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  1. @gnosis89 I used TPW together with Enhanced Movement and also with C2 without problem. I did not have to disable anything in TPW, so the default settings should work. If you have problems with C2 you might want to try the All-In-OneSingle-Player-Project by Leopard20. TPW is well suited for any SP scenario or campaign including but not limited to the official ones. A community-made SP scenario that plays very well with TPW is Pilgrimage by Rudygier.
  2. Alpha-Kilo

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    @Stolen Byte The idea of Speakeasy is to offer more features than a standard Voice Attack profile could. (See the opening post for details.) At the same time we want it to be as customisable as possible. This makes Speakeasy a bit complex but the provided manual helps the reader understand how everything works and how the user can change Speakeasy to his liking. The section Commands To Control The Profile lists several voice commands which allow you to disable and enable audible feedback for the whole profile without difficulty (which is one of several definitions of „easy“). If these voice commands work for you there‘s no need to create your own profile. But making your own profile is not a bad idea, at all. This way you will get something that is perfect for your needs. But you can safely delete any unwanted commands from the Speakeasy profile. In our manual we even recommend to delete unwanted voice commands because this may reduce the risk of false positive recognition. I am not in a position to speak on behalf of „every profile creator“ but I can tell which considerations led to the choice of audible feedback in Speakeasy: The beeps are ideal for checking whether or not a command is recognized by Voice Attack. The spoken feedback is mainly used in commands where the game itself does not give direct visible or audible feedback. Some spoken confirmations may try to be immersive. What is or is not desirable is highly subjective, of course. So we made it possible to activate existing beeps, existing spoken confirmations, both, or none, either for the whole profile or individually for each command. Deleting the sounds is not what we suggest in our manual and you found out why. I also don‘t like captchas which make you click traffic lights, zebra crossings, etc. Thanks for taking the trouble of going through 37 of them just to post your message. Alternatively, you could have joined the Speakeasy Discord linked in the opening post.
  3. Alpha-Kilo

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    @Stolen Byte Unfortunately your hope is not fulfilled and you do come across too harsh. But obviously you expected this and already apologized so I'll do my best to answer your questions. But I think I should hold my answer back until your mood is better.
  4. Alpha-Kilo

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    Thank you for using Speakeasy! It is very easy to disable voice confirmation: Start Voice Attack and open the command in question. Look for the feedbackTTS section in the editing window. Disable or delete the voice confirmation. If you like you can enable a simple confirmation beep instead of the spoken confirmation. For illustrations and details please refer to the chapter "Enabling feedback" in the Speakeasy manual. If you don't like the robotic nature of the default Windows voice you can replace it with another one. There are commercial voices which sound more natural. The shorter the spoken message the less obvious is the difference between the standard Microsoft voice and a commercial voice. Though Speakeasy confirmations are as short as possible there is no denying that commercial voices sound better. Have a look at this Wikipedia page about CereProc if you are interested in commercial voices: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CereProc Last time I checked CereProc charged 26 GBP per voice. Compared to the competition this is not a bad price and I think the quality is quite good. But I still use one of the standard Microsoft voices on my PC.
  5. I also use Liability Insurance in this kind of mission but in this particular case I think it is not necessary because the soldiers in the GM campaign have super-powers. If they get run over by a tank they simply get up a few seconds later and continue their march as if nothing has happened. They don't seem to feel any pain, they don't even get their uniform dirty - these guys neither need a liability insurance nor a life assurance! 🙂
  6. Alpha-Kilo

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    More than a year after the original release Speakeasy 2.0 is almost ready. These are the most important changes: The unique feature Fluid Commands finally allows you to speak naturally with your AI. There is no need for the typical robotic breaks in your commands any more. We achieve this with voice commands that include calling your unit or units and the instruction in the same command. This is a new level of controlling the AI. We created a new training scenario which is eight times bigger than the old one. It offers more options to try commands from the vanilla game and the supported add-ons. The compound where you can practice combat against enemy AI is not only bigger but also more diverse and hopefully more interesting. There are several new custom voice commands which make your life as a player a bit easier. Version 2.0 lists almost three hundred new commands that can be spoken. The new Fluid Commands feature adds a few hundred thousand more but don't worry – Voice Attack can handle a profile of this size. All new features are complete and have been thoroughly tested multiple times on different systems. Existing features have been checked and updated where necessary. A few more international keyboard layouts have been added. All that is left to do is to put all files into a downloadable package. As we are spending Christmas with our families we cannot give you an exact release date right now but it is just a matter of days. Merry Christmas everybody!
  7. Alpha-Kilo

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    @Oysterizer Sorry for the late reply. You don't have to unassign a role with a dedicated command. Just call this soldier by his number. By default all soldiers are in team White. If you have someone in any other colour team and want him out you can simply put him in team White. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions please consider joining our Discord which is a bit more lively than the forum. Here's the link for anyone interested: https://discord.gg/MF7TAzU
  8. Alpha-Kilo

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    In other words: When you speak the phrase "Two, you are machine gunner!" Speakeasy will understand that "maschine gunner" is the same as the number "two" and will press "F2" when you say either the number or the role. We have prepared several common role titles you can choose for each team member such as medic, sniper etc. This also works with vehicle crews: You can assign driver, gunner, commander and passenger roles. Roles which often appear more than once in a squad such as rifleman are numbered. You can assign "Rifleman 1", "Rifleman 2", or "Rifleman 3". This should be sufficient in most cases. If you find that you need a role title which is not included in the Speakeasy profile you can create the command you need from a template provided with the profile.
  9. Alpha-Kilo

    Tao Folding Map

    @jgaz-uk Have you tried to play at recruit or regular level? Then you should be able to see map markers on the folding map. On the higher levels the markers may be disabled.
  10. You could try TPW Mods: One of the many features of this mod is the so-called HUD which puts tactical glasses into your inventory. If you put them on you can get a lot of info about friends and foes.
  11. I am interested in Vigor but I play on a PC and don't own an X-Box console. I read somewhere that it is possible to play X-Box games on a PC. Now I wonder if the current version of Vigor is compatible with PC. If this is not the case, are there any plans to make a future version of the game playable on PC?
  12. I see, @POLPOX. Thanks for your quick reply. So I have to use the normal mines.
  13. According to SPOTREP #00079 Laws of War DLC addons were decrypted to PBO. I don't understand what that means but I hope the forum can provide some info. I am working on a scenario designed to test various aspects of gameplay in the virtual reality in an SP or hosted Coop environment. This scenario shall be playable by everybody who just owns plain Arma 3 without any paid DLCs. Among various other things the player will find a simulated minefield made from anti-personell mines placed between rubbish and debris. The player has to identify mines with the mine detector, defuse them, pick them up, place them elsewhere, and trigger the mines if he is not careful. He will also be able to pick up mines from crates. My question is: Will a player who doesn't own the Laws of War DLC be able to play this mission if I use the Laws of War training mines or will I have to use the regular explosive mines? Maybe I should add that the members of my unit and I own all DLCs so we can only speculate about the experience of someone who doesn't.
  14. Sometimes users have reported bugs or errors in this thread which are hard to reproduce by others. I also had some issues of this kind with TPW HUD and TPW said that these things worked perfectly fine on his machine. But TPW tested and played in the editor while I used the TPW mods in regular missions such as Pilgrimage. I carried out a series of tests in the editor and several missions and found that some of the features work as expected in some scenarios but not in others. I have no explanation for this. I test with just CBA and TPW to make sure that there are no conflicting mods. It must be almost impossible for TPW to fix something when the reports are so inconsistent. Here is a little spreadsheet with my findings and a copy of the edited hpp-file I used when I made the tests: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ahpind_yYGOuibxpi3t-aJX62HaaBQ Perhaps other users can compare it with their own experience and provide some feedback. With a bit of luck this may be useful.
  15. I use the latest version of Reshade for another game and also RealLight 7 which is built with an oder version of Reshade. RealLight resides within the Arma folder so the two versions of Reshade do not conflict with each other. I am sorry, I cnnot really help you with the technical questions. It seems that the RealLight Discord is a bit livelier than this thread, so I suggest to ask your questions on Discord, too. Link: https://discord.gg/A5a3JHG I hope this helps.