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  1. Thanks a lot for your suggestions guys! I actually did not think about the performance aspect of the script, you're right. I will try to digest your suggestions and come back with the results probably in the next few days. Unfortunately I lack some thorough scripting knowledge so I do struggle with event handlers and most importantly where to call all those scripts from, but I will try to solve it. I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
  2. Yep, it did work just as expected. Dropping an object removes the action and adding it back in brings the action back. Thank a lot @cb65!
  3. Hey guys, I would like to add for my players the ability to use an action which would only appear to them if they met a specific criteria. The criteria is to have a specific backpack and inside it, a specific item. I got the script responsible for the condition working, but only once I put it in the init.sqf. If I did it that way, the action would appear and remain available even after the condition was no longer fulfilled (the object being dropped for example). Naturally, I'd like to remove the action if the condition was no longer met. I basically do not know how to check for the condition so that it always pops up for the player once he meets that criteria. This is the script that I don't know how to call: if ((unitBackpack Player isKindof "tfw_ilbe_a_gr") && ("tfw_rf3080Item" in (items player + assignedItems player))) then {Player addAction ["Test Action", "test_action.sqf"];} Thanks!
  4. Dj Rolnik

    ACE 3 Explosive jammer

    Ok, so for now I have tried the code provided in the ACE3 Framework wiki, copied below: [{ params ["_unit", "_range", "_explosive", "_fuzeTime", "_triggerItem"]; if (_triggerItem == "ace_cellphone") exitWith { systemChat "Blocking Cell Phone"; false }; // always block cell phones if (_triggerItem == "ace_m26_clacker") exitWith { _range = _range / 1000; private _actualRange = _unit distance _explosive; systemChat format ["Limited Range For RF Clacker [%1m / %2m]", _actualRange toFixed 1, _range toFixed 1]; (_actualRange < _range) // return bool }; // allow anything else (like timers / wired clackers) true }] call ace_explosives_fnc_addDetonateHandler; I have copied all that into a separate .sqf which I run on a simple addAction - works just fine. However, I cannot seem to revert the process. I would still like to turn the jammer off but cannot understand which parameter I would need to change in order to do so. Any advice? Thanks!
  5. Dj Rolnik

    ACE 3 Explosive jammer

    Thansk for the quick response @Dedmen. To be honest I am not planning on using the other mod, just used it as an example which I got the idea from and then found the function in the ACE 3 Framework page. I am still curious as to how the original mod creators managed to add that turn on option. It is literally a backpack with a few replacable antennaes all of which stand for the jamming range. Once you have that backpack you have a scroll wheel option to turn it on and off. It even blocks TFAR comms (as it's RF jam in the end). I sure will try your solution today too. Will see how it goes but I am still open for any other suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I was recently thinking of something that I saw in a separate mod, which is unfortunately not being developed any more, strictly speaking, radio jammer for radio controlled IED detonations. There is a mod which comes with a backpack item that has that option but it naturally only works for the explosives provided by that specific mod. I would, however, like to try and incorporate the same mechanism but to the ACE Explosives. Turns out there is a function for that but I am not skilled enough to implement it using my scripting skills. I have found this: https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/explosives-framework.html#53-detonation-handler At the very bottom of the page there is a section which seems to be doing what I need it to do, which is block all the detonations of radio controlled explosives (such as the cellphone). I was thinking about using this code possibly in a form of a switch that the player could use. Similarly to the backpack from the other mod, it could be whatever item that the player can have (possibly some kind of a backpack as well) that would have the ON and OFF switch. Those switches would then control whether the Cellphone detonation of an IED is possible or not. Another thing I found was that Achilles actually seems to have a similar functionality but it appears to be restricted to Zeus-placed objects via this specific module as well as looks to be "jammable" only by an actual vehicle. I will need to test this one today tho. https://github.com/ArmaAchilles/Achilles/wiki/Module-Information I would be very grateful for any help in terms of how to achieve that result possibly using that first bit of code. Thanks a lot! Adam
  7. Hey guys, I am thinking of changing some tank reload sounds for use with my group. I am considering changing some of the default reload sounds of the round being loaded to a couple different ones. Only thing is, I'd like it to be kind of random across several different sounds. I already figured I would need to make a small mod out of it that would override the files that tanks use (in this case I believe it's default vanilla tank reload sfx). I think I would be able to override the sound itself, but I would like to have a few variants of the reload sfx which would be chosen and played at random. Is it possible to script in any way? I will be thankful for any guidance in this regard. Thanks! Adam
  8. Dj Rolnik

    Ambient battle sounds Module

    Hey guys, I know it's kind of a revival of an old thread, but worth a shot nonetheless. I have a different problem. For some reason when the mission is launched on a server, it does not seem to read the module settings I used in the editor, namely the volume, distance, etc. I tried it solo and found the settings that worked for me, but then when launching it on a dedi, it just reads some other, much louder settings which are rather unfitting most of the times. Anyone had this problem before?
  9. Dj Rolnik

    Disable AI going prone

    I have no idea if you ask me - it may well be the case that it was just fixed somewhere on the way : )
  10. Dj Rolnik

    Disable AI going prone

    They're basically the same things, just one is a big discussion on the BI Forums and the other is a repost on Reddit. Sure, I can share this, no problem. Unfortunately I am not sure how to attach files to posts, so had to generate a link, sorry for that... I left out the raw folder just for ease of modification :) https://www68.zippyshare.com/v/HdEQcsCw/file.html - it's a whopping 866 bytes so shows as 0 MB ^^ Otherwise, it's just a config.cpp containing the below code from @.kju's first link - packed into a PBO. class CfgSurfaces { class Default { AIAvoidStance = 2; }; }; Thanks again!
  11. Dj Rolnik

    Disable AI going prone

    Wow, thanks for so many responses guys! I took a look at all of them and I indeed needed something that would work for spawned units as well, so I could not just assign a scirpt to a specific group. The solution from @.kju works flawlessly - I made a small local mod out of it and works like a charm! I may try out @GEORGE FLOROS GR's solution too, as in some missions I actualy may want the AI to lie down except for buildings - thanks for sharing the script man! Thanks all for your help - that's a big thing!
  12. Hello, I am looking for a solution to an issue which troubles me greatly - AI going prone on contact. I guess all of us have experienced it before and know that once the AI changes combat mode, it instantly goes to the ground which is not always realistic, nor is it good for the players. I have searched for a solution for some time now and most of the solutions suggested forcing AI to one specific stance, either by Zeus or by setUnitPos. Unfortunately, none of the solutions considered allowing the AI to either STAND or KNEEL, which is what I'm hoping for. Maybe there is a way to add an eventhandler of some sort which could override the PRONE stance with KNEEL, if possible. Otherwise, maybe it could just disable prone itself, leaving kneel and stand for the AI to choose normally. I did find a semi-solution to this, which is using trigger areas and modules, which force the stance change of the AI within a trigger to whatever I set, however that's a) fixed to one stance, and b) always in zones that have been predefined by me, not dynamic in any way. I lack enough experience to write something like this on my own, but I do feel like forbidding AIs PRONE stance only is possible - I just don't know exactly how to do it. Will be grateful for any help! Adam
  13. Dj Rolnik

    Spawn stun grenade effect

    Thanks @davidoss, I will surely check this out as soon as possible. Dzieki! ;)
  14. Dj Rolnik

    Spawn stun grenade effect

    ;) I am using the ACE3 mod in all of my games. If there is any way to incorporate the ACE3 addon to achieve that effect, I am perfectly willing to give it a shot. Problem is I have no idea how to achieve that. I am still open for suggestions if anyone knows a potentially working solution for this. Thanks!
  15. Hello, I am looking for a solution for spawning a flashbang effect, possibly on a marker, invisible helipad or possibly using any other way that works best and can be customized for future use. So far I was trying to spawn the grenade using the createVehicle command and getting a position of a marker. Two problems I have are: - Flash/stun grenades do not explode on spawn, they appear for a few seconds and then disappear entirely (I've checked smoke as well as frag grenades and those two do work fine) - The command spawns a literal grenade which can be seen physically, whereas I am looking for it to either explode on spawn (for the grenade itself not to be seen) or for it to trigger only the effect instead. The command is supposed to be a supplement to door breaching on action and is supposed to affect AI as well. I believe that the effects of the ACE M84 grenades do, so that would be the ideal solution. Thanks for any suggestions! Adam