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  1. Dj Rolnik

    selectRandom problem

    Yep, working great now. Thank you very much!
  2. Hey, I'm having trouble executing a random code from the arrays provided. Once I reach this point in the script, how do I "run" either of the three? selectRandom [ (hint "All systems operational 1."), (hint "All systems operational 2."), (execVM "jet1.sqf") ]; Thanks in advance, Adam
  3. I believe that you would probably have to attach the camera to a different memory point on the UAV you're using. You would have to find it in the config for that specific UAV. For the peltors that I used in the example above it was "PiP1_demining_pos" which is the rotary arm. The thing is, in this drone that point is attached to a moving arm and thus can be somewhat directed to where you wanna look at - I am not sure if that's the same for flying UAVs. As in, they may not have a memory point which looks in the direction that the uav operator is using. I think that you can kind of work aroud it with this: screen3 setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(uavrtt3,1)"]; cam3 = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; cam3 cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "uavrtt3"]; cam3 attachTo [cone3, [0,0,0]]; cam3 camSetTarget pen3; cam3 camSetFov 0.45; cam3 camCommit 0; I used this for static cameras which transmit the feed that looks from the position of cone3 to pen3 and transmit image uavrtt3. In your case, you could technically use the drone as the source and a player or anything as the target and I think it should work, but then again it's only fixed for that specific target. It really depends on what you're trying to achieve.
  4. Yep, used this in my mission a few times, but the screen loads locally to each player.
  5. Confirmed, working just as expected. Thank you my man, much appreciated!
  6. Thank you @7erra, I will try this out as soon as possible!
  7. Hey guys, I am trying to wrap my head around the various playMusic, say2D, playSound3D commands and am still having trouble. I would like achieve the following two things: - When a blufor player uses an action on an object, ONLY the blufor players hear a 2D sound (it has to follow the player and be heard locally, like a radio message of sort). - The same as above, but triggered when any blufor player enters a trigger. I tried various commands but am still struggling with locality of the commands. I believe that I am not using them on the correct clients, or something like that. The reason it needs to be played for side is that the mission is supposed to be PvP, so I do not want the opfor team to hear the audio. Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Yes, you are right. I assumed the alternative syntax which does not seem to have done the trick. Thank you man, you just saved me a ton of headache! Дзякуй!
  9. Hmm... I did what you suggested and when entering the trigger as blufor, I still see the notification pop up. Did I mess up the syntax somehow? remoteExecCall ["notification" call BIS_fnc_showNotification, OPFOR, false];
  10. Hey y'all, I am working on a mission in which I would like to have a notification (BIS_fnc_showNotification) displayed to the opposite team. As in: - Blufor player enters the trigger area - All Opfor players (and only opfor players) see the predefined notification on screen I cannot wrap my head around how to execute this command for side. Is that even possible? Anybody willing to help? Thanks in advance! Dj
  11. Oh crap, you're right.. I have not noticed this and only assumed it's working without checking the version first. Well, I guess I did get the function right but it's just not the time to use it yet. On a separate note, looking at the Dev Tracker it says that main updates are technically scheduled to be released within around a 2 month period and it seems to have been the case with the 2.02 hitting early March and 2.04 coming in late April. Latest changes to 2.04 seem to have been early June so hoping that the 2.06 gets pushed in the nearest future. Anyone got any insight on that or any fresh info on the progress of 2.06?
  12. Hey everyone, I am trying to use the playSound3D function with the "local" parameter that has been introduced in 2.06, but I cannot get it to work. Either I'm not getting it or doing something wrong. Basically, when using the function syntax and putting in all the parameters the sound seems to play just fine, however as soon as I add the last parameter (either set to true or false) the sound does not play at all. What I would love to have is this function BE local, as in, the sound played to be heard only by the player triggering it. Now I know the function itself says its effect is global by default (GE), so it makes me wonder whether the "local" parameter is not working or it is something completely different. Thanks for your help in advance! https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playSound3D
  13. Okay, confirmed that the removal of the remoteExec solved the problem. That was my bad. Thanks for the help!
  14. The "h1" is just a variable name of the helo that is to land inside the trigger.
  15. Ah yes, I guess I see now. I will probably remove the remoteExec but will mess around with it a little bit more and see how it goes. Thanks man!