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  1. So I'm currently making a vanilla (except for 3den enhanced on my end) singleplayer campaign. I finished Feuerex's tutorial on the subject but I still have some questions. 1. How can I hide missions that the player hasn't gotten to yet in the campaign menu? 2. How do I transfer the player's inventory between missions? And then I have some questions relating to my campaign in general. 1. How do I move the mission between scenario phases? (referring to these https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Scenario_Phases) 2. How should I go about making a hub level? like camp maxwell in survive. 3. How do I make required gear for missions while in the hub level? Again using survive as an example.
  2. It worked! Thanks so much.
  3. Well, I'm already using both, but maybe I'm not doing it right. I have 4 units that I want the sniper to kill, named en1-4. And the sniper is named sn. I have a trigger that in the activation field has this. sn reveal en1; sn reveal en2; etc. sn doTarget en1; sn doTarget en2; etc.
  4. So this solves the problem of him moving, but now he's just not engaging again.
  5. So upon further experimentation, I've discovered that the sniper just walks down the hill until he's about 200m from the people he's supposed to kill, and then walks back to the hill, while engaging them the whole way.
  6. FIA is BLUFOR and AAF is set to hostile. Most of my mission is finished except for this one part.
  7. Just to clarify the sniper in question is a default FIA Sharpshooter with an Mk. 14 and a Khalia, but I've also tried giving him an LRPS and it still had no effect. It's midday with no overcast and https://imgur.com/a/xER6PQ2 that is the sightline he has. Also, something worth noting is that I spectated the AI in first person and the way it looks around seems like it's looking for a target even though I did reveal and doTarget on the enemies he's supposed to kill.
  8. I have this sniper on a hill that's about 500m from a group of enemies. My intention was to have them move into position and then stop with a hold waypoint and engage the enemies, and once they're dead activate a trigger that skips said hold waypoint and makes them move up. But my problem is that the sniper just isn't engaging them, he just sits there for a minute or so until the area is "clear" and starts moving to the move point. I've already tried doTarget and Reveal for the enemies that they need to take out but it still doesn't work.
  9. unfortunately, it didn't work but this is what I have in the units' init field "this switchMove "Acts_ExecutionVictim_Loop"; this setCaptive true;"
  10. I want to get into making SP Campaigns but I'm pretty incompetent when it comes to scripting. I'm looking for a project with people who are willing to teach me the basics so I can get some experience.
  11. I've got two AI doing an ExecutionVictim_Loop animation, but the problem is that they're still moving. Somehow they're still able to rotate around a point, I've tried just about everything and it's not working
  12. Spotted what seems to be alien cloaking tech going on the fritz southwest of the tower at GR 084100 https://imgur.com/a/YIksj5J
  13. I'm looking for voice actors for a four mission mini-campaign I'm making. The only requirements are to have a good quality mic and have some way for me to get into contact with you. The campaign focuses on the story of a group of NATO soldiers as they escape Stratis during the events of the Survive portion of the East Wind Campaign. The characters needed so far are as follows: Main Character: American, mid 20's, present in all four missions (duh), Supporting Characters: Two, Both American, one is early 30's, one is early 20's, one is present on all four missions, one is present from the second mission onwards NATO Officer: American, late 30's, present only in first mission, only about 10 lines AAF Checkpoint Officer: Altian, mid 30's, present only in first mission, only two lines FIA Agent: Altian, late 20's, present from third mission on If you're interested feel free to send a message my way. I also have the script for the first mission if you wanted to take a look.