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  1. thank you for your help its working now.
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EuSFhVwzzp8cZ6J_T7Y6PBDvwpvoQ6m2
  3. i used notepad++ to do a search and it found nothing https://ibb.co/LhnWbjn
  4. iv searched a few, but only found it in the one file so far.
  5. I found the [“water”, “out” ] code in a file called easterEggs.sqf and i replaced it with [“water”] but i still get the array error https://ibb.co/S3R01sh https://ibb.co/9bb6dLD
  6. lol thanks, but what file is this [“water”, “out” ] with [“water”] code in ? because there is no fn_getArea.sqf file in my folder I edited a pretty old version old I&A co60_AW_Invade_Annex_2_85C.Altis
  7. I am the guy that made the singleplayer version I'm trying to fix it but i cant find the sqf files that the error is referencing. error https://ibb.co/f8XFCHc found this but i dont really understand it https://feedback.bistudio.com/T134662
  8. Hi I edited an old version of Invade & Annex for single player scenario use, and it used to work fine, but now the AO location keeps changing every 30 seconds or so. Dose anyone know why its doing this? People enjoy the scenario and its nice being able to play it on your own and trying to complete it by commanding the AI, but i keep getting messages about how its broken and i have no idea how to fix it. I just removed most of the restrictions and added high command and the ability to save progress. I messgaed quicksilver on youtube but it could be months untill he replies if at all.
  9. Quack O'Neill

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    why the fuck would they tell people about the alien invasion tho ?
  10. Quack O'Neill

    Inventory Trigger Conditions

    Thanks. the first bit makes alot of sense up unitll // some code? _unit setCaptive false; // no longer captive. but only because i dont want it messing with all my triggers and conditions. its as if it says if this unit takes any of the possible inventory items then shoot him. but i i will test it when i wake up. im a bit drunk now. !(HandgunWeapon Miller==""); how dose this not work though ? !(HandgunWeapon, Uniform, Map, watch and what ever~? Miller=="");
  11. Quack O'Neill

    Inventory Trigger Conditions

    I'm Sorry. I have my problems. I dont get a sound for the warnings. Only replies.
  12. Quack O'Neill

    Inventory Trigger Conditions

    I frankensteined this with my own stupidity and it works. when the hostage picks up the gun. opfor shoot him. game over. !(HandgunWeapon Miller==""); @pierremgi gave me this bit but i couldnt work out how to merge them. then he got stropy with the COPY/PASTE bit ({_x in assignedItems Miller} count ["ItemCompass","ItemWatch","ItemMap","ItemGPS"] == 0); i tried to work it out, but i couldnt. I thought this might work. !(HandgunWeapon, Items Miller==""); It didnt. :( ok here gose. The Hostage's Items / belongings are inside a box. cloths, compass, map, watch, the lot. yea. Because he is sat or stood 2ft away from the box, the scroll wheel can access the box's inventory, right ? but this makes it like a little puzzle game. If the player waits for long enough, maybe all of the guards go for a shit or a sleep at some point or something and he can grab his stuff and run. Its really risky iv only made it to the beach a few times and it would piss your mates off if you kept trying to escape. anyway, at the moment, the player can go in the box and put all of his cloths and stuff back on and even heal him self. what i want is if the player takes 1 item from that box the condition is triggered and they shoot him because he become greenfor.
  13. Quack O'Neill

    Inventory Trigger Conditions

    it is 10/10 for observation hazj
  14. Quack O'Neill

    Inventory Trigger Conditions

    I dint think so after his outbursty response, but id allready got offended by then. im sorry. I know my english is bad, ok. but im trying to lose my self in something i believe in. no one i know wants to play games or game modes like this. What is VR all about anyway ? this sounds like a great mission for that sort of thing ? your English, you know that i did explain those things, or at least explained them better afterwards. just because his bit of code didnt work, he lost the plot.
  15. Quack O'Neill

    Inventory Trigger Conditions

    but i terrible at communicating