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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mission_Parameters ^ First sentence states that param values are supposed to be integer. Unfortunately, floats *do* work, except when used as default - in that case, the lobby sets an invalid value.
  2. Just wanted to leave a here. Having an IntelliJ plugin for SQF development is a dream come true.
  3. funny enough, I'm seeing this message being spammed right now on a 1.72 Linux dedi -.-
  4. Fusselwurm

    Flares in Apex

    fwiw, here's a small tweak to make UGL flares bright enough for illumination purposes: https://github.com/gruppe-adler/grad_fixedflares/releases/download/0.1/grad_fixedflares.zip
  5. Fusselwurm

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    I love this mod – seems to be very well polished, and a huge improvement on what's there in vanilla :) There's one thing I wonder about, though: The display is supposed to be helmet-mounted, but as far as I can see, it works regardless of which kind of headgear I wear. Is it possible to make the display dependent on actually wearing a pilot helmet? Or are there any functions we can use to enable/disable it via scripting?
  6. Fusselwurm

    what is BISProfile.json

    The backslash does not bode well, though. Looks to me like someone forgot that on Linux, directory separator is a "/" instead of "\" … yuck. ^^
  7. Fusselwurm

    what is BISProfile.json

    Interesting! On our server, those values are empty. But sure as hell I will fill it in and see how/when the data pop up… in the server browser, is my guess.
  8. Probably same inheritance problem as in other mods, where uniforms vanished with 1.52 . For example, this was the fix for BwMod
  9. Cars getting stuck off road and not being able to go past 30km/h on dirt roads is a feature I love. Also, great micro terrain :) To contrast the sunny videos posted before, here's a no-NV no-GPS night mission we did yesterday:
  10. Hello, I created (it's workable) and am creating (so much to do) a tool to have mission replays on the web. My goals were: * web based * persistent * variable replay speed * freely zoomable I call it ar3play, and it has arrived at a usable - albeit pretty basic - state. There are three parts to the application: * One server addon (or mission script, depends on what you prefer) * depends on/contains sock.dll and sock-rpc by Micovery * The persistence layer, comprised of a NodeJS application acting as RPC server towards the arma3 server, and as REST server toward the web * again, contains Micovery's sock-rpc code * uses Redis for persistence * A web client * uses Google Maps Javascript libraries * depends on 10T's map tiles (so: only Altis, Stratis, Chernarus, Takistan work atm) Repositories can be found here: * http://github.com/gruppe-adler/ar3play-addon * http://github.com/gruppe-adler/ar3play-server * http://github.com/gruppe-adler/ar3play-web The whole thing looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/CVOD0Hl.png (402 kB) (I just realized it's half German still.. oops.) There's currently a live version to be found here: http://gruppe-adler.de/maps (may be subject to change, unexpectedly down etc ^^) Feel free to contribute, praise or damn to hell :)
  11. I'm currently in the process of building my own mission replay thingy, consisting of a NodeJS server, Redis, and a web client using T10's tiled maps with the Google Maps interface. If anybody is interested, see here: https://github.com/gruppe-adler/ar3play-server So, micovery: Thanks for this great extension! :)
  12. cpbo does work with wine, you could try that.
  13. First: Thanks for COS - we've needed this for a long time :) I have two suggestions: * could we have config variables like _distance as global vars with a prefix? Like, COS_distance or so? Just so we have separation of code that mission designers may have to touch, and the actual COS code. * and I would *love* to get missions/mods from some kind of version control system, like git via github.com . From a software development perspective, that can make cooperation/contributing much more easy.