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  1. AoW_Showcase_AoW and AoW_Showcase_Future spotlight entries are counting lines in the showcase menu to determine what item to select. This isn't good, because if someone else is adding new showcase scenarios, the selection might be wrong. /Edit: I just noticed that Orange DLC showcases are also counting lines.
  2. "Fixed: Field Manual 3D objects sometimes rendering as a pure white shape" Well damn. Never expected this to be fixed some day.
  3. lexx

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I don't even understand what it does different than behaviour and setBehaviour.
  4. Ok, I concede defeat. Still think it feels a bit odd ingame, because the wheels look so stiff. Though I guess it's just how it is.
  5. Hm ok, but then the vehicle simulation is still not 100% correct. In the video you can see the vehicle turning on the spot, but that's not possible in arma. Basically, it should behave more like a tank than a car.
  6. Nice. UGV wheels are still broken, tho. : > I looked it up on the tracker and wow, it turns out this bug is old as hell. Weird how I never noticed before.
  7. Is it just me or are the wheels of the UGV broken? They won't turn left/right.
  8. Looks like my project is crashing the game since today's dev-branch update when trying to load 3den. First I thought it might be something with the terrain itself, but it loads up in the main menu (background) just fine. Thing is, I can't really see what's causing it right now - but it stops crashing when it's not activated. Also, it does *not* crash on 3den load when running the game via arma3diag_x64.exe ... Anyone got any ideas how I could debug that? The .rpt file stops with that: c:\bis\source\dev\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! Extensions: c:\bis\source\dev\futura\el\multicore\jobs.cpp(23) : Assertion failed '_jobState<JSWaiting || _jobState>JSSuspended Not sure if it's related, though. /Edit: It just crashed in 3den even with the arma3diag_x64.exe - just took a while longer. \/Context: [] L1 () [] L1 () [] L1739 (A3\functions_f_bootcamp\Inventory\fn_arsenal.sqf [BIS_fnc_arsenal]) [] L4795 (A3\functions_f_bootcamp\Inventory\fn_arsenal.sqf [BIS_fnc_arsenal]) [] L4797 (A3\functions_f_bootcamp\Inventory\fn_arsenal.sqf [BIS_fnc_arsenal]) [] L83 (A3\functions_f_bootcamp\Inventory\fn_saveInventory.sqf [BIS_fnc_saveInventory]) [] L83 (A3\functions_f_bootcamp\Inventory\fn_saveInventory.sqf [BIS_fnc_saveInventory]) unable to save config variable to: ======================================================= ------------------------------------------------------- Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 90DA2104 Version 2.01.146823 Fault time: 2020/10/27 17:43:54 Fault address: 90DA2104 00:90DA2104 Unknown module Prev. code bytes: 0F 84 0E 01 00 00 83 7F 08 00 0F 85 F8 00 00 00 Fault code bytes: 48 8B 03 48 8B CB FF 90 A8 00 00 00 84 C0 0F 84 ======================================================= /Edit2: The crash is not 3den related. If I boot up the game (map loads in the background) and then start any scenario, the game will crash. I think this is the reason why it doesn't crash with the diag.exe right away - I've set the game here to start without any terrain pre-loaded, so booting up 3den will load the terrain for the first time (PS: The crash happens on any other terrain as well, not just my own). However, I have not yet been able to reproduce this in vanilla arma. 😕 /Edit3: My theory was correct. Booting up the game with an empty world will not result in a crash when starting 3den with the normal a3.exe file. /Edit4: Just reverted to latest stable to make sure and yup, the game won't crash here.
  9. I never even realized there is a channel function for markers ... guess it shows that I never bother with multiplayer stuff. /Edit: Oh, it's a new addition. Well, then no wonders. Just sucks that I didn't noticed it earlier. 😆 Anyways, I noticed that BIS_fnc_stringToMarker doesn't seem to have a channel argument at all. Other than that, I would support markers to be channel-less by default, like before.
  10. Did something happen with the default marker alpha values? For some reason all my default black markers seem to have more transparency now than before... sadly I can't post before/after screenshots, but I'm 100% sure something has changed.
  11. So what is this "medicine" you are talking about? Honestly I have no idea what people want. Maybe BI should just sell $2 weapon skins and be done with it. Seems to work for other games. Here is the problem: Witcher 3 only has 2 DLCs (not counting the minor stuff they were throwing out in the months after release.. that's just cut stuff from the main game) and it is not a multiplayer game. They have a completely different background while working on new content for the game and much less problems to care about. Could BI throw all existing DLCs into the base game and sell them? Sure, but I'm not sure if Arma3 would still sell as a 50 bucks game 7 years after its release. Maybe in sales, but that's actually going to lose them money. My take on "is the DLC successful" is that if you make more money from it than you put into, yes, it's been successful.
  12. So is that because of the DLC model or is that because of the DLCs in the first place. Also keep in mind that since day 1 people QQd about high DLC prices ("waah, only 2 new helicopter waah") completely ignoring the free platform updates and other stuff in the process. Also keep in mind that Arma got a huge sales boost after the whole DayZ thing. So it'd be safe to assume that a lot of these sales are just people getting temporarily into it due to DayZ, but quickly leaving again, because they realized they like Call of Duty more. Also it would be interesting to see numbers of DLC sales on other games to get a benchmark for comparisons.
  13. I have the class hgun_P07_blk_F visible in Virtual Arsenal, which - as the name suggests - is a black variant of the P07 pistol. However, it shows the khaki inventory icon and "community addon" ... the dev-branch changelog isn't mentioning it at all. Did this slip in by accident and / or can we expect it to be updated soon™?
  14. Big thanks for the help! I will dive into it and see how I can apply this to my normal stuff.
  15. Oi Folks, I'm having some troubles with the keyframe animations. This is what I do: 1. Setup my keyframe animation (works perfect). 2. Export the mission as .sqf 3. execVM said .sqf into a different (singleplayer) mission 4. use [myTimeline] call BIS_fnc_timeline_play to start it ... and now nothing happens. Really don't know what's causing this issue. As far as I can tell, all keyframe related objects are created correctly. Everything is synchronized. Yet starting the timeline results in nothing happening. Anyone got any ideas? /Edit: Repro-mission: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19noPCeybPgkjfHIZPNVCYScbfJKG_0v3/view?usp=sharing Play the repro_timeline mission, then run [BIS_Rautake_Timeline02] call BIS_fnc_timeline_play; to see that nothing is happening
  16. Hmm, this is not a request, just a suggestion... With Contact, we now have a HEMTT Cargo variant. Can we get the same for the CSAT Tempest? Just take the ammo truck variant, remove the straps and boxes, and call it a day. As far as I can tell, it wouldn't even require changes to the texture. Same for a flatbed variant, actually - take the device variant, remove the device, done. Approximated work time... 10 minutes + config entries? Only issue might be the string translations, but it's not exactly rocket science either.
  17. lexx

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    It's not only about space on the hdd/ssd but downloading a bazillion GB on a slow and/ or limited internet connection.
  18. Yeah, the amount of rabbits always bothered me.
  19. lexx

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    That was talked about extensively in this thread and elsewhere. The gist is: I don't want to download 30+GB of content right now. It's especially funny when I'm not at home and the other computer with a bad internet connection won't let me start the game, because it first wants to download updates for the next 12 hours. It's a pain for mods as well, but here at least it is possible to unsubscribe first.
  20. Seems to me like your game plays 5.1 sound while you don't have 5.1 sound - that would explain why sound from certain directions have a much lower volume.
  21. Yeah, seems to be working again now. No idea what the issue was that caused this.
  22. true call BIN_fnc_showHorizontalCompass; ^ this is the right way. If that doesn't work, something else is missing. One thing to not is that most / all of these commands require Contact and won't work in "vanilla" A3.
  23. Is it just me or does x setDamage 1 turn items invisible now? I like to use that trick to place weapons, etc as decoration, but doing so now turns them invisible in 3den.
  24. Remember that at night time... there is no shadow at all. There is so much fancy light to use, but as soon as you notice how nothing is throwing a shadow, it looks just so damn wrong.
  25. Yeah, but animals in the game always have / had shitty animations. Just look at the current dogs, sheep, goats, etc... Stiff as they come, and if you shoot them, it takes them a while to realize they have to die now.