit critical, it will certainly require adjustments in existing scripts and/or server configs. Why not make it opt in for server admins wanting more security?
  22. nomisum

    Key Frame Animation

    Sorry for doubleposting. Did anyone successfully manually start a timeline on a dedicated server? ([_timeline] call BIS_fnc_timeline_play;) For me everything works locally and in hosted MP, but on dedicated I get the following blob in my client rpt: 20:29:04 Error in expression <S_fnc_slerp; }; } else { switch ([_keys select (_InterpNode - 1)] call BIS_fnc_k> 20:29:04 Error position: <select (_InterpNode - 1)] call BIS_fnc_k> 20:29:04 Error Zero divisor 20:29:04 File A3\functions_f\Animation\Curve\RichCurve\fn_richCurve_getCurveValueVector.sqf [BIS_fnc_richCurve_getCurveValueVector], line 95 20:29:04 Error in expression <hen { private _Alpha = (_time - ([_keys select (_InterpNode - 1)] call BIS_fnc_k> 20:29:04 Error position: <select (_InterpNode - 1)] call BIS_fnc_k> 20:29:04 Error Zero divisor 20:29:04 File A3\functions_f\Animation\Curve\RichCurve\fn_richCurve_getCurveValueVector.sqf [BIS_fnc_richCurve_getCurveValueVector], line 77 20:29:04 Error in expression <de] call BIS_fnc_key_getTime) - ([_keys select (_InterpNode - 1)] call BIS_fnc_k> 20:29:04 Error position: <select (_InterpNode - 1)] call BIS_fnc_k> 20:29:04 Error Zero divisor 20:29:04 File A3\functions_f\Animation\Curve\RichCurve\fn_richCurve_getCurveValueVector.sqf [BIS_fnc_richCurve_getCurveValueVector], line 73 Edit: I gave up implementing this as it doesnt seem to work on dedicated no matter what – if it works (not with cam but with vehicles at least), its choppy af because the positions are presumably synchronized. What is missing is an option in 3DEN to make Curve_F/Timeline_F local only so you dont need to take in account any server sync. Its really a pity, being able to visually see your camera path with all easing options would be a gamechanger if only it would work.
  23. What makes you believe that? The Biki states the opposite:
  24. nomisum


    Stilk need to test, but highly interesting layout. Thanks for the hard work! Always excited when the Temppa strikes again.