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Found 14 results

  1. Hey there BI devs, for the longest time, I had a dream of me being able to walk or drive vehicles on top of a moving platform like a carrier. I tried a lot of ways to make that happen and even CUP attempted it with their ANZAC Frigate where you can "land" a helicopter at the back. The problem is that it tends to blow up or injure players if they move about. I am not sure where the problem with this feature truly lies, is it in PhysX? Netcode? The Engine itself? I tried the same in Reforger with limited results, and this leads me to my question: Is walking/driving on a moving platform in Enfusion: a) Possible in the current engine with internal tweaks b) Planned future feature c) Possible right now with modding d) needs major overhaul and possibly not worth it Thanks a lot, BorderKeeper. Czech version since I am Czech 😄 Ahoj BI vývojáři, dlouhou dobu jsem měl sen o tom že můžu chodit po povrchu vozidel jako je letadlová loď. Zkoušel jsem hodně způsobů jak toho dosáhnout a i CUP se o to pokusil s vozidlem jako je ANZAC Frigate, kde můžeš "přistát" s helikoptérou na na záďi. Problém je že to nefunguje dobře. Nevím kde problém může být. Je to ve PhysX, net kódu? Přímo v enginu? Zkoušel jsem něco podobného v Reforger s omezeným úspěchem a to mě navádí na otázku" Is chození/řízení na hýbající se platformě možné v Enfusion: a) možné s lehkýmí změnamí v enginu b) plánováná funkce do budoucna c) možné s mody d) potřebuje velkou změnu v enginu a asi není možné Díky moc, BorderKeeper. EDIT: Jestli mi nikdo neodpoví tak půjdu na Skořepku během obědové pauzy s velkou značkou co bude mít napsané "dejte mi možnost se hejbat na hejbajících se vozidlech" 😄
  2. I have reinstalled the game, cleared addons folder and am out of ideas. Not a lot of info out there to assist and id be less annoyed if the game was free and/or I was new to bohemia games. Neither is the case. Copy pasta of all logs below: Log C:\Users\The Overseer\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile\console.log started at 2023-03-03 09:00:42 (2023-03-03 17:00:42 UTC) 09:00:42:864 ENGINE : FileSystem: Adding relative directory 'C:\Users\The Overseer\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile' to filesystem under name profile 09:00:42:865 ENGINE : Initializing engine. 09:00:42:866 ENGINE (E): Addon '58D0FB3206B6F859' not found 09:00:44:814 ENGINE (E): Cannot initialize game project settings! 09:00:44:814 ENGINE (E): Unable to initialize Enfusion 09:03:03:885 ENGINE : Game destroyed. Any help would be appreciated. I'll share my 5 gum with you
  3. I try to get the state of a vehicles engine. What I tried so far is using the EOnPhysicsActive event of the vehicle: class SaRo_BMHQ_Hillbilly01_Class: Vehicle { override void EOnPhysicsActive(IEntity owner, bool activeState) { if (activeState) Print ( "Active."); else Print ( "Not active."); } }; This detects if the physics of the vehicle get simulated and therefore it fires on movement even if initiated by another entity like another car. It also fires on initialization. Question is: Is there a method to get the engines state and which method is it?
  4. For some reason the amount of talk, theories and comments about future versions of Arma and the Enfusion engine has skyrocketed lately. Everyone is speculating and getting crazy about a potential announcement in the coming days regarding Arma 4. But what no one is talking about are the benefits of Enfusion taking longer to be released outside of the obvious "increased polish". Hopefully this post will show the anxious players out there that getting your Arma later than expected could be a good thing. I will be listing those benefits here and then keep updating the list with other users' contributions on the subject: 1) DirectX 12 Ultimate: With its Improved support for Raytracing 1.1 and Variable Rate Shading Technology means that when Arma 4 releases the engine will be able to make use of these amazing improvements. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/announcing-directx-12-ultimate/ 2) Vulkan 1.2's Parallel Tasking Technology: Vulkan is a new-generation graphics and compute open standard API that provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs that is currently used by most consoles other than the XBOX series. Vulkan 1.3 will provide additional improvements to its already impressive Parallel Tasking Technology which will bring lower CPU usage while also allowing developers to better distribute work among multiple CPU cores. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulkan_(API) 3) Windows 11: With Windows 11 announcement just around the corner (June 24th 2021) it has been leaked that the OS will feature many optimizations for gaming in preparations to its revamped Xbox experience that is now integrated into Windows 11, offering quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, the social parts of Xbox network, and the Xbox store. https://www.theverge.com/2021/6/15/22535123/microsoft-windows-11-leak-screenshots-start-menu 4) Microsoft's DirectStorage: PC game load times are about to get a whole lot faster thanks to Microsoft's DirectStorage tech, The tech behind the super fast load times on the Xbox Series X is coming to PCs in the form of DirectStorage, Microsoft have announced. The DirectX API aims to dramatically reduce loading times and enable developers to create bigger, more detailed worlds than ever before thanks to its "best in class IO tech" (that's input / output, in case you're unfamiliar with the term) - if you've got the right kind of SSD, that is. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/pc-game-load-times-are-about-to-get-a-whole-lot-faster-thanks-to-microsofts-directstorage-tech 5) Nvidia RTX IO: "When used with Microsoft’s new DirectStorage for Windows API, RTX IO offloads dozens of CPU cores’ worth of work to your GeForce RTX GPU, improving frame rates, enabling near-instantaneous game loading, and opening the door to a new era of large, incredibly detailed open world games," according to Nvidia. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/pc-game-load-times-are-about-to-get-a-whole-lot-faster-thanks-to-microsofts-directstorage-tech 6) NVIDIA DLSS: (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is groundbreaking AI rendering technology that increases graphics performance using dedicated Tensor Core AI processors on GeForce RTX™ GPUs. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/technologies/dlss/ 7) AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution: The technology boosts frame rates and resolution of gameplay without requiring people to upgrade their hardware. FSR is an image upscaling technology. Depending on the game, it can provide more than three times the performance of native resolution that's set to Performance. https://www.windowscentral.com/amd-unveils-fidelityfx-super-resolution-its-answer-nvidias-dlss 8.) True competition is around the corner: For the longest time the Arma franchise has benefited from being "the only kid on the block" regarding some of its more unique features: Huge Maps, Combined Arms, Advanced Ai, Accurate and "closer to reality" simulation of some of its systems and above all, the user's freedom to modify and create new experiences via modding, scripting, mission making via EDEN Editor etc. That "Only Child" situation that benefited Bohemia Interactive's creations for so long could soon no longer be the case thou, as many games and/or game companies that spawned from Arma's mods such as POG and the Battle Royale Genre, the Survival Genre etc have "opened their eyes" to the "revenue potential" that exists and now other big industry names and companies have developed a thirst for Arma like "business models and features". Icarus Survival being the latest example of this previous claim: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/icarus-survival-game-preview Of course it has taken years for the competition to get even close to what the RV and "Soon TM" the Enfusion engine will offer. Yet we are perhaps one generation away from getting the UNREAL ENGINE just as good and easy to use as the EDEN EDITOR, and other companies' game engines being able to deliver the same features with the same realism and detail as Arma does currently. Enfusion will surely be the tool, main weapon but also the testing grounds that will be facing that next gen competition and its ability stay relevant will dictate the future of BI in years to come so it better be good and it better be polished on release.
  5. Sosse_HD

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Hallo dear People, i have a question. The new Engine was tested on DayZ and it was succesfull! and pretty good. Will the Arma team make Arma4 with the new Engine so its better lag free and even more fun? because it would be very cool if they make an Arma4 because Arma3 was realesed 2013 and 7 years later not Arma 4 maybe its even capable with steam VR?
  6. Hi all, I have trouble with waypoints, and paths between them, appearing on map after unidentified circumstances. I'm playing in MP from editor (testing before public release). These tracks/waypoints concern the playable group only. But... My game is configured for never show waypoints (difficulty settings). No specific HUD command; I placed a respawn revive system from 3den and mission event Handlers entityKilled entityRespawned but for loadout considerations, not related to waypoints; I don't have any script for waypoints on players' group; The only clue I have right now is that starts with some dead (player or AI's group?) then a handover to another leader for the group (Arma's engine shifts leader when leader is unconscious or dead-respawn). These waypoints/tracks seem to be the intended path for the group, calculated by the Arma engine, and weirdly revealed on map for a killed/respawned reason? of the current leader? (may be). Thanks for any experience about that. If a BI dev could read and reply to this post... Keep fun.
  7. Hi. Currently I have a problem with one of my scripts. It uses "sleep" in lots of places (mostly short duration ones, from 0.01 to 0.1). The problem is that when I run a script-heavy mission and my FPS falls below 30, the sleep times do not work very well (e.g I'm using sleep 0.01 but it's too long when FPS is low, so it's like the "actual" sleep time is 0.1 or something) How can I account for this engine behavior? I'm personally thinking of something like this but I'm wondering if it's effective? sleep 0.01*(diag_fps/60 min 1) What I mean is that I want the sleep time to be shortened when FPS is lower than 60 otherwise remain the same.
  8. WARCONTEXT Lastest Version: 4.0 by Code34 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Release: https://github.com/code34/warcontext.altis/releases Goal The objective of the engine is to reproduce a close environment and faithful to a war environment. This basic engine can be used to create a first context simulator and to be used to train military forces. This thread covers all topics related to different versions of the warcontext engine. This engine was used several times by real infantry reservists teams. Common features of warcontext missions: management of markers for differents side dynamic sides missions, goals import of compositions from extern tools dynamic enemy poping dynamic management of assets (units, vehicles, maps, etc) dynamic patroling caching and garbaging vehicles & enemy units dynamic environnement generator dynamic weather persistance scoreboard progressive skill level management Some of the missions used only a part of the warcontext engine, to garbage, cache units, or pop enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WARCONTEXT 1.0 Support: Arma1 New functions : Sqf, procedural function, dynamic pop of units with trigger Missions: bloody winter mission: 40 slots players gaspar revolucion mission: 20 slots players Main task of bloody winter: You have to follow order of the HQ. Liberate town, destroy artillery, radio tower etc. Main task of Gaspar revolucion You are only here to do the revolucion. Enemy are all around you, you just have to stay alive. http://armaholic.com/page.php?id=5033 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WARCONTEXT 2.0 Support: Arma2 New functions: dynamic pop of units, compositions, missions, garbage collector, campaign scenario, scoreboard, ressources management Missions: panthera version: ACE version with 30 slots players against the IA tchernarus version: NO ACE - 60 slots players (30 west v 30 east) that can be play. liberate island mission: isla duala 40 slots players rescue from hell: isla duala 40 slots players sand sieving: avgani 40 slots players Main task of Sand sieving Enter in the avgani town, and clear quarter by quarter all the opposition. Main task of the official Warcontext: Depends of your side, you have to attack (BLUEFOR) or protect (OPFOR) the tchernarus island. The scrore is the OPFOR resistance. If the score happens to 0 before the end of the game the BLUEFOR wins. To decrease the score OPFOR have to conquer towns, or destroy enemys Main task of Liberate Island: You have to attack 15 towns where enemy level becomes harder during the time. http://armaholic.com/page.php?id=10330 Warcontext - tchernarus http://armaholic.com/page.php?id=10348 Warcontext - panthera http://armaholic.com/page.php?id=8675 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WARCONTEXT 3.0 Support: Arma2 Arrow Head New functions: world environnement generation, bme Missions war in takistan (WIT) Main task of War in Takistan fulfill the various missions, deal with enemy threats that arise http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=111504 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WARCONTEXT 4.0 Support: Arma3 New functions: Full oriented object, Ai expansion, service promises (bme2), grid, new patrol, air system Missions combat assault Combat Assault https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/176430-coop-combat-assault-official-thread/
  9. Hi I need some help with the precise syntax of an Eventhandler but I don't know programming and need help with the precise syntax. I want to insert in the init of a helicopter than when it switches its engine off, it kicks out of the vehicle all players in cargo. According to Arma wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#Engine the init shoul be something like this. This addeventhandler "engine" [this, false] { moveOut this } forEach crew this; But I can't make it work. Any idea of what I am doing wrong?
  10. I noticed the little bird is much harder to fly after the last update (1.70), it seems underpowered and very fragile. If you go in a steep climb the rotor RPM decreases rapidly. Helo damages easily or loses power with fast manoeuvres. Max speed seems decreased. Max speed seem to be decreased for VTOLS as well. I have a lot of experience flying helo's in Arma, I try to fly the helo's and VTOLS in a realistic manner. Advanced flight model and HOTAS. - Am I right that things have changed in this regard with the last update? - Are these features or bugs? - Does it have to do with my throttle setup? (engine power range seems normal, goes from 0-100, engine mapped to both throttle axes +/-) Thanks for any enlightenment.
  11. Hello, everyone! Basically, what I want to do is to damage vehicle's chasis (hull) and engine after x roadkills (let's say the count will be 15). I want to prevent player from using it as a ramming device. If this is going to help you out somehow, the vehicle name would be SUV, and the enemy is OPFOR side. Thank you all in advance for replies!
  12. How to block the launch of the helicopter engine is a pilot and gunner sit in it? Option with retracting fuel and engine failure is not suitable. Sorry for google translator.
  13. Arma 4 is still some years away, but that means that development of Arma 4 could begin at literally any time, if it hasn't begun already. Thus, I put forward to the community this question: do you want to see the next Arma game continue to use the Real Virtuality engine? Or do you want to see BIS make a change that has yet to happen in fifteen years, and move to a new, better engine? Personally (warning, rant): I am sick and tired of the RV engine, and all the shit it entails. You heard about the upcoming vehicle-in-vehicle transport feature, I assume? Guess what, we won't be able to actually drive vehicles up a ramp into another vehicle, thanks to, hey-ho, engine limits. However, the limits are only half of what I hate; in fact, what I hate most about the RV engine is the horrendously poor quality of its animations. Arma 3, literally, has the worst animations of a top dollar game and a standard of its genre. Then, of course, you have the lack of detail that's gone into weapons and vehicles. Arma 3 is the definition of quantity over quality, and even then they fail in proper quantity. What really pisses me off, though, is that BIS markets Arma 3 like its animations, visuals, and so on are of Battlefield quality. Hearing Jay Crowe talk about Arma 3 like it's this super smooth, super refined platform when in fact it's a clunky clusterfuck saved only - ONLY - by the modding community and all those mods that bring high quality content and features. Imagine, for a moment, Arma 3 without mods. Yeah. I just watched the Apex trailer (I am buying Apex, by the way), and surprise surprise, BIS makes out Arma 3 as it's not; having gorgeous visuals and 100 FPS, flawless texture and model quality, and best of all, seamlessly smooth and real-looking animations. COME ON! You can fool those who've never played, but you can't fool us! Case in point, I love Arma, but I've been ready for a new engine for a very long time, and Arma 4 seems like the perfect platform for BIS to engine change. I don't care if we have to wait another five years, I want to see a new engine in a new Arma game.
  14. I've long been frustrated by how short-lived the smoke clouds from explosions are in the Arma series. I'd love to be able to have some persistent post-explosion/bombardment dust as seen at 1:30 in this video from Syria (potentially NSFW, I guess) - something that lasts on the order of minutes, at least (for big explosions). Rolling into a dusty Kavala after a substantial MLRS bombardment is an enduring fantasy of mine. I understand the tradeoffs involved in traditional particle-based smoke-clouds, and definitely appreciate playing in clear air at 50 fps as I do now, compared to playing in satisfying dust at 0.3 fps, so this isn't just a complaint. My real question is, given the fog system that A3 includes (very well!), is it possible to apply that in some localised way? It can already handle several parameters (falloff, density, and altitudes). Could it be extended to have [x, y, z] co-ordinates, major- and minor- axis lengths, falloff, and shrinkage/dissipation rate? Or is this an engine/DX11/SimulWeather/something limitation (obviously I have no idea how fog's implemented in RV) that is just impossible? Obviously, even if it's possible at all, a million tiny instances of fog over the island would end up being yet another performance-eater. I have a vague idea of a Game-Of-Life -style mechanism which would continually combine and simplify nearby/overlaid clouds into single entities over time, which would reduce the problem. Anyway, are there good technical reasons this can't be done? Is my dream doomed? Or is it feasible that one of the devs could go on a caffeine-and-amphetamine-fuelled coding rampage and implement it one day? Lastly, sincere apologies if this was posted before. My searches of the forum were hampered by the word "fog" coming in under the four-letter search threshold. Similarly, if this should be moved, please go ahead.