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  1. -Joe-

    ToH Characters

    You're doing fine work, Jove! Now we just need to get a crew together to do voice protocols for as many languages as possible...
  2. Before now? Bad Company 2. The next one (2042) will have them as an option.
  3. The longer it takes to reach the market the greater a chance of a competitor appearing - and that's a positive.
  4. -Joe-

    Sunset over Takistan

    Thank you! Hazar-Kot is one of my favourite terrains in Arma, so I'll quite often hop on and drive around for a bit or pose some screenshots.
  5. -Joe-

    Sunset over Takistan

    Currently polishing off the parka for the mountain troops I'm hashing out for the next update. I'm quite pleased with how this has turned out so far. I think I'll stick with equipping them with TepacheLoco's fantastic FN-49 from The Free World Armoury until I can sort the SKS out. Haven't had much of an opportunity to look into importing weaponry recently, however. That's still very much on the to-do list however.
  6. A member of Takistan's elite Independent Mountain Rifles Brigade stands guard near the Takistan-Ardistan border, 1978. DLCs: Global Mobilization Mods: CUP Terrains - Core, Hazar-Kot Valley, The Free World Armoury, ToH Characters, Sunset over Takistan.
  7. -Joe-

    Sunset over Takistan

    Pushed out a roughly 20mb-ish update a little earlier. Details can be found below. I'm currently investigating the possibility of creating a dependency mod for a collection of Warsaw Pact / Communist-associated weaponry to use with SoT. I've already picked up an SKS recently via a reliable dealer on CGTrader, so I'll be investigating implementation a little more.
  8. -Joe-

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    I do think some of this could have been mitigated by an extended preview period - perhaps by shifting to a model whereby the compatibility patches are dropped a few days to a week prior to the CDLC launching in full? I'm not entirely certain if that'd require a shift in the legal-ese and contracting that goes on between BI and the various CDLC teams.
  9. -Joe-

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    This is a step in the right direction - however, it does raise serious questions about what went on in the way of BIs quality assurance for the CDLC and why so many obvious issues slipped through. Given at least one BI staff member actively stated on the ARMA Discord that they'd been warned that the testing team didn't believe it was at an acceptable level to release and the community would "eat them alive" I'm just... struggling to understand why this wasn't given more time in the oven. I won't be re-funding, as I am exceedingly pleased with the map and desire to see the CSLA Team improve the CDLC overall as many of the issues that've cropped up clearly stem from Bohemia hanging them out to dry, but I can't say I'm impressed with how this has been handled as a customer - and I'm exceedingly unlike to invest in anymore CDLCs consequently.
  10. A Karzeghstani officer castigates a fresh recruit near the Karzeghistani-Takistani border, 1983. DLCs: Global Mobilization Mods: CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Terrains - Maps, The Free World Armoury, Spearpoint Alpha, Sunset over Takistan.
  11. -Joe-

    Sunset over Takistan

    Thank you for the kind messages chaps! \o I should have some more updates to share soon - I'm currently trying to work my way through Ardistan's vehicle camouflage to tidy it up a little, and looking to add some more flairs to Takistan (identification stripes on turrets, primarily) to help them stand out a bit more.
  12. -Joe-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    If he's selling the email addresses then I would assume that's a rather hefty GDPR violation to boot - from what I remember of the roll-out when I was working in education even offering that information for sale can incur a heavy fine.
  13. Steam Workshop - Full Release Steam Workshop - Development Branch Trello Overview Sunset over Takistan is a project encompassing the Green Sea Region between 1979 - 1992, and takes numerous creative liberties in an attempt to flesh out the conflicts between Takistan and her neighbours, as well as the Takistan Civil War that ultimately led to the end of the monarchy and the rise of the dictator Muhammad R. Aziz. At this time, the plan is for Sunset over Takistan to focus on two primary conflicts; the Takistan-Ardistani War 1979-1987 (the "Oil War") and the Takistani Civil War 1988-1992. Additionally, special attention is planned for the Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Republic of Karzeghistan given their presence in the region. By design, Sunset over Takistan utilises Global Mobilization from Vertexmacht and The Free World Armoury by TepacheLoco. Both are essential to Sunset over Takistan, and I am immensely appreciative for the fantastic work they have done. I'm currently investigating creating / importing more equipment into ArmA III to supplement the project further. For any additional queries, feel free to drop me a private message here or reach out to me on the Global Mobilization Discord. What's included? At this time, Sunset over Takistan includes the following; What's planned? Pictures Changelog Credits
  14. A pair of infantrymen from the Arganan Army pause to observe the sunset, Argana, 1996. DLCs: Global Mobilization Mods: CUP Terrains - Core, Kujari, HoD
  15. -Joe-

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    As much as the demise of Armaholic is a genuine tragedy it's not entirely unsolveable - we've lost and restored other archives over the years, although we've lost far more than we've restored. Halofiles.org(?) comes to mind, as we lost that without much in the way of warning, wiping out a significant chunk of the early modding scene for the game. I do hope someone is able to get in touch with Foxhound soon, or the Wayback method is able to restore as much of the files as possible. Time and effort at the end of the day.