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Found 51 results

  1. Want to make a few civil war scenarios that comply with the official lore, but we're given very little info on what towns and cities were controlled by each side throughout the conflict. The only thing I could find was that in Beyond Hope at the start the loyalists control at least Agios Dionysios and push the AAF out of Orino and Galati. Is Kavala controlled by the loyalists, which would explain why the capital was moved to Pygros? This would mean that the west and east were controlled by the loyalists and AAF respectively with the frontline running down the middle of the island, and as the conflict progressed the rebels gradually expanded westward. Or was loyalist territory restricted exclusively to the north west in the areas surrounding Oreokastro? Did the loyalists hold any territory in the eastern part of the island? If there's no official info on this, what would be the most realistic and logical course of events in your opinion, in terms of where the strongholds and frontlines of both sides were located and how they changed as time went on? Was always fascinated with war maps and conflict timelapses so it could be interesting look at the lore from this perspective.
  2. Why are Altis and Stratis located somewhere between Crete and Malta, but not in Aegean Sea as in real life?
  3. Steam Workshop - Full Release Overview Insurgency - 2035 is a project focusing on fleshing out the various insurgent and paramilitary groups scattered across the globe in the Armaverse, focusing on the 2030s onwards. This modification uses the Western Sahara CDLC from the Rotators Collective, as well as Arma 3 Aegis and Atlas. Both are essential to Insurgency - 2035, and I am immensely appreciative for the fantastic work they have done. A full list of dependencies can be found on the lower right-hand side of the Workshop page. For any additional queries, feel free to drop me a private message here or reach out to me on my Discord. Factions Chernarussian Radical Party Although the original Chedaki insurgency was wiped out by a joint U.S. and Chernarussian offensive at the close of Operation Harvest Red little was done to curtail pro-Russian sentiments in the north of Chernarus. In the intervening years, a loose coalition of political parties and citizen militias have formed together as the Chernarussian Radical Party, and have since seized control of the north of the country. Reinforced by foreign fighters and equipment from across the border in Russia, the party has proclaimed itself the successor to the Chedaki insurgency of old. Pro-Akhanteros Paramilitaries The outbreak of the Altian Civil War in the mid-to-late 2030s saw the rise of paramilitaries on both sides of the conflict that were quietly backed by foreign countries with a vested interest in the island nation. Those that supported Georgious Akhanteros and his military junta were known to employ death squads, brutalising the population of Altis. Takistani Insurgents Despite the relative stability brought to Takistan following the NATO intervention during Operation Arrowhead, insurgent forces have continued to operate freely in the country. One of the most prominent groups is believed to be led by the son of former dictator Muhammad R. Aziz, and is currently engaged in a bloody insurgency against the CSAT-backed government in Takmyr. Pictures Changelog Credits
  4. I wanted to post my first Arma 3 mission, Total Warfare: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2776356858. Back in the day, I made a lot of missions for Operation Flashpoint - such as Petrovice Salient, Apache Assault and Operation Sharkeye - but haven't done anything since. It's been fun to make although pretty time consuming due to the complexity of the mission and how rusty I was at scripting. Given that, I am happy that it's fairly polished. And whatever else it may be, it's not boring. The goal was to put you into a large-scale and brutal assault in which you have a genuine sense of having to fight for every inch. The downside of this sense of scale is that it's very resource-intensive. Despite spending a lot of time optimizing it, it's unlikely you'll get buttery smooth framerates. Happy to receive any criticisms/feedback. My questions at the moment with it are: Difficulty level - it's a hard mission, but I do not want to make it much easier as that lowers the intensity of the experience. As a compromise, there is revive (incl SP) but is that too much? There is an occasional issue with the game hanging for a few seconds before resuming, sometimes multiple times. This is caused by a script that ironically is intended to improve performance. The script moves and activates enemy units as soon as you or another squad is in the area. I assume the hanging is caused by the script disrupting the game's resource management - causing a temporary CPU overload. If anyone knows how to fix this, would love to hear. Total Warfare aims to give you the visceral experience of a large-scale, combined arms battle - a brutal urban engagement fought alongside other squads, with an unpredictable enemy, noise and explosions all around you, and unrelenting tension. You're a leading FIA officer who's turned the tide against CSAT/AAF, forcing them to retreat to Kavala. Finally, NATO are joining the war and are launching a massive airborne operation to take the city. You'll be fighting alongside them, but first need to pave the way by taking out the enemy AA units. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2776356858
  5. These files published include: 5 Trader Cities Boat Traders Aircraft Traders Map Markers Radiation Zone Loot Positions Concrete Mixers https://easyupload.io/u22w9u
  6. Hi All, We are trying to launch an new UK server, however we require some help with some dev work please contact me if interested, oh by the way this isn't some popup server this will be a long term heavily invested server. We are here for the long run!
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2527226295 Play with more than 20 players as a unit taking part of an invasion, tasked with controlling multiple cities and enemy bases. Play on foot and use vehicles to finish more than 11 tasks in this three hours scenario filled with urban fighting. This being my first published mission, feedback is highly appreciated. Reviews : It's really cool. - Me It's alright i guess. - My friend. Don't forget your scenario while taking out the garbage. - My mum.
  8. Hi Guys, After looking at some of the brilliant inspiration on youtube and steam by Nikoleav and Xcino, (and an awesome rig by Luger from last year) I decided my original rig just didn't cut it. This one is complete from vanilla and apex assets, meaning it will work with almost any community. It is >4x larger than my previous rig and puts it on a similar scale to Xcino's V2. Features include: The structure can be accessed from any one of the 4 struts and gives unique bottlenecks at each one. Multiple office structures and pump areas plus service pipelines to new locations. HUGE level of verticality with multiple 'decks' and sight lines. A secret location for SF ops. A full size helipad and lighting for even the largest of transports. A sensible amount of lighting to assist immersive night ops, (turn dynamic lights up to ULTRA) AND FINALLY, I have added 4 changable respawn points that place players onto the four struts. Good for PVP or curated/role play elements. Obviously AI will struggle to navigate the thing, but the pathing isn't the worst. Use it / alter it as you see fit but let me know of you make any videos, please credit me if you want to re-release it in something else. Anyway have fun. and if you like this sort of thing, drop in the CPM at or our teamspeak at ts1.cornishpastymen.co.uk:9993 Download HERE
  9. Liberation of Altis is a single-player mission with multiplayer support for a maximum of 3 total players. Currently, the mission uses the Warlords systems as it comes closest to the mission I want to make and I'm not good enough at coding to write my own systems to make it exactly how I'd like. That being said I am still actively working on the mission and it is still in beta, the goal of posting this early is to get feedback on what people think of my project and to get feedback as to how I can improve it as I go. I am looking for help in developing the mission whether you're a graphic designer or scripter, or even a map builder. Colonel Willian Hill, a NATO peace-keeper has been sent to lead a small task force in Altis in response to reports of OpFor launching a total hostile takeover. Due to the nature of the situation and current relations between NATO and Altis, only two other men we allowed to accompany Hill. NATO believes that if the reports are true, Hill should be able to gain the support of local rebels to help return Altis to a free state. NATO has also authorized Hill to seize any vehicle he deems beneficial to the mission. At the very beginning of the mission, the player will spawn in as Colonel William Hill, a regular squad leader unit with 2 accompanying riflemen. On the map will be marked the location of "survivors" who are currently being hunted by OpFor forces. if the player manages to save the squads from OpFor they will join the player in their mission. There will also be some trucks marked as "utility vehicles' but will be guarded by OpFor troops. Upon spawning in the player will also notice a Prowler at the spawn point which is intended to be used to quickly get around the map in the beginning. After the player rescues the survivors the player should choose the first town to liberate, which should be the town in between the player and the AAC airport (which will be used as the player's base of operations after it's been cleared) and then head for the AAC airport and clear it of hostiles and prepare for a long warlords-like campaign. It was intended to be where the player could lead a massive army divided up into teams (using red team, white team, blue team, so on so forth) where players could attack multiple locations at once which is why multiplayer support was added. However, due to the limitations of the Warlords systems, this is currently not possible. The player is still able to assign units to teams and have them attack locations independently (i.e. the player could order their teams to attack sectors while the player stays back at the base since there are currently no respawn mechanics in place). Sector income has been reduced to make the rescue objectives more critical. There have also been different vehicles scattered throughout the map for the player to acquire, from offroads to tanks. Downloads Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2278581768 Github: (coming soon) Other links Discord: https://discord.gg/cRgrH54BKs
  10. After teasing people with promo shots in the combat photography thread for quite some time, I decided to open a separate thread for my upcoming AAF add-on. The idea behind this was to have a AAF faction for contemporary missions on Altis and Stratis using RHS assets and having only the RHS mods as a dependency. Over time I got permission to add some more models to this add-on and, so you’ll get a bit more than just RHS retextures… To provide mission makers with a possible storyline, I wrote a small history of Altis, which ends in a republic being on the brink of civil war in 2017 and with interventions of both Russia and NATO as a real possibility: Some screenshots: More: The content so far: • AAF infantry in pixelated camo • AAF reservists in greek lizard camo • Altian Police units • BMP-3s, GAZ Tigrs, HMMWVs and Urals for the AAF • Ka-60 and L-159 for the Altian Air Wing • pro-western Rebels Links: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Yxn32iV400uCdolzrKmTl5ftJq5jZnGr http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1298282761 (More mirrors are always welcome!)
  11. Hello, it just happends that I open the game, go to the editor, then select Altis as a map and it shoots down the game. i´ve tried with serveral maps and works just fine.... it only happends with Altis. Tried with and without mods and it´s the same....altis shoots down the game any thoughts? thanks
  12. Altian Peace Talks Question: What is the result of the "Peace Talks of Kavala" ? Answer: To be discussed. After East Wind Situation Question: How will a "shared peacekeeping deal" look like ? Answer: To be discussed. Question: What will happen with the rest of the AAF ? Answer: To be discussed.
  13. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1979428795 MISSION Survive each wave of enemies, that gets harder and harder each wave. Vehicles and snipers spawn in the later rounds. Earn cash from killing enemies that you can spend on upgrading your base, pop-a-perks or support. If you die, you can't respawn until the end of the wave. If all players die, the wave is lost and resets. FEATURES Customize your game with parameters Choose to fight against the AAF (Default), CSAT, NATO, FIA, Syndikat or RHS Russians. virtual arsenal (unlocked at wave 3) revive, spectator custom base and arena unlockable support (UAV recon, laser guided missile, mortars, artillery, carpet bombing) custom level system and base unlocks enemy body armor and vehicles level up each wave enemy helicopters spawn with snipers on benches weather and time changes every few waves (customizable) custom music and sounds SUPPORT Laser Designated Missile - If you have a laser designator, you can call in laser designated missile strikes after wave 15. You must keep your laser designator on the target until the missile strikes. (There might currently be a bug that removes the missile if you turn the designator off). Artillery, Mortars, Carpet Bomb - Choose one of the 3 from the support menu and click on the map to rain down fire from above. UAV Recon - All hostile units will be marked for the remainer of the round. These markers will update every few seconds to track enemy movement. Rearm - Reapplies last loadout that was equiped when arsenal was closed. Invisibility - Makes enemies ignore you until the timer expires. God Mode - Makes you immune to damage until the timer expires. POP-A-PERC SHOOTER PERC - Lowers weapon sway and recoil. Located near the box at spawn. CLUTCH PERC - Speeds up how fast you revive teammates. Located near the hospital. SPEED PERC - Increases your movement speed. Located on the ground near the main tower. BEAST PERC - Increase how much damage you can take. Located at the top of the main tower. TIME CYCLE (Default of 3 waves per level but customizable) Morning Noon Evening Night Night (Dark) Morning WAVE UNLOCKS Wave 2 - Heal (Support Menu) Wave 3 - Virtual Arsenal Wave 4 - Rearm (Support Menu) Wave 7 - UAV Recon (Support Menu) Wave 8 - Medical Healing Building Wave 9 - Invisibility (Support Menu) Wave 10 - God Mode (Support Menu) Wave 11 - Mortars Wave 15 - Laser Guided Missile Wave 17 - APC at base Wave 20 - Artillery Wave 23 - Tank at base Wave 25 - Carpet Bombs CREDITS HUGE thanks to @Larrowfor help with heli waypoints and the support menu prices. Also a huge thanks to @killzone_kid for help with the action for buying towers. Big shouts out to Daxx for the arena compositions Thanks @austin_medic and @lsd for their composition packs Thanks @shukofor the random position script Thanks @kibot for the support scripts from DUWS Thanks @wogz187 and @pierremgi for help on the forums Big thanks to Phil, Bruno and Porte for all their patience during testing. Custom images, sounds and music by @JR Nova. REQUIREMENTS None but choosing an enemy faction of RHS Russians requires RHS AFRF and GREF BUGS Sometimes an AI group will spawn and not move. If this happens, either you can use the UAV to find and kill them or use the action on the debug laptop at base to advance the level. No cash reward from destroying vehicles sometimes. NOTE: You don't get the bonus for completing the wave if you advance with the debug laptop. CUSTOM FACTIONS To use custom factions, open classNames.sqf and scroll down to "case (6)". You'll need to enter the classnames for enemy clothes, armor, weapons & vehicles. You can add as many items as you want or one, but the arrays can't be left empty or there will be errors. WANT TO HELP? Github repo: https://github.com/novakoda/Alamo Could use some help with adding GUI and any features, suggestions, code optimization, etc.
  14. I’m looking for two male voice actors aged between 25-35 who are able to do a Greek/Altis accent for a singleplayer mission im working on. The voice work isn’t too complicated, just some simple back and forth.
  15. I made this ages ago. Neglected to upload it to the workshop somehow. Its a remake of the brilliant BIS Tac Ops mission of the same name - so perhaps a massive spoiler alert if you haven't played through the DLC campaign. It is not a like for like facsimile, and the story is adjusted to be a continuation of At What Cost. Having said that you don't need to own any DLC. All the assets used I believe are platform assets. The mission was created for zeus-community using 2600K's fork of the F3 Framework which means that its packed full of features and parameters to play with such as weather, ZGM module for admin, safe start, JIP, drop in drop out radio channels, You don't need 61 people - I've left the AI slots open, so you could run this 'full' with as few as 8 people all the way up to 61. The mission briefing is laid out below. It is up to whoever takes the Commander slot to come up with a plan. Subcribe at the Steam Workshop Page. SITUATION The AAF has begun its crack down on the population of Altis. Your Company is assembled from civilians and a portion of the Altis Armed Forces who refuse to take part following the disgusting treatment of IDAP volunteers and the bombing of Zaros a few months ago. A local AAF militia force has fortified Galati and is using its check points to tax and harass the movement of goods, civilians and aid. We just got word of an IDAP supply convoy that has been prevented from moving north to Abdera. If we could secure this the treasure inside could easily keep our forces supplied for a couple of months. OBJECTIVES Take Galati and liberate the blockaded aid convoy. Ensure casualties are kept below (parameter selectable) percent. SPECIAL TASKS Galati is protected by three Check Points - Golf, Hotel and India. The town's garrison will likely call reinforcements from Sytra and Athira at the first sign of attack. If we were to assault and hold Hotel and India we could use the defences there to hold off any counter attacks from the AAF armored platoon at Athira and Syrta's mechanised forces. Once safe on the flanks we'll be able to move on the town, eliminate every last one of those bastards and call in our reserves to move the supplies later once the fighting has stopped. FRIENDLY FORCES Commander at your disposal you have: COMMAND GROUP A 2IC - keep him as your medic or put him in charge of a thing. 1st and 2nd Platoon Commanders - If you so wish to divide your forces these roles may be very useful. I would recommend that you use the extended Radio Channels to allow distinct leadership roles or groups to communicate without jamming the airwaves. Are your IFVs all moving together? Have the Command element in charge of them and the Vic Commanders all join a channel together. Are Alpha and Bravo moving together and supporting one-another and moving with one of the IFVs? Have their executive officer and SLS in a common channel. Need an intercom between Vic and Squad? - Put a squad member in charge of comms with the vic and hop on the channel. You could also give the mortar team a direct link to an assigned person in charge of calling fire missions in the Company or each platoon, squad or fire team. Remember that utilising these channels makes the yellow CO channel a way of address all Command elements and may mean talking over another radio channel in use. Another top tip is to record who is on which channel on the map for easy reference should someone need to get in touch and temporarily join the correct channel. RECON Romeo and Juliet - two 2 man teams with quad-bikes for deployment. Each team has a small supply of explosives for sabotage and a limited supply of .408 ammo for very long range engagements. Note they start away from the main force. INFANTRY Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta - four 10 man squads of varying competence and ability. To get about they have a variety of unarmed re-purposed vics ranging from off-roads and 4WDs to trucks and vans. AFV-4 GORGON IFV1, 2 and 3. - When our men left the AAF they brought with them their tax payer funded tools! The three Gorgons are distinguished from their AAF counterparts by their camouflage. Each IFV has a cargo capacity of 8 men so use them as impromptu transports as well as infantry support. Remember these things are glass cannons. They, like the infantry, need cover and concealment in order to last the rounds. SUPPORT Mike - Mortar and Vehicle Rearm. Use the mortar team as a back of house resupply and support contingent. Their vic will also rearm our IFVs. ENEMY FORCES The AAF still have many recruits and some commanders have seen the benefits of becoming local warlords. Expect heavy resistance in the town and QRFS to come from the East and West to support the check points and Galati.
  16. Hey everyone, I recently downloaded and installed the Esseker map, and discovered that I rather like it. Other than Exile, Wasteland, and the likes, there don't seem to be very many missions available for download (of the type that you'd just play with a couple of buddies when you have nothing else to do). So I had an idea, but I have no idea how to do it, or if can even be done, as I have very very limited experience in arma mission editing. I would like to make an escape mission for Esseker, just to play with some friends. I was wondering if it's possible to move most of the content from the already-made "Escape Altis" mission (as in moving the scripts, sounds, etc). I figure the most work will be getting the triggers, and objects like that to the "Escape Esseker" mission. Is this a feasible plan? TL;DR: I'd like to move the mission "Escape Altis" to the Esseker map, what's the best way to do this?
  17. Hi all, I have been away from ARMA recently. There is a certain project which i probably will not be able to finish... Point is, there is asset in this project that i want to share even thought the whole project is not done. This asset is hiqh quality map of Altis and Stratis. I dont know if someone will find this usefull, but i hope so. Maps were made from inside game by making screenshots, I suppose it is not against EULA. I will remove download links if it is against EULA. Both maps have following parameters: - Resolution is 32768x32768 pixels (higher is not possible for JPG coz I wanted to keep resolution as power of 2) - Both satelite and height map variants available - No watermarks Also, both maps were cut to tiles, so it can be used in tile map engines. Leaflet in my case. Here are some sneak pics. Single JPG maps: 1) Stratis (satelite + height map) download - 129 MB 2) Altis (satelite + height map) download - 199 MB Tiled maps. 8 Layers. Resolution 256x256. Format PNG. 21845 files. 1) Stratis - height map download - 606 MB 2) Stratis - satelite download - 748 MB 3) Altis - height map download - 845 MB 4) Altis - satelite download - 811 MB
  18. Hello all, I'm undertaking my first modding project, injecting into the game my vision of the AAF. Rather than Altis existing as a separate Republic, my mod will depict the country (and consequently its military) as a Commonwealth realm, much like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This mod will most likely be dependent on RHS:USAF, RHS:GREF, and Adacas' Military Gear Pack. Below is a small teaser of the uniform and helmet retextures that I have recently made and am currently in the process of refining. I'm a fairly new modder, with limited knowledge of configs and retexturing; I'm essentially learning it all as I go, and any help offered would be greatly appreciated. Suggestions are also welcome! I look forward to sharing my progress with all that are interested. Special thanks to fingolfin for his advice on retexturing and IndeedPete for his user friendly Retexturing Templates (found here:)
  19. The Air Station Paul 25 is one of twice Air Stations on the area of the Republic Altis and Stratis. Air Station Paul 25 and the Air Station Mike 26 were still build by the british colonial power, following the downsizing and relocation of Task Force Aegis troops based on Altis, Air Station Paul 25 was transferred to the AAF, although it had no trained personnel to use "Paul 25" at that time. During the civil war and the ensuing war with NATO, Air Station Paul 25 stayed in service almost until the end of the war with NATO forces. Recently, Air Station suffered a targeted detonation due to unknown extraneous forces. Today, the Air Station Paul 25 is again used by Task Force Aegis in cooperation with the civilian and military authorities of the Republic Altis and Stratis. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1544860912
  20. jake maisy

    Maisy's Mil Sim

    would any want to join my mil sim group i am creating? i have a server and we plan on doing zeus made missions, and campaigns on the weekends, we are scheduled to launch this coming Saturday and really need players, theirs no recruitment atm we are looking for players that just want to have a good time and enjoy aspects that Arma 3 offers that a lot of players dont get access to, there are no time requirements or skill requirements, We do plan on being realistic and structured but at a its a video game and we are going to make sure we have fun kinda view. discord with more information https://discord.gg/Wx3vQw4
  21. Hi there! welcome to The Old Breed! we're a small server that focuses on playing the new game, 'Post Scriptum' and other realistic games like Arma 3. Our play style is semi realistic. Me and @peelie have some military experience so we are quite good tacticians! yet we do not take this as gods law, we don't mind having a piss about and a laugh! hopefully once we gain more members we can expand our game selection. we mainly Game on PC so we have many to choose from, if you have any suggestions contact myself or @peelie . If you join our server could you please join our Guilded server: http://www.guilded.gg/teams/rRpmWaDl/overview/news/JlaBXB6m?d=anc . This is where we organise our events and practices. We will keep you updated on any upcoming events and operations. Have fun guys and if you have any questions, direct message about the arma server we are a new clan starting out planning on doing traning and operations weekly we want to represent the british armed forces and we choose very unique and amazing regiments these are the 12th armour brigade royal lancers, 43 commando and 40 commando, kings royal hussars, 1st squadron raf and no.2 field squadron raf regiment these are to us very importent regiments has they all hold a place in hearts but we are very friendly and semi realsistic group looking for player who would love to join us we also do post scriptum and other games but they will be explained in discord we hope you will enjoy your time in our unit "Discipline strengthens the mind so that it becomes impervious to the corroding influence of fear." - Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery https://discord.gg/aUunXkM
  22. OPERATION SLOW SUNRISE by 1-506Ranger and JoeBeast Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1393274510 Mission Information: Want to go for a ride with the Rangers? Here's your chance! This isn't a mission in the classical sense. More of a showcase of the 75th Ranger Regiment v1.1 mod with some of the RHS loadouts I've used in my personal missions. The motivation to create this was the renewed work being done by Siege-A and Company to update this mod (as well as the upcoming UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms). The Ranger teams are programmed to conduct 2 small, lightning-fast type raids, insertion/extraction via little bird with artillery smoke screen, power outage, etc. The playable slots are for a static commander meant to be a placeholder to "watch" the action unfold via Zeus or spectator mode, and playable slots for each team member role - not including the Team Leader whom you will follow. Try out each loadout and just have some fun with it. The mission plays through in about 15 minutes. Want to see this expanded into a full up SP/MP scenario? Post your ideas - you never know, or break open the mission and configure it for larger scale play yourself. Just make sure to give credit to all the mod and script contributors! Although tested on a dedi, this is not meant for MP in its current state, it's really meant for SP via the MP server browser/LAN route: Multiplayer > Server Browser > Host Server > Host=LAN > HOST SERVER || Select Map (Alits) and Mission > Start Known Bugs: About 3/4 of the way through the mission you will get hit with this pop-up: No entry bin\config.bin/RadioProtocolRUS/SentCovering. This little friend crept up right after the Tanks DLC launched and I believe it is due to a conflict with RHS; just click through it and the mission continues. Also, when boarding helicopters, make sure you let your primadonna AI squadmates board first, you will still have a seat, they are just very particular and sometimes don't like to get in if you've already got the "good" seats ;) Mod List (current releases from Steam Workshop as of 6/6/2018): 75th Ranger Regiment Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1171952244 ace Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=463939057 ACE Compat - RH Accessories Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362468389 ACE Compat - RHS Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773131200 ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773125288 CBA_A3 Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 L3-GPNVG18 Panoramic Night Vision Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=313041182 RH Accessories v1.06 Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362297234 RHSAFRF Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843425103 RHSUSAF Steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843577117 Special thanks to all the mod makers and these great script writers: DayZ Medic ArmaPhronk Big Wilk Pirin
  23. Hello In the beginning of July, we are going to start playing Antistasi Altis in a tactical manner. There will be squads, leadership of squads, reckon operations, etc etc. All in a very friendly and cooperative environment, no virtual push ups or yes sir and the like. The only requirement is to be a cool person to be around, not whine , be there for a kick-ass , organized experience, and listen to orders and follow the plan, so there`s no chaos and the experience is meaningful. No previous skill is required. If you follow our instructions concerning the base game and are a good sport, providing positive value to the group you belong with us. Think of the server 77th jsoc server, or the spirit cultivated in ShacTac. All applicants must be 18+, have a mic, and be able to speak English clearly. We will play on around noon GMT, which means both Europeans and Americans can join, depending on their schedule. Let that not scare you though, cause we are quite flexible on time. We plan on using only the necessary mods, like TFR, Enhanced Movement etc. We wont be using RHS, since the experience and a decent FPS for everyone are priority for us. There might be the possibility of recording the footage and uploading it to YouTube if there are interesting moments, just for the sake of it. If you are interested, respond to this post writing down your timezone. Can`t wait to play with you all. `
  24. Hi there, My name is Caleb and I am the Founder of a take-place Community which is known as "VanquishRP". I am looking for available server developers who would be willing to help around the clock with server maintenance and setup. The server I will need help with is an Altis Life server in which I would like to customize to the community's liking. I would also like to set up a forum for this server which will require a little programming knowledge. Please get back to me ASAP if you are willing to help me out! You can reach me on my email: vanquishrp@gmail.com Personal email: calebjasonallen@hotmail.co.uk Or simply through this forum! Many thanks and hope to see you soon!
  25. benato.denis96

    Cannot Save on Altis

    I have a problem with all of altis missions: When I start a LAN server I can only resume a previous game and/or save only on Stratis. Altis is NOT giving me options to save and resume a match.