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  1. Started out once, but it's not really working out. The first missions I had were "Secure the intel from crash site", "Join Patrol", Capture Nato Base" and "Stop the convoy". Nobody comes in the convoy. I tried it twice. Here on the screenshot the start and end position seems to be the same, but still nobody is there. At another place I have waited 10 real minutes with faster time, but nothing. In the "Nato Base" there is also no one to see. Once a MG vehicle drove through. When I turned it off, there was 36 more to go. Where's that? A howitzer passed further away and a tank on a hilltop even further away. Since I don't have any anti tank weapons with me, I had requested heli support, but it was shot down by the howitzer on the first approach. Why is there no possibility to be transported with a vehicle to any place? It annoys if you have to drive over half the map every time.
  2. troymcc

    [SP] Warping Plague

    I played the 1.20. But now the new 1.20. Mods: KSK 2035, RHS AFRF/GREF/SAF/USAF, cba 1. all fine, no more exploded Cars. 🙂 2. Yes, guards running far from town 3.I don't know if these are still the original clothes, I have tried from time to time to attract others from the looters. 4. These Waypoints always to be seen. I guess that's from the start of the campaign, at least the star position fits. 5. Now only 4 😉 6. Itry this if i find a new Man. Equipment - at the moment i only have Vests.
  3. troymcc

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Have several problems: 1. If I leave a vehicle at the respawn point (red pickup), arrive with another and end the day, then both stand at the same place and usually explode (which means my death). I can get around by getting back in the pickup, but I don't always think about it. 2. My guards cut off. At the moment are in the list 8, but in the village are only 2. Have once been able to pursue one, but have no idea what he is up to. Has kept running. 3. Cannot store any items in my clothes. 4. Have waypoints on the map (2 of 3 can I move) what are these good for? 5. Shortly after the beginning, blue markings (similar to a viewing area) appeared on the map in places where I was in buildings. Are so between. 10-20, but has stopped again and now only the crosses are coming. 6.Wouldn't be bad if the guards also take main weapons and equipment out of the box.
  4. troymcc

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Have 3 questions first. 1. What do the colored (yellow, green) triangles on the map mean? 2. If I have understood this correctly, fast travel only works 1km around the base, per scout then come 100m on it. What's the point of this if I want to end up on the island, so I would need 1000 scouts or how? 3. Is there a way to transfer the inventory from the car directly to the crate?
  5. Where can i save the Game in LAN mode? I wanted to play in the SP, but it's that I should start a Lan Game. But there is the save button grayed out. If I start the game again and take Restore Save, everything will be done again.
  6. The Game runs normally. It used to work with Armasync.Since I still have old hardware, Win7 and of course the Arma and Armasync versions were lower.
  7. Have installed the latest version. But when I click on "start game", nothing happens. There is nothing to watch in the task manager. When i start the ArmA3Sync.bat:
  8. Hi. 1. I cant build. If i push the TAB button, nothing happens. For what i need buildings, can i build a Base? 2. Singleplayer need a timejump for the night(without NG its booring, stand all the night on the same place with time lapse :( )
  9. troymcc

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Schöne und gut gemachte Kampagne, leider zu kurz ;). Mehr davon.
  10. troymcc

    ACE trouble

    The red 1, the colored edges, heartbeat and wobbly aiming says me iam injured..
  11. 1. If i use the presistent Savegame, the Interaktionmenu(strg+win) is gone, only the red circle i see. 2. Some Questflags on map missing(eg i found a men from Argentinia and Chernorussian without the flag on map). need help plz
  12. troymcc

    ACE trouble

    Hi. I have a problem with ACE. Arma says iam injured, but the ACE sani says iam ok. I tryed changing some of the ACE options, but nothing helps. Whats happend?
  13. I dont have the Interaktionmenu (strg+win), only the red circle. I have the last one of ACE3. What goes wrong? Here all ACE entrys from the last RPT File, hope its useful
  14. How can i repair a vehicle?