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  1. Hi. 1. I cant build. If i push the TAB button, nothing happens. For what i need buildings, can i build a Base? 2. Singleplayer need a timejump for the night(without NG its booring, stand all the night on the same place with time lapse :( )
  2. troymcc

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Schöne und gut gemachte Kampagne, leider zu kurz ;). Mehr davon.
  3. troymcc

    ACE trouble

    The red 1, the colored edges, heartbeat and wobbly aiming says me iam injured..
  4. 1. If i use the presistent Savegame, the Interaktionmenu(strg+win) is gone, only the red circle i see. 2. Some Questflags on map missing(eg i found a men from Argentinia and Chernorussian without the flag on map). need help plz
  5. troymcc

    ACE trouble

    Hi. I have a problem with ACE. Arma says iam injured, but the ACE sani says iam ok. I tryed changing some of the ACE options, but nothing helps. Whats happend?
  6. I dont have the Interaktionmenu (strg+win), only the red circle. I have the last one of ACE3. What goes wrong? Here all ACE entrys from the last RPT File, hope its useful
  7. How can i repair a vehicle?
  8. troymcc

    Campaign: Chilean-Peruvian War [WIP]

    sorry,wrong section. plz delete
  9. Thanks Saok, now it works. In the "Fight with Locals" Mission the Enemys spawn endless, when i play the 1. Time(after reload a Savegame or start new Game, all is normal) a new Map. Testet on Tarkistan and Isla Dula.
  10. The CSAT Camps still empty. No Enemys or Camps on this positions. Testet in Tarkistan and Isla Dula. Please fix this. Isla:
  11. If you mean the RAM, why you dont get the Professional or higher Version of win 7? This is always better than 8 or 10. I have the Ultimate ^^ Here are the upper RAM limits for the different editions of Windows 7: Starter: 8GB Home Basic: 8GB Home Premium: 16GB Professional: 192GB Enterprise: 192GB Ultimate: 192GB
  12. In this I must agree darkking810, Win10 is the last junk, after 8 . I hope you find a solution for this. I think you want not downgrade to Win7...
  13. Hi Saok, have you a Plan when you bring out the Update? I would like play this on other Terrains. p.s. if your Sauerland from here: http://www.dayz-sauerland.com/? I tried Winter and Summer, but the Game crash. Editor cant load these Maps.
  14. With WLA...pbo the Game crash after a minute when talked with a Civi(in WLA.isladuala.pbo). panthera still work, so lets see existing the csat camp. edit: In Panthera is no mark on map for Camp. On this Position only 4 Enemys in a House. After kill spawn 2 friendly Soldiers, but the Quest mark(CSAT camp) remains. WLA.Takistan.pbo without Enemys on Position: edit: And, have you a Idea where is the problem?