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  1. I just watched the latest ArmA Reforger Trailer and also viewed the previous ones. The discussion I want to start is....Why does it seem like the graphics in ArmA Reforger are still a couple generations behind the mainstream "milsims"? I mean, I play a lot of military video games. I'm also two years out of a 20yr enlistment... I really want this game to set the PACE for others in the same genre but the graphics are so 2016 still. I have 7800hrs in ArmA 3 alone(not including ArmA 2:OpArrowhead). I get that Reforger is NOT the new ArmA, but if these graphics look anything like the "New" ArmA... don't bother. The real question is.....What is going to be different and what will be new?
  2. Zjajo

    Apex Framework

    I want to make it so admins have the ability to do anything and are not restricted by role selection(ie. - fly, drive, revive, use any gear, etc...) How do I disable the role requirement for admins only?
  3. This is what I ended up doing also. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I am having trouble with a couple of locations that return 0 objects found and therefore does not create a marker, but the location does have around 150 objects. What I am trying to do is: - search the map for locations, stored in an array - At each location I search for objects of typeName "House_F", stored in an array - I then create an ELLIPSE marker at each location with a radiusA/B equal to the amount of objects in the object array for that location, so for example Chapoi on Malden has ~300 objects of typeName "House_F" making the ELLIPSE marker 300x300 The problem is that the marker is created for most of the cities correctly, but does not create the marker for a military base near the airport and for Arudy(on Malden of course). How I am testing this: - Load Malden in the editor - Place character down anywhere on map and select "Play as character" - Open debug console and paste whats in the spoiler, select LocalExec - Open map and see locations that do and do not have markers - Check RPT to verify that locations have been logged along with the number of objects found near them Does anyone know why it returns 0 objects for Arudy and the military base near the main airport, and would you know how to remedy this? I am using this method because it works better than grabbing radiusA and radiusB from the config because a lot of the locations do not have an appropriate radius for the actual location size. On Malden, Faro (in the bottom left of island) only has a few buildings on a coastline yet creates a marker with a size of 574x360, which is far too big for that tiny village. EDIT: I just tested another way by placing a character in the town of Arudy, searching for nearestLocation, searching for objects of typeName "House_F" near the location, creating the marker with a size equal to amount of objects found and it all works fine. It works if I single Arudy out and do it by itself, but not when I group it with all the other locations. Hmm...
  5. @Godis_1 Used the latest version of Overthrow from Steam, no other mods. Well, the "update-safe persistent save" option(copy/paste) seemed like it was a good idea since Arma updates tend to break mods. And with a feature like this, why would anyone want to save their progress any other way? Why not make it the ONLY way to save? I don't understand what you're trying to say here. Anyways, it doesn't matter because we moved on. The mod needs a lot of work yet. Too repetitive. Thanks for the response.
  6. Started playing this game with a buddy last week; it's really fun being able to build your own empire from being a scrub. However, we got really frustrated when we went to load the game using the copy/paste method for "update-safe persistent saves" and none of our buildings or the gear we managed to stockpile was saved. Naturally we stored it in our warehouse and when we loaded the save the warehouse isn't there. Tried loading a couple times but no luck. Are we doing something wrong or is this broken?
  7. @Alleged Accomplice, if you use the respawn module in the editor, you will respawn on the ground if the module is placed outdoors, but if you place it inside a building you will respawn on top of that building regardless of the height of the module. If you need to respawn indoors or at a specific height outdoors(like on a carrier), you can use what stanhope mentioned above and instead of getMarkerPos you can use an array for the location with height. For instance: [west, [1000,1000,5], "West Respawn"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; ...should get you to respawn 5 meters in the air.
  8. @Joe98, thanks for the reply. I could probably get this to work but I want to avoid using so many triggers.
  9. Thanks @Larrow. This will work just fine. Quick question: I'd like to be able to have the "FlagAnimationDone scriptedEventHandler" take care of all the work and not have to create another method to send notification messages when the animation phase reaches a certain point, like when it reaches the top or when a player takes flag off of pole. How could I pass arguments to the scriptedEventHandler? Namely, (side player) and (name player), maybe even the side that the flag belongs to as well. I've messed around with trying to add _caller and _target from the addAction I attached to the flags but I cannot seem to give it what it wants. I keep getting "Undefined variable in expression" no matter what I try.
  10. I'm making a hybrid TDM/CTM mission that works for both dedicated and player hosts. I have the TDM portion taken care of but I need some guidance for CTF triggering. Each of the 3 sides(Opfor, Blufor, Indep) have 3 empty flag poles. Once a side has two of the same flags raised, game ends. My thoughts: One trigger for each side. Once one flag is raised(getForcedFlagTexture flagpole != ""), call script to loop as it checks other two flagpoles on that side(getForcedFlagTexture flagpole == getForcedFlagTexture otherFlagPoles), sleeping 5 seconds between loops, triggering mission end if returns true. But this seems like it would be very taxing on performance if all sides had at least one flag. Can anyone offer some guidance on how to best tackle this?
  11. Well, that made it easy. Thanks a lot, @stanhope. I usually use the vanilla respawn modules since I place the respawns outdoors. One would think that using them indoors, one would be able to set the height of the module to respawn on a second story or such. After all, it says in the module information that position "Affects module function", but I guess thats just in 2D space(x,y).
  12. Each side has a respawn location inside of a building(Land_Dome_Small_F). The players are able to respawn but they are spawned on top of the building, directly above the module's location. However, the players spawn directly on the module if I move the module outside of the building, but if its inside the building, the players spawn on top of the building. I've tried placing the module inside different buildings to see if it does the same thing, and yes, it spawns them on top of every building I place the module inside of. Is this usual behavior for the vanilla respawn module? I've never placed a repsawn module inside of a building before this mission. Is there an easy fix for this?
  13. Thanks to the both of you. As Larrow mentioned, there is no need for me to make an unnecessary check that players are in trigger area, which works better for this situation since I had issues with the chopper landing inside the trigger at times. The final trigger condition is: !alive satPhone && allPlayers select{ alive _x && { _x in heli } } isEqualTo ( allPlayers select{ alive _x } ); The arrayIntersect command is very interesting though and I can see how useful it would be. Thanks again
  14. Thanks. I should have mentioned, as you suggested Larrow, that the chopper is spawned in with pilot and co-pilot once the satPhone is deleted. The chopper then makes way from approx 3km out to the marker location for extraction. I will have to play around and see how I can attach the trigger to the spawned in chopper. Grumpy, would the arrayIntersect have to be a one-for-one check? If I understand it correctly, it would check that array1 is equal to array2, but would the spawned in pilot and co-pilot make the check return false?