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  1. -Joe-

    Sunset over Takistan

    Some additional updates on the 18th and today. ==014== Added ZSU-23-4 to Ardistan. ==013== - added dedicated backpacks for AT, AA, MG and Medic roles for all factions - hidden in Arsenal. - fixed missing vest on SoT_TAK_Officer and SoT_TAK_Mountain_Officer. - fixed incorrect uniform class on SoT_TAK_HeliPilot. - fixed incorrect ammunition on SoT_ARD_Airborne_AT. - fixed incorrect ammunition on SoT_ARD_AA. - fixed grenades being unusable. - fixed randomised FIA headwear appearing on SoT_RM unit classes. - fixed missing vest on SoT_RM_Machinegunner.
  2. -Joe-

    Sunset over Takistan

    I've just pushed a fresh update to the mod - it's now officially off the development branch, so I've hidden that for now. Full changelog is also available in the original post, alongside some new pictures. ==012== - added Western Sahara dependency. - added Pro-Royalist Militia 1970s-90s. - added Civilians. - massive overhaul of existing class name structures for Ardistan and Takistan. - added Parka (Olive) and Parka (Olive/Lizard) for Takistan. - added Khaki/Lizard BDU for Takistan. - added Brushstroke/Khaki BDU for Takistan. - added Brushstroke Field Cap for Takistan. - added Mountain Infantry for Takistan. - added M109G for Takistan. - added BM-21 for Takistan. - added Djellaba uniforms for Pro-Royalist Militia. - added Combat Vest (Ardistani MLOK) to Ardistan. - added 2P16 for Ardistan. - added 2S1 Gvozdika for Ardistan. - remove M/52 Olive Medic and Tan Medic from Takistan. - removed Army BDU 2CD and variants from Takistan. - removed Overalls from Takistan. - removed Ballistic Vests from Takistan. - removed Black/Brush Field Uniform from Ardistan. - removed wz.67 - Airborne from Ardistan. - removed Field Cap wz.0443 from Ardistan.
  3. Just a thought - would a slight change in the terrain texture under the houses, or some pavements, help to make the town look a little more town-y? It's a bit odd looking at it being grass, when dirt or concrete might help it stand out more.
  4. Volunteer fighters from the National Party return to their camp in the forests of South Zagoria, Chernarus. Mods: CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps 2.0 Free World Armoury Global Mobilization Red October
  5. Steam Workshop This modification is a work of fiction, and is loosely based on real world history. The groups, characters, places, names and events in this modification are fictional. Overview Heart of Darkness is a project focusing on Africa from the 1970s to the 1990s, and takes numerous creative liberties in an attempt to flesh out the conflicts between a number of original countries that are referenced in the ArmA series; notably Argana, Lombakka and Bocano. At this time, the plan is for Heart of Darkness to focus on two primary conflicts; the Bocano Civil War 1975-1997 and the Lombakkan Civil War 1981-1992. To begin with I've chosen to focus on the Bocano Civil War, however my intent is to gradually expand as time goes on. By design, Heart of Darkness utilises Global Mobilization from Vertexmacht and The Free World Armoury by TepacheLoco. Both are essential to Heart of Darkness, and I am immensely appreciative for the fantastic work they have done. For any additional queries, feel free to drop me a private message here or reach out to me on my Discord. Factions Pictures Changelog Credits All pictures were taken on Kujari by Temppa.
  6. -Joe-

    ToH Characters

    You're doing fine work, Jove! Now we just need to get a crew together to do voice protocols for as many languages as possible...
  7. Before now? Bad Company 2. The next one (2042) will have them as an option.
  8. The longer it takes to reach the market the greater a chance of a competitor appearing - and that's a positive.
  9. -Joe-

    Sunset over Takistan

    Thank you! Hazar-Kot is one of my favourite terrains in Arma, so I'll quite often hop on and drive around for a bit or pose some screenshots.
  10. -Joe-

    Sunset over Takistan

    Currently polishing off the parka for the mountain troops I'm hashing out for the next update. I'm quite pleased with how this has turned out so far. I think I'll stick with equipping them with TepacheLoco's fantastic FN-49 from The Free World Armoury until I can sort the SKS out. Haven't had much of an opportunity to look into importing weaponry recently, however. That's still very much on the to-do list however.
  11. A member of Takistan's elite Independent Mountain Rifles Brigade stands guard near the Takistan-Ardistan border, 1978. DLCs: Global Mobilization Mods: CUP Terrains - Core, Hazar-Kot Valley, The Free World Armoury, ToH Characters, Sunset over Takistan.
  12. -Joe-

    Sunset over Takistan

    Pushed out a roughly 20mb-ish update a little earlier. Details can be found below. I'm currently investigating the possibility of creating a dependency mod for a collection of Warsaw Pact / Communist-associated weaponry to use with SoT. I've already picked up an SKS recently via a reliable dealer on CGTrader, so I'll be investigating implementation a little more.
  13. -Joe-

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    I do think some of this could have been mitigated by an extended preview period - perhaps by shifting to a model whereby the compatibility patches are dropped a few days to a week prior to the CDLC launching in full? I'm not entirely certain if that'd require a shift in the legal-ese and contracting that goes on between BI and the various CDLC teams.
  14. -Joe-

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    This is a step in the right direction - however, it does raise serious questions about what went on in the way of BIs quality assurance for the CDLC and why so many obvious issues slipped through. Given at least one BI staff member actively stated on the ARMA Discord that they'd been warned that the testing team didn't believe it was at an acceptable level to release and the community would "eat them alive" I'm just... struggling to understand why this wasn't given more time in the oven. I won't be re-funding, as I am exceedingly pleased with the map and desire to see the CSLA Team improve the CDLC overall as many of the issues that've cropped up clearly stem from Bohemia hanging them out to dry, but I can't say I'm impressed with how this has been handled as a customer - and I'm exceedingly unlike to invest in anymore CDLCs consequently.
  15. A Karzeghstani officer castigates a fresh recruit near the Karzeghistani-Takistani border, 1983. DLCs: Global Mobilization Mods: CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Terrains - Maps, The Free World Armoury, Spearpoint Alpha, Sunset over Takistan.