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  1. Sweet! Edit: had a deep moment. Nvm
  2. SOLVED: I played around with camSetFocus before creating this topic but could not get it to set the camera focus the way I wanted, which is why I created this topic. But, I found that I was setting the cam focus too soon. So what I did was add a "waitUntil camCommitted" before I set the cam focus. I also realized that I needed to turn my "Depth of Field" setting up in the video settings menu so that I could actually see the difference. The spoiler is the snippet of code that worked for me.
  3. I have an idea for a mission that incorporates dialogue with NPCs and my question is: Is it possible to draw the camera focus on an object/unit that is not in the center of the screen? ...meaning, I have a character on the left side of the screen, and that character is in focus while everything around and behind the character, and on the right side of the screen has a blur effect, so as to make the character "pop"? I've created a camera and I have my positioning the way I want it, but the character is slightly out of focus and blurry while the very center of the screen is sharper. I'm just wondering if someone would know if it's possible before I sink any more time into this idea.
  4. SOLVED: BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent worked fine when I created a "mock" mission for testing the function. I don't know why it isn't working for me in my actual mission. I'll have to dig through the tasks and triggers, again, to see what I've done wrong. @wogz187, Thanks for your help!
  5. @wogz187, Correct. On completion of task3, task3_successObject is deleted, which is supposed to be what triggers task2 reassignment. I have also confirmed that the object has been deleted via debug console commands. I've tried a few different ways to make this work, even in a script, but still can't seem to get it to do what I'd like.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/kIRC0th Countdown is set to 2 seconds
  7. @wogz187, Is BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent only usable at task creation? This worked when I created task3, before task2 was completed, but would not reassign task2 after task3 is completed. What I'm doing is: -- task2 is created and assigned -- while task2 is currently assigned and incomplete, the player activates a trigger which creates and assigns task3 (BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent worked properly here and made task3 the active task just like I wanted) Thanks! -- Now, after task3 is completed, I want to make task2 active again, and I'm trying this by setting a trigger to a specific object !alive and "On activation" set to "task2" call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; --but task2 is never made active again. Any thoughts?
  8. Hey! I think that's exactly what I'm looking for. The taskSetCurrent function. I've googled for a few hours and didn't even come across that. Thanks a bunch! I'll give a try a soon as I can and report back.
  9. I'm currently using setTaskState modules to trigger task "success" but I cannot figure out how to set a new task to "assigned" when preceding task is not completed yet, and I've tried several different combinations of setTaskState.
  10. In my mission, I have task2 set to "assigned" after the completion of task1. During task2, I have task3 set to "assigned" once a trigger is activated, even though task2 is not complete (not failed either). The problem is that task3 is not assigned unless the player opens the map to manually assign it. How can I get task3 to auto-assign even though task2 is not completed? P.s. - After the completion of task3, is it possible to reassign task2? Or make it active again?
  11. Hello, As a server owner, I've come across this many times and have found a sure-fire way to fix the issue. First, you need to verify your own game cache. I know you said you've already did this but do it again, as well as the following. Second, you need to logout of steam completely by selecting "Change User" from the upper left Steam drop-down menu.[selecting "Exit" will not work for this issue] Then log back into Steam and try to join the server again. That's it. Every time I encounter "client's ticket has become invalid. Code: 6", or when someone is having the issue on my server, I do/suggest doing exactly what I stated above and everything works fine.
  12. Naught, Thanks for this script. Literally doubled my server's FPS.
  13. Zjajo

    Problem Exporting Mission To Multiplayer

    I have a somewhat similar issue with playing missions in multiplayer that may offer more information to help resolve the issues. For one, I never export mission to multiplayer using the editor. I literally just copy the folder in "missions" and paste it in "mpmissions", and it works...almost all the time. The reason I do this is because during the 3DEN beta phase, I would create a map with several objects, waypoints, everything I would normally do... except it would never save the creation completely. I would open the mission the next day to continue working on it and there wouldn't be a damn thing on it, or only objects, triggers, waypoints but no init boxes would have the information I typed in them or they wouldn't be sync'd grouped, so I started taking measures to figure out ways to make it work. Now, the first time I play through them in multiplayer they usually have minor issues like not recording task-related variable names that are "key" to mission success. Some triggers might not go off, therefore some actions may not happen like they're supposed to(sometimes due to not being sync'd/grouped). An AI-lead squad may venture hundreds of meters off waypoints in the wrong direction only to turn around at some point, head back to where they went off course, and continue on in the correct direction. Like others have mentioned, everything is perfect in editor or single-player, but as soon as I put it in multiplayer I might get a few go-throughs that run perfectly smooth but most of the time key features of the mission are missing or bugged.
  14. Dragon, I've used this script for a couple missions of mine recently and it works okay. One issue I'm having with it is that once I remove the earplugs, after inserting of course, the selection disappears from the menu, but if I scroll down past the bottom selection(whatever it may be) I can still select insert/remove earplugs even though I can not see the words. Would you be able to tell me how this can be fixed? I've looked through the script and tried a couple of things but can't get the words to show up after initial use.